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  1. Ive got VWX 2020 which works absolutely fine for me currently on MacOS Big Sur. I mostly do 2d drafting so don't really need anything VWX 2022 has to offer over VWX 2020. I want to upgrade my computer OS from Big Sur -> Monterey, ive read the system requirements on the VWX website HERE , which dont show VWX 2020 being compatible with MacOS Monterey, but what im unsure about is as although VWX 2020 isnt officially supported, does / will it actually work ? Has anyone had any experience with this ?
  2. Ive got a folder which contains 15 VWX 2019 files which are linked to one another via referenced viewports. Inside of these VWX files there are also some images (JPEG / PNG) which are linked from other locations on my computer. I want to export / convert all the VWX files to DWG format so they can be viewed by a user on a DWG based CAD system. How can i do this ? The main issue i envisage is maintaining the referenced viewports links between files (cross referenced files i believe its called in AutoCad speak).
  3. Ive recently changed from using VWX 2014 to VWX 2017 (both Architect) I use the File > Publish command to batch export PDFs. In 2014 each time i use the File > Publish command it gave me an option of my sheet layers on the left hand side and i could move the ones i wanted over to the right hand side. But in 2017 it seems to auto populate the right hand side of the page with the files i published in the last publish run. Any ideas why this is and how i can get it to behave like it did in 2014 ?
  4. Im having trouble using the "Align/Distribute Leader Lines" tool. Ive read through the guide HERE and i think i understand it, but i still cant get it to work. Ive created a short video of what im doing below. Any ideas where im going wrong ? Im running VWX 2017 Architect on OSX. Untitled.mov
  5. Is it possible to have a shared "spelling dictionary" in VWX ? We have a bunch of technical terms, which the spell check picks up and we have to click learn. But each user has their own library. It would be great if we could put the library in dropbox / on the NAS and all users could reference it.
  6. We are running VWX 2017 Architect with 4 users. To organise our projects for the past 5 years we have been using xref design layer view ports and we share the various files using dropbox. This works fine, but i noticed a few years back VWX introduced the project sharing feature. What are the pros and cons of "Project Sharing" vs "xRef design layer viewports" as a way to share and organise projects across multiple users ? In addition to dropbox we has a NAS if project sharing requires it.
  7. @Jim Wilson I found another download link on a previous email which has worked, when i installed it i got an warning saying that this application is not optimised - see attached screenshot. I installed SP5 and i think i got the same warning. Is this something to be concerned with ?
  8. Thanks Jim Ill PM you the last six digits. Ive found an old installer in the downloads folder of another machine i have but when i try to install it on OSX 10.13.6 i get an error see below screenshot.
  9. I purchased aVWX 2017 License about 18 months ago. Ive gone back to the email, from VWX sales, and clicked the download link provided, but it dosnt work. I logged into my VSS account (which i no longer subscribe to) and although i could log in, i couldnt access the download pages. Any idea where i can get the official installer from ?
  10. Ive got an symbol like this : https://imgur.com/a/hnZl8lM, which represents a double directional downlight, the arrows indicate the direction each downlight is directed. The item it represents is like this : https://www.orlight.com/en/cat/downlights/ORL1019SQ-2.html My symbol shows the downlight as well as the direction each of the individual downlights is to be pointed. There are currently lots of variants of the symbol, subject to the way each individual downlight is directioned : eg. Left Downlight | Right Downlight ============================= Up | Up Right | Right Down | Down Left | Left Middle | Middle Is it possible to make a configurable symbol so that i only need to have one symbol for the double directional downlight, but i can for each instance of the symbol can be edited via the object info to set the "direction" marker triangles.
  11. Ive got an issue where i click through a viewport from a sheet layer to a design layer it creates a shape representative of the viewport crop in the design layer, in green, line width 2.54. Ive created a video of the issue here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/f1wni47xlf73a2t/video.mov?dl=0 Any ideas why this would be happening ?
  12. @Jim Wilson Ill check that out. I did a little analysis of total pixels in the various setups, please see below. Im not sure if GPU's work on total number of pixels, eg. the more pixels the more GPU you need, but it seemed a pretty straightforward way to look at it in my head.
  13. @Jim Wilson Thanks, ive updated my question (see last 2 bullet points) re. the screens.
  14. Can VWX 2017 run on OSX 10.14 ? I can see its not supported on the system requirements, but wondered if anyone had any experience doing this ? In the past ive had success running 2014 on OSX10.11 which wasn't officially supported, so wondered if 2017 may work on 10.14
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