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  1. @Tom Klaber I'm coming across this as I decided to create a master database for the office. Did you figure out any solutions?
  2. I'm trying to use the VW2021 grid line tool for several 2D sections. I was unable to duplicate grid lines with the same labels for parallel sections. The number sequence continues automatically and I'm unable to override it. There are certainly other ways to organize the drawings so I don't have the duplicate the grid lines, but is there a way to override the grid lines labeling when the tool is used in such instances? TIA!
  3. I believe what Boh is suggesting is that if editing the lineweights, linetypes, etc. is project specific, would it help if the detail is not linked? You could import it into your working file and make it local to that file (not linked), so the detail in the library would remain "generic". That's what we do in our firm.
  4. @Wes Gardner Curious as to why you separate each detail category into different files vs having 1 main detail file with the categories separated by layers and then by folders in resource manager?
  5. Hi All, I'm trying to build a hip roof with two different eave overhang widths. What I did was to clip the roof object back where the eave overhang went from 2' to 1'. (See image attached) But that caused my eave cut profile to be messed up at the portion where it's clipped. The edge condition of the component materials is also clipped off. Is there a better way to build the roof for this condition? Any tips will be much appreciated! TIA!
  6. @michaelk I double checked the polygons and there are some extra vertices and the specific one I screenshot has lines that are of by .01°++ . Once I fixed them, they turned out fine again! Fingers Crossed!! Thanks for your help!
  7. I built my roof with roof faces as I can't figure out how to manipulate the roof to be the way I want it with "Create Roof". As I assigned one of VW roof styles to my roof, a random roof face would be missing a component. See highlighted roof face image. All the roof faces are of the same roof style, all rendered by components. I tried changing all to "unstyled", and another roof face would lose its component. Not sure what went wrong. TIA!
  8. @Matt Panzer @str Thanks so much! Such an easy fix after all!
  9. @Matt Panzer here it is. Thanks for the help! VW2021 SECTION LINES ISSUES.vwx
  10. With the new section line tool, the marker is able to be saved as a style, but the placement/orientation of the text are not as flexible depending on which direction the section markers is pointing to. (See attached image). "Auto rotate" option causes the "sheet" and "drawing no" to switch places. We used to be able to drag where the text falls relative to the marker regardless of the marker direction but not now when it's a style. Is there a way around this? TIA!
  11. I haven't been able to download the catalogs from the Vectorworks Libraries. I have tried refreshing/updating the library catalogs multiple times, and it just gave the message that ' file is not found' and asking me to update. I have attached the message I get. As you can see (the file with no "cloud" symbol), I have been able to download previously until some point in time... Please HELP! TIA. I'm using Windows 10 Pro, VW 2020
  12. In the title block border settings - Sheet Data, there are 2 different scale fields. One said "SCALE" with and 'update' button, and the other said 'Sheet Scale' What's the difference and which to use? TIA!
  13. @Matt Panzer Has this replaced the "Show Plan Detail" option in both Doors & Windows plug-in objects? I can't seem to find that option anymore in 2020.
  14. I'm trying to place " Three-Way Switch" on my plan (1/8" Design Layer scale). I could adjust the "2D scale factor" of the symbol, however the scale of "3" in the symbol remains at a default size. (see attached image) I couldn't figure out how to adjust that. I tried text size, and setting text style to no avail. Any tips? Thanks in advance! ps I'm using VW 2019
  15. I have a condition where there is a roof height change as shown in the attached image. In order for the wall at the taller roof to L-join with the wall at the roof peak, I had to trim the wall into two parts (at tall roof and at lower roof). That's all fine, except that in 2D plan, after turning off the class for the wall the roof peak, I'm getting a break in the wall that should have been continuous on a 2D plan (as shown in the second attached image). All the walls are on the same layer. Is there a better way of modeling this type of condition? Thanks in advance!
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