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  1. I've been having a similar issue with the =IMAGE function, I hope this gets fixed.
  2. Ok thanks, I wish you could change what the values read like you can in the worksheets. Then I could use a wingding font to accomplish the look I'm after. In the worksheets I use this method to create a dot. Thanks for the help though.
  3. I would prefer not to have the text unless I can make false not show up.
  4. I currently have a symbol with a record format attached. In the record format I have a boolean field. I want to be able to display this field on my symbol so that its visible when its true and not visible when false or if i could just display this as a check box that would work too. How can I accomplish this?
  5. These would be symbol instances, I do not want to change the symbol definition
  6. I need help creating a Vectorscript that will replace part of a symbol number. I have symbols created that I have numbered 1.001, 1.002 and so on. I need a script or a quick way to replace the first number with a letter to these numbers (A.001, A.002) and so on. My field is formatted as text. I would like something that pops up that we can enter the desired letter. I'd appreciate any ideas on how I can accomplish this.
  7. That works perfectly, thank you very much. I would like to learn more about Vectorscript, do you know if they offer any training? Or what other resources could I use to learn?
  8. This worked great, now if I can just get it to pop up and ask what letter we want it to be so that we can make it any letter we want it would be perfect. Thanks for your help.
  9. The first issue is to make sure that your Number field is formatted as TEXT not as a Number. If it is a number type field they you will not be able to add a letter. My number field is formatted as text. Also, do you want to add the letter to every object in the file that has the record? I would like to add the letter to only symbols I have selected. How do you want to make sure you don't accidentally add duplicate letters if one has already been added? Duplicate letters will not be an issue, we are using this to label symbols in a certain area. So symbols in one area will all have "A" and in another area they will have a "B" Hopefully this clears this up, I appreciate the help.
  10. I am new to Vectorscript, I have never written my own scripts but I have successfully edited existing ones to fit my needs. I appreciate your answer but I think I may need to give you a clearer description of what I want to do. I would like to be able to select a group of symbols and then run a script that would add a letter to the number field in my record format. What I have is a value of 1.001 entered in the Number field for my symbol I need to be able to add a letter to that value without changing the numbers. 1A.001. hopefully this is a better description of my needs.
  11. I need help creating a Vectorscript that will add a letter to a symbol number. I have symbols created that I have numbered 1.001, 1.002 and so on. I need a script or a quick way to add a letter to these numbers (1A.001, 1A.002 and so on. I'd appreciate any ideas on how I can accomplish this.
  12. I am actually trying to make it so I can place the same symbol twice, but have the fill color different on each one. I would make one symbol class A and the other class B, with the class fills set to different colors. Hopefully this makes sense.
  13. I am using VW Architect 2015 on a PC. Can I create a symbol that will change the fill color to the color of the class I assign it to? I know I can do this in autoCAD but not sure how to do it in vectorworks. Thanks
  14. The symbol is on the sheet layer. The size remains consistant but I would need to be able to swap out the symbol with other symbols. The symbol is a rounded rectangle with the top half a solid color and the bottom solid white. There is a number on top "1.001" in white and a letter on the bottom "H" in black. These numbers and letters are linked to a record so that i can get the info on a worksheet. If there is anyway you can help I would greatly appreciate it.


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