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  1. When I started using VW 30 years ago I created scripts for all kinds of text & dimensions - styles, sizes, classes (e.g. class 'Text', 'Site Text', 'Site Dimensions', 'Text in 3" scale details", etc.) And when done they would 'PopAttrs' back to None class. They helped me perfectly for many years, until VW introduced Text Styles. Now other than the problems mentioned by other users above, the Edit Text Style dialogue box doesn't' even allow one to set class! And what's even worse, the PopAttrs command in all my text & dimension scripts doesn't work anymore!
  2. Hi Pat, Sorry for the late reply because I haven't received any email notifications, unlike what had been happening for years. Thank you for your suggestions. I use my template for all projects which I have updated constantly for decades. It has hundreds of viewports and saved views. The error happened more than a few months ago and I have rebooted numerous times, reinstalled VW 2017 twice, as well as installed the latest update. Please note that even the Dimension class has a blank Visibility panel. Same as None, and all other classes and layers. *** However Design Layers Organization doesn't have any problems.
  3. Vectorworks 2017 Windows 10 The Visibilities for classes in the Organization Menu has turned blank. This problem has not been solved. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. You're right! My mind just slipped a little. Layers & classes in a Sheet Layer are controlled in the Object Info box. Thanks Pat!
  5. I just found that the Layer field in all my saved views is greyed out so I can't edit. Help please.
  6. I solved the problem. It was 5 years ago and I don't remember how I did it.
  7. Vectorworks 2017 Windows 10 The Visibilities for classes in the Organization Menu has turned blank. Why is that so? Thank you.
  8. I have been using Vectorworks for 20 years, currently on VW2017 on PC. Since my drawings have never required 3D, I've learned the basics but have not used it much. However I use the wall tool a lot to create objects for convenience, even though they are not really walls. I've never changed the Elevation, Layer Wall Height in all my layers and have been ignoring the Z height so the wall objects are 8'0" high. I noticed lately my drawings, especially the library file which contains a lot of symbols and groups, show a green bar that says "Geometry" for about 10 seconds during loading and saving. I suspect that the file is overloaded with 3D stuff. So my questions: how can I globally change Z to 0 on: (1) All existing walls; (2) All wall styles. (3) Any 3D components created without my knowledge. Please note: (1) I have already changed the height in all layers to 0 for future. (2) Creating a Custom Tool/Attribute to select all walls and edit won’t work since it won’t change the walls within symbols, sub-symbols and groups. To enter each of them to edit takes too long. (3) Cannot edit multiple wall styles – only one by one. Much appreciation in advance for any suggestions.
  9. The graphic enclosure was just one of the things during this process, when I tried to find out the reason why there is no parameter to set the size so they don't look asymmetrical, since I am just a simple man who is not as smart as the programmers. 1 hour later I decided that may be I am not the village fool after all.
  10. Hi Tom, I totally agree. I have been using VW for 20 years, my latest version is VW2017, so I'm not totally inexperienced. I had a little bit of free time on my hand so wanted to try out Callout - Keynotes Legend. Yes it turned out that it sounds too good to be true. I just spent 8 hours learning it. Although I successfully created 2 new legends after 4 hours(due to hundreds of options in the main dialouge box), when it came to updating or creating new legends it 's been a nightmare, just one problem after another. My latest one is when trying to create a new legend based on an existing one, a duplicate note appeared in the "Notes in Keynotes List Objects" of the existing legend. And it is showing up in the Legion on my layer. Is there a button to delete something in the box "Notes in Keynotes List Objects"? NO. After 4 hours I gave up on helping myself. Can anybody help me please? It is just one tool of millions in VW and it took 8 hours of my life with dead ends. My favorite saying is: " I don't work 24/7, only 14/7 since I have to deal with something like this every day". Sorry about the ranting. Lol.
  11. Hi BG, to whom is your post addressed to? It wouldn't have been me because Alan's post had solved the particular problem for me. cheers.
  12. Success! Thank you Jonathan. Take care!
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