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  1. I am like you, I wanted to avoid this. But haven't found a workaround so I will do what you did as well : duplicate site models. And since I haven't found a better definition of Site Model snapshots, I quote yours here again because I believe it will be very useful for other users : Thank you @Tom W..
  2. Thank you for your inputs @Tom W.. Guess I will need to scratch my head harder...
  3. Thank you; that was it ! That's exactly what I meant. So I was doing it wrong. I guess I should use a site model snapshot without my unwanted modifiers and place it in a new layer, that's it ? (I am still a bit confused with these snapshots... )
  4. Hello, I have a similar issue but I cannot find the option to not use a specific layer. Instead I found in the Site Model Settings - General Pane: Use Site Modifiers on Visible Layers Only. So I moved my Site Modifier on another layer (which is unactivated in my section VP), but my section VP still renders the site model with the unwanted Site Modifier. What am I doing wrong ?
  5. Hello, Is there a way to prevent VP's auto updates after having edited an object directly in the VP ? I want to manually update them in order to save me time. I would appreciate your help.
  6. Some news... I realized that if I uncheck the class "AN-general" in the design space, then the DLVP vanishes, even if placed in another class, for instance "none". And if I uncheck the class "none" it vanishes as well. It is as if my DLVP was placed in two class. Weird... It sounds like a container is involved but I cannot see how a DLVP can have a container...
  7. Yes. First thing I checked. The funny thing is that the styled walls (their components are not in the class "AN-general") vanish when they are in a DLVP but not when they are in the design space, as you can see in the pictures. The walls belong to the same style, but when inside a DLVP they disappear... Might it be related to Attributes in VP Advanced Settings ?
  8. Hello, - My issue : I would like to customize the texture of one part of one styled wall's instance. In other words, is it possible to set the texture of a styled wall "by instance" instead of "by style" on one component only ? - What I found on the Internet : It seems to be possible as shown below. In my case, the "Part" button is greyed out which prevent me to modify the texture. Please, find a file with my styled wall attached. Styled wall test.vwx
  9. I haven't solved this issue yet. Would still need help please 🙂
  10. Hello, I have an issue which I illustrated below. I would be pleased if you could give me a hand on this one.
  11. Your issue might be related to this topic : If you export via Publish, mind the Options button, and set the right dpi settings ("Convert Pdf To Image" and "File Size Reduction").
  12. I had the same issue and figured out it was a scale/dpi ratio issue. See bellow : scale 1:200 / 300 dpi --> ok TILE 200 300dpi.pdf scale 1:200 / 1200 dpi --> ok TILE 200 1200dpi.pdf scale 1:500 / 300 dpi --> solid grey TILE 500 300dpi.pdf scale 1:500 / 1200 dpi --> ok TILE 500 1200dpi.pdf Mind these settings : - Layout raster setting - File>Print raster setting - File>Export To Pdf "Convert Pdf To Image" and "File Size Reduction" settings
  13. Bumping this. I don't have the feeling it is fixed in VW2021 but I might be wrong... Would be indeed very nice if VW could render the VPs on the cloud during the night for instance. What would be also nice is being able to choose which layouts to be rendered and exported to PDF.
  14. Thank you for your input, @zoomer. I have never tried the master-file-way to do it. I will give it a shot.
  15. 2021, we still cannot make it and it would still be interesting 🙂
  16. You are right, it is good to have several ways of using a tool. So you would say that complex linetypes work as they should ? Would you confirm that for each new fill color, you need to duplicate the complex linetype ? By the way, it also means you cannot override its fill attributes in a viewport.
  17. In my opinion, it shouldn't work like that. A complex linetype is a linetype and it should work as a basic linetype. The pen attribute controls the color of a basic linetype. The pen attributes should also control the color of a complex linetype (fill+pen). I cannot see a good reason why it shouldn't work like that. You never use more than one color anyway for a complex linetype. As a workaround I filled my complex linetype with lines... Not sure if it's a brillant idea tho 🙂 Step 1 : Add lines in your custom complex linetype. Step 2 : Make it thicker Step 3 : Profit...
  18. Hello, I have created my own complex linetype with some polygons. These polygons have a fill color and a pen color. Then, when I use my new complex linetype in the design space with Polyline for instance, I can only change the pen color and the line thickness but not the fill color of the polygons that I used to create my custom complex linetype. This means I need to duplicate my linetype for each new fill color I need ? Is that the normal behavior ? Is there a trick to be able to change the fill color as well ? Creating my complex linetype : Drawing a Polyline with my new complex linetype (as you can see I was able to edit pen color but not fill color as I would like to) :
  19. Exactly. Several viewports yes, but look, I want to do architecture, not viewports management 🙂 Things should be simple and efficient. Actually I don't like to spend time on drawings. The less time I spend on drawing things the happier I am. Thats why I moved to BIM. And before that, to CAD. I have to say, I don't know how I would deal with old buildings renovation. No clue. I would probably keep it simple and do things in 2D. Not worth it to model everything in 3D. The 3D information exist already.
  20. Thank you for your inputs @line-weight. I cannot use horizontal sections since I have several buildings on a slope. Also, I think horizontal sections are more difficult to handle, in order to get proper – graphically speaking – plans. This being said, I might not have tried hard enough to make this work.
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