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  1. Unlikely, but have you checked Font Mapping for the file?
  2. Thank you Josh. I read the question backwards, thinking that tismacfan2 was getting multiple lines of text when only one was desired, rather than the intended meaning of the multiple lines of text are overwriting ("on top of") each other.
  3. Can you post the file. It sounds like none of us has any idea of what we are talking about.
  4. The CHR(13) are Carriage Returns (CR) and move the text down to the next line. If you want it all on one line, take out the CRs.
  5. Tell us what you are really trying to do rather than asking cryptic questions. ;-)
  6. Did you use Rotated Plan View? Or did you actually select everything and manually rotate it? Oh, you said above that you don't know. If you go to the Design Layer(s) is everything square as you want it to be in the viewport? Or is everything rotated? You probably want to check the help for information on Rotated Plan View as it is specifically designed for this kind of situation.
  7. More information about what is not working please. Your screen show does not show the Styles.
  8. Why do you NEED to upgrade Big Sur when it comes out? Yes, VW2020 will most likely be made compatible with Big Sur, but Apple often throws things in at the last minute so 3rd party developers can not guarantee or even test for compatibility until Apple released the new OS. If you can wait a couple of weeks or months, you will have a much better chance of having full compatibility between MacOS and VW. I believe the service pack to provide full compatibility between VW2020 and Catalina took about 6 weeks to be released. I don't speak for VW. I am a volunteer moderator, long time user and VW fan. HTH
  9. If you make a viewport while your Design Layers are in a Rotated Plan View, the viewport will be at that angle. If you want/need to change it you can change the Rotation of the viewport in the OIP. But you will then have to edit he annotations and adjust the drawing labels (and anything else you want horizontal/vertical) back to square. It may be
  10. Sorry I misread your question. No you can't edit the dimension to change the size of the window. Since the Window is a Plugin Object you have to edit its size view the Object Info Palette or the Settings dialog box. You can use the Edit Design Layer option of the viewport to make it easy to get to the Window so you can select and edit it. Be careful with the Add Reference Crop Object. It will put a bright green poly the size of your Crop object on the design layer. Make sure you delete it when you are done or it will show in your other viewports as well.
  11. Yes. If you have both ends of the dimension associated, you can double click into the Dimension text string and edit the number. The "window" will move in the design layer (and therefore the viewport) to the revised dimension.
  12. Resetting to Top/Plan view should unrotated if you are in Rotated Plan View. Either Select Top/Plan from the View:Standard View menu (or use the keyboard shortcut). If you have a numeric keypad, the zero key will set the view to Top/Plan and rest Rotated Plan.
  13. With the Set Working Plane tool selected, look in the Mode Bar and make sure you have the second option Planar Face Mode selected.
  14. Vectorworks Prefereces: Interactive Pane: Click the Interactive Appearance Settings... button. Take a look at the setting for General - Background - 3D Views. Is that set to the Fuchsia color? If so, change it to something more to your liking.
  15. Yes, you can easily create viewports showing different layers. Select the Viewport. Click the Layers button in the OIP. Set the visibility of layers for that Viewport. Or even better, take a look at the VW Title Block Border object. It is designed to be placed on the Sheet Layer with the viewports but give you the ability to edit the project information across all the TBBs in the file or the Sheet information for just that single TBB.


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