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  1. OSX>Automator >Actions>facilitates >Batch>Print2PDF ( as does CUPS ). FilePath>FileLists> can be manipulated by the OS via Finder Actions. Of course, there are handles to venerable Vectorscript automation.
  2. Viewport Cropping is highly recommended...
  3. The RevisionCloud Procedure is parametric ...therefore requires a specific sequence of input events in order to produce the desired modifiable outcomes. Any violation of the methodology will either wait, stop or loop the process. Sooner or later everyone experiences similar issues with one or more of the many parametric tools. Usually, the easiest solution is to utilize the current version's Help Resources in order to review the proven input methodology for the offending procedure(s). If this fails to resolve the problem, then look to the active/ dynamic file structure. Often I have found that a simple Save & Relaunch will right an otherwise sinking ship : )
  4. Try > ConvertToGenericObject after each clipping procedure... the clipping history may be preventing multiple clips.
  5. Have you tried using a worksheet : Type=Symbol and then export the data to a FilePath.
  6. Remarkable ... Mark Quartz Composer utilizes somewhat similar Procedure/resource charting flows.
  7. Although the 3D Fillet Procedure utilizes an initial arc by radius, the resultant shape is a polygonal mesh surface. Therefore, the Section Procedure takes a cross-section sample of the mesh resulting in a segmented curve ( based on the frequency of the 3D resolution ).
  8. Verify that all 'snap-able' Layers are the same scale.
  9. FontFinagler can help translate & purify the curves
  10. The question is why are you still using a deprecated OS ? Win7 is a superb OS/64 ... with substantial security improvements. Make the switch .. you'll be glad you did.
  11. Compare relative file sizes: png, jpg, svg. Then compare the efficiency of PDF text embedding versus raster bitmap text. The most efficient process is also the most sufficient and reliable. A PowerMac should easily handled 50mb PDF files. A 4mb PDF is not exceptional. It appears that there's something else going on under the hood.
  12. Granted my approach is pretty basic ... but here it is: 1) All surfaces are composed of Hausdorf fractal triangles 2) All triangles are composed of {{{{ tan-sin-cosine }}}}... edges & arcs 3) All Menger volumes are composed of fractal polyhedra 4) All fractal systems are scalable. 5) Smoothiness is a function of the Hausdorf Dimension. 6) The Hausdorf Dimension is only constrained by the computational limits. 7) Iteration : addressing :: frequency-modulation : smoothiness What this implies is that the simplest approach will lead to the most efficient results.
  13. islandmon


    Additionally .. with 3D symbols you get to have a 2D part... virtually for free ( + S&H ). As special 'reserved' objects , symbols are so much easier to quantify ... just as Mr. Peter, and Mr. Eric, make perfectly clear.
  14. Similar corruption issues often occur with DXF/DWG import... and they may prove very difficult to untangle... recalling Murphy's 13th Rule : always import code into a clean new file ... never import dynamic code into a working file unless you are absolutely certain of the outcome ... ( as in the case of static image files ). That being said... follow all previous suggestions ... if that don't work... then... bend over ... welcome to the club : )
  15. Apparently Win7/64 has instituted a couple registry security protocols that v11.1 is not aware of ; )
  16. Try: in Browser ... type: http://localhost:631/ see if you can set-up the printer from CUPS
  17. As the OS evolves, various legacy Libs/functions are dropped into the ditch. Calls to those Libs/functions by older noncompliant untested apps often result in process crashes; this is not always the case ... sometimes tools just refuse to work properly. In fact, it is amazing just how long some VW versions can endure code collapse. It sure would be great there was such a thing as a self-healing app.
  18. Starling75>Thanx for links & link: http://www.sketching3d.com.ar/
  19. NTSC = 72dpi for Monitors/Displays. Design Layers utilize the Video Display resolution ... higher resolution displays, ie. 2560x1440 provide 4x more pixels with better anti-aliasing compared with those older 640x480 monitors. A Video screen capture will be the same for both DLVP & SLVP even if the Page output resolution of the SLVP is set to 600 dpi.
  20. If you're utilizing SANE Drivers to access scanners, beware that upgrading from 1o.6.4 > 10.6.5 will prevent Booting ( white screen of death ) and all peripherals will be disabled. Immediate solution: Unplug the scanner's USB cable prior to Booting. ___ I'm currently investigating this bizarre issue...
  21. Check this out : Steel Ball takes down Keva Plank structure
  22. Is it just me ... or has the GUI / formatting of these Community Boards become boring & " long-in-the-tooth " ? Howabout some dynamic display potential linked to Users' real-world projects... or dynamic re-hashing of the thousands of images in the existing archives... or embed random Google or YouTube ... PodCast feeds ... latest News ... cartoon of the day ... anything to inject some new life into this rather stale 10 yr old formatting. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/images/icons/default/eek.gif http://techboard.nemetschek.net/images/icons/default/sick.gif http://techboard.nemetschek.net/images/icons/default/cry.gif http://techboard.nemetschek.net/images/icons/default/sleep.gif
  23. VW allows you to save/import the referenced data 'into' the file ... but that kinda defeats the economy of referencing.. doesn't it . Another way is to save all the Referenced files with the VW Master into a Referenced Directory .. then move/duplicate the Directory. If the new location is within the LAN , then use FilePath addressing within VW to point to the files. Assign permissions , as req'd.
  24. For a basic comparison between Java & Flash ...check these examples: For this NodeGarden: http://www.complexification.net/gallery/machines/nodeGarden/index.php NodeGarden Java Applet code: http://www.complexification.net/gallery/machines/nodeGarden/applets/nodeGarden_s.pde ____________________ For this TreeGarden: http://www.complexification.net/gallery/machines/treeGarden/ TreeGarden Flash Code: http://www.complexification.net/gallery/machines/treeGarden/flash/treeGardenS.fla
  25. Unique & inspiring ... would fit right in there with Groups, Symbol & Viewport Procedures. Being able to pre-define the scalable extents of the Cube is essential. Which points to... a 3D cubic selection tool... wow !
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