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  1. Had a call back from the service select team and it turns out I was using a legacy "Create Animation" tool. When updating annually I kept the same workspace environment, which I had changed to the way I like to work, so the old tool was moved along. It was a question of editing the workspace, deleting the old one and dragging across the new tool. Problem solved for me
  2. To add some further info - The dimension line is shown as "sketched" when the preview button is pressed but then does not get applied when the OK button is pressed.Short video attached. Un-Sketched Dimesion line.mov
  3. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed that sketch styles are no longer being signed to dimension lines in viewports. I have viewport with "Open GL" Background render setting and a "hidden line" foreground render setting with the "sketch hidden line" option ticked in the "foreground render settings" tab. It seemed to be working fine last week before I upgraded to SP2.2 😕 Aren't they supposed to fix bugs not create them?
  4. Hello, "Save Movie" or "preview" seems not to be working when trying to create an animation in VW 2020 SP2.2 I came across an issue yesterday and have opened a ticked with support but haven't heard back. Anyone else seeing this issue. It's not a function I use often so can't say whether it's since the recent SP update. Everything works as expected when I exporting the same file to 2019 and open it there, so don't think it's the file itself, but could it be preferences? Attached is a test file I sent to support. It's contains only a cube. Look forward to suggestions. Knut Test.vwx
  5. Hi Jim, To clarify - I didn't have this issue since 2016 - but the post you referenced in your message in this thread flagged the problem in 2016. I was trying to re-iterate a point in another post to this thread that issues seem not to be addressed in consecutive releases in favour of adding bells and whistles in the newest version.
  6. Same issue here in 2019. Everything worked fine in 2018. @Jim Wilson - please bump this to the top of someones list to resolve, cause restarting software many times a day is not a workaround especially since it's been around since 2016
  7. Many Thanks for the reply. That has sorted my problem. Knut
  8. Hi I'm having the following issues with the attributes pallet since updating to 2018: 1) It no longer docks with other pallets. 2) Auto-hide floating pallets option does not affect it Is this deliberate in the new version or is there something I'm missing?
  9. Hi, I'm having a problem creating viewports on a sheet layer that appears intermittently. On the sheet layer I create a bounding box around the objects I want to show (top plan view) and hit "create Viewport" in the View drop down menu. The normal dialog appears and when I hit OK without changing anything I get a message saying " That viewport is already being used by another object. Please use a different name". Starting again and changing the name in the Create Viewport pane brings up the same error message. I can create the same viewport, without changing the name in the dialogue box, on a different sheet layer and then send it to my required sheet layer without any problems. Not a big problem but it messes up the workflow. Any thoughts would be appreciated Regards Knut
  10. Having a small issue with the 3d view preferences I think I have set them to change to open GL render mode and the projection as "narrow perspective" in the Vectorworks preferences menu, but this seems to have no effect on the drawing. I tend to work in plan view and then use the flyover tool to rotate the model to get a sense of the what's going on. I was under the impression that these settings in the preferences would be automatically applied. Am I missing something? Still using VW 2015 on Macbook Pro with OSX 10.7.5 Regards Knut
  11. Hi Kevin, thanks for the link. Certainly seems like there are several new goodies in the update. I'll probably run the 11.5 install when things aren't so busy or maybe over a weekend so I have time to mop up any issues, and hope that BGs' points don't come and bite me in the rear
  12. Hi Kevin, Thanks for the reply. I've downloaded the upgrade file but I'm very worried about installing it given the general chatter in the other discussions relating to OSX 10.4.5 and VW compatability. I think I'll sit tight for a while and keep an eye on the other threads. Unless someone can give me a cast iron guarantee that I'll have no problems
  13. I jumped into the VW world a couple of years ago at 11 and it seems the 11.5 upgrade passed me by. I would like to keep my software up to date a would like to hear comments on upgrading directly to 12. I'm working on a 2GHz G5 iMac running Mac OSX 10.4.5 (Tiger) I'm cautious because from previous biitter experience the motto "if it ain't broke , don't fix it coms to mind". Everything is mostly pretty stable at the moment, except for having to replug in my dongle most mornings as the red light doesn't come on at restart and that the help menu doesn't dispaly individual pages. (minor stuff) look forward to your comments


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