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  1. Apologies all, I had the wrong person tagged: @MDier is your contact for this. I have already been in touch with her and given her your contact info if you posted in this thread, no need to send another message.
  2. It's one of my favorite UI elements in design software. We will definitely see it used in more places, but I am not sure how soon. Part of switching over Selection graphics and Tool Graphics (this thing, the rotate tool widget, the subdivision TRIAD which is not as good of a name as gumball) is that we can add more items like this that overlay and don't take completely over the UI like the flyover tool has to.
  3. Let me double check, there are 86 bugs fixed in SP3 related to Spaces alone so I'll verify if that issue is on the list.
  4. So far, no. We believe it's just Apples way of warning that we are using some components that they wont be supporting in future OSes. Possibly OpenGL. It should not become an issue for you if you remain on that OS version. The version of the installer I sent you should be new enough to not encounter that problem.
  5. Send me the last 6 of your serial number in a direct message and I should be able to get you the right installer link for your license.
  6. 2017 SP5 added compatibility for 10.13, as long as you are using that version it will work fine. 2017 SP0 for instance did not run properly on 10.13, that OS didn't exist for the original 2017 system requirements to list originally.
  7. Unable to replicate this here on 10.14.2 using 2019 SP2. Close Vectorworks, then perform the following: Restart your machine, then retry using that tool in a new blank file on a simple test circle, let me know the results.
  8. That is not one of our dialog boxes, looks like it belongs to Suitcase Fusion directly.
  9. Absolutely. Since i wasn't able to replicate it here, its very likely this is something that can be corrected for your setup.
  10. I am unable to replicate this on 10.14.2 in this file or in a new test document. Did you already speak with support about this directly? Did you uninstall and then restore your workspace or was the crashing happening even in the default ones?
  11. If you switch to a different workspace, one of the default ones provided, does the tool crash there as well? Does the same crash happen after updating to the latest macOS 10.14.2?
  12. Correct, no two things in Vectorworks can be named the same string of text. This will change in the future, but for now there is no avoiding it.
  13. Yes, a large portion of the OS compatibility issues encountered with Vectorworks and Mojave were Apple bugs.
  14. The 6th and final service pack for Vectorworks 2018 has been released: This patch brings Vectorworks 2018 in line with Vectorworks 2019 SP2's compatibility with Mojave.
  15. Fixes in SP6: Corrected an error related to memory use 3D Loci should now appear as expected in 3D Improved file handling stability Increased stability with editing Line geometry Improved speed of Project Sharing save and commit operations This Service Pack is available for all licenses as a downloadable updater. To install the Service Pack, please click here or select "Check for Updates" from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or Help menu (Windows). To learn more about the fixes and improvements in the 2018 SP6 updater, please visit this page. Contact us at tech@vectorworks.net if you have any technical questions or problems during this process. Please note this Service Pack is currently available for all non-localized English versions.
  16. If it is still slow on your hardware, you will likely need to reduce how much of the model you are working with, or use superior hardware. Unfortunately the model was filled with so many complex imported polys and meshes that nothing else can be done to speed it up significantly other than by redrafting the heavier objects.
  17. Reply back with the following from one of the newer machines youre using and I can take a look:
  18. This is indeed what happened, the geometry discussion can continue here now and other issues will be kept separate.
  19. We closed it because the problem was indeed solved, but too many similar issues were splitting off and then recombining in that thread. You are now getting this problem in 2019 SP2 on your machine with files you imported from older versions?
  20. I asked this way as a means of politely confirming that the issue had indeed been solved. This issue should no longer be present as of 2019 SP2. The issue did in fact end up being a combination of problems coalescing to cause similar symptoms and was not a straightforward fix at all. It even required fixes from MAXONs end in the Cinerender engine, which ended up being why older versions of Vectorworks could not be patched as well. If this had indeed been the case, it would have been corrected sooner. As much as I would like this line of logic to be true (it would certainly make my job easier) it is not.
  21. The EULA allows an E series license to be installed on 2 machines and use it on either one or the other at a given time.
  22. Ah, your version may be heavily customized, I know Computerworks adds different modules and tools compared to the stock version we use here. I would check with them directly.


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