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  1. "Creating a Custom Title Block" brings up no results either not to worry I have found another method. User interfaces of a lot of design software is poor, but some software is coming up to 3 decades old so it would be odd to totally change it for new users.
  2. Do you mean apple applications? I just want to open a title block in my drawing.
  3. Maybe I'm being very stupid (I must be) but I don't see and applications tab?
  4. In AC there are a bunch of templates you can hack up to make your own. Where are VW titleblocks? Thanks
  5. Does the following mean anything to anyone? I can copy the rest but it's rather long. Process: VectorWorks [3757] Path: /Applications/VectorWorks 2008/VectorWorks 2008.app/Contents/MacOS/VectorWorks Identifier: net.nemetschek.vectorworks Version: 13.0.0 (76681) (???) Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process: launchd [114] Date/Time: 2010-12-16 12:03:46.138 +0000 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.6.5 (10H574) Report Version: 6 Interval Since Last Report: 72480 sec Crashes Since Last Report: 4 Per-App Interval Since Last Report: 9501 sec Per-App Crashes Since Last Report: 4 Anonymous UUID: 89E6B966-22D7-4B40-98D0-3E8156544229 Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00000000ffffffff Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread Thread 0 Crashed: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread 0 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x004b501b start + 4923875 1 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x004c0079 start + 4969025 2 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x004b6e8c start + 4931668 3 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x004b701b start + 4932067 4 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x004be7f8 start + 4962752 5 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x004beb64 start + 4963628 6 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x002ab167 start + 2786095 7 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x001a3ff5 start + 1708477 8 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x000510a0 start + 320104 9 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x000ba40d start + 751061 10 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x000c95cc start + 812948 11 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x0005b86b start + 363059 12 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x000b394b start + 723731 13 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x000b325e start + 721958 14 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x0005b2fb start + 361667 15 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x00002f3a start + 258 16 net.nemetschek.vectorworks 0x00002e61 start + 41
  6. Sorry I'm wrong I have 10.6.5 so that is snow leopard, still it has been working.
  7. Thanks Mr Gog, I think the mac I have here runs leopard not snow leopard. Plus it has worked numerous times before. i'll see if it works today as if not I'm in a bit of a pickle!
  8. Unfortunately it has just quit again, never known a mac quit programs as much as this one both VW and sketchup. Sigh!
  9. Yay! So I have done as you have said, but imported only the 2D elements as I only work in 2D at the moment. I then ungroup it and that gives me all the separate elements for me to delate and move around, without the orange box.
  10. Thanks Mike, that seems to have worked I'll investigate further, as VW has just quit on me.
  11. Hi, I done this once a while ago but somethings gone wrong. How do I "explode" the orange box around the drawing. I'm importing a DWG from a client and need to make changes but the drawing has an orange box I have to click on/through to get to elements of the drawing. I'd like to explode this ? Thanks for your time.
  12. No I intend to plough on and get to grips with classes, layers etc, just when I learnt AC it was at college with a tutor and other students. I then used it in the workplace with other designers. I'm now working at a company as the only designer, the company are windows based but bought me a mac as they "heard it was good for design" I have no one to ask question to, the other staff have no idea about 3d/2d modelling, hell I have been doing working drawings in a 3D modelling program for near to 12 months. Plus I still have to finish all my work whilst trying to learn VW. No I am going to learn it and you lot are very very helpful, I just feel very stupid when it takes me 45mins to change a dimension size for it only not to work, when I know in autoCAD how to do this. )
  13. Oh dear those viewports dont like me. think I'm going to have to seek a tutor or ask my boss to get me AC!! Thanks for all your useful help, I shall try to look through it in time.
  14. Please see attached, I did this with the wall tool, windows, doors. I def see the advantage of this, although this particular effort took a long time. If I click bottom or right I see different elevations can I get these all on one sheet like a standard Plan and Elevations drawing?
  15. I'm getting it a bit more now, the tool sets palette is more important than the basic palette. Well at least for what i'll be using it for. I'll try to get the hang of the layers/classes. I used classes today to "turn off" my title block which I did not want to be effected by the scale of the drawing. In the attached image is my current classes palette. Am I correct in thinking 0 is the small piece of wall I have drawn. dimension is dimensions G8..... are all the lines and text of the title box I made prior to know what classes is. Thanks again guys great help.
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