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  1. MarkK


    Thanks, I will keep it in mind. Does making it a symbol, make it harder to change? I know the edit function and I have used it, I just like grabbing the blue squares and changing it that way. I ended up using the rotate tool and it worked okay, I was just thinking there might be an easier way.
  2. Sorry we had to get it done before lunch yesterday. We took the lines off. I think it would have been way to large to send. Sorry about that.
  3. MarkK


    I custom made a pergola. I made each beam and after rendering, it was amazing. The customer loved it. It was 10' high with the bottom beams being at 9'. Now they want to have the front at 9' and the back at 8'. How do I lower the back 12" to 8' while keeping the front even at 9'?
  4. Hey Peter, Hqappy Merry to you and yours, It is only one section of the parking lot, about 10 spaces (5 facing 5). We tried deleting the lines and redoing it, we tried changing the color of the lines, we tried changing the elavation to 6" over the parking lot, we even played with the light angles. The lines stayed grey. How do I do a screenshot?
  5. We are doing a 3D drawing complete with a parking lot. Everything worked out except for one spot of parking lot. The lines are not white. We tried turning them red, blue everything, even changed the height. What are we missing on this one section of parking lot?
  6. Tamsin, Thanks for your idea. I tried that but this staircase was designed by an architect that had little concept with reality. The curved parts didn't match so I drew each step, converted it into a hardscape and gave each a different height. I have the stair part but I am not sure how to create the handrail and the columns. The columns I think I can just follow her plan and then extrude each one. How do I create a masonary handrail with the difference in heights? The top of the stairs is about 10'3" down to 4'. Also I want to add something that will look like her stone balustrades.
  7. Thanks everybody for all the help they have given me so far, the 3D drawing is looking alot better than I would have thought. I have a new problem. I am trying to create an ornate, double curved staircase. It starts on the second floor roof, comes down 9 steps to 6'x4' landing, and then curves to the left and right 8 more steps. It has 8 columns, 2 at each level change. I went through the custom staircases but there wasn't anything close. Does anybody know of a video or something that shows how to show this in 3D? Thanks again.
  8. I made a 5' high wall surrounding a patio area. Now I want to add a limestone cap. When I look in top plan view it is perfect, square, even on all the exposed sides, exactly where I wanted it. However whrn I change to a 3D view, I am not even close. How do I put the cap back on the wall?
  9. No I do not think it is an image prop. I tried using one and couldn't get it to appear, VW said the dragged resource must be dropped on an applicable object. What is an applicable object and is there an easy way to change the size of a plant, tree etc.
  10. I tried using yousendit.com to send it to techsupport, but it said the file was to large. I believe they are image props. Which is better? I converted the drawing into a .pdf and it was only 40+mb.
  11. Hey Peter, You typically create a file this size? How do you e-mail something like that? If I put the plants into their own class, right now i have them on their own layer, and I turn the class off, will that actually make the file smaller or just more manageable? One other question, when you create a 3D drawing how do you get around the limited images?
  12. I started a drawing, added plants, walks, a bluestone path, everything that you would noemally see. Now my drawing is 75.4MB and when I make a change, for instance adding a door, the program crashes. I am at a point where I make a change, save it and after it crashes, re-open the drawing, and repeat the process. Any idea how I can keep the drawings to a manageable file size? This is only our third 3D drawing so whatever I am doing, I would like to stop.
  13. Usually I use the offset tool but the outside of the trellis came up off quite a bit, ok but if you look closely, you can see it is off. I tried to use the 'Duplicate Along a Path' but I couldn't figure it out. When I open the 'Edit' tab, it does not light up. What am I missing? Thanks for the tips, by the way.
  14. I am trying to build a trellis around a pool with several different curves. Is there a tool, method, etc. to offset on a curve?
  15. Peter, I used your door method and it worked as you said it would. Very easy. Thanks for your time. One more quick question, Was the signature I put on what you needed or should I be adding something else?
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