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    OpenGL Viewport Blurry

    Does the same this happen if you choose to rasterize the exported PDF? Does it change at all if you alter the Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > 3D > 3D Conversion Resolution to High vs Low?
  2. Jim Wilson

    Resource Manager - Thumbnail Issues (Windows)

    Check with tech@vectorworks.net directly in that case, please. I am fairly certain I recall that there was a way to correct that but it's different from the normal preference reset.
  3. Jim Wilson

    Resource Manager - Thumbnail Issues (Windows)

    I am not sure this was corrected in Vectorworks 2018 or not, were these machines all on the latest SP available?
  4. Jim Wilson

    Creating 3D shapes from 2D shape

    OH apologies, I misunderstood. Fastest method is likely two cylindrical extrudes overlapping, then a 45 rotated square extrude overlapping and lower than the crossing of the cylinders, add that all together as a solid, then you can use Fillet Edge and give the entire top a fillet to get the curved surface. Lofts as suggested above are possible as well especially if you know the exact dimensions you need. The most manipulable way is likely the Subdivision tool in mirror mode, so you can mold one half and get it just the way you want if its just a visual component.
  5. Jim Wilson

    Creating 3D shapes from 2D shape

    This should be what you're looking for: https://www.vectorworks.net/training/2019/getting-started-guides/3d-free-form-modeling/solid-modeling-extrudes
  6. I need to ask all those of you who struggle with Screen Plane and Layer Plane to detail for me your use cases and how you wish we handled things instead. I need examples (preferably with screenshots or screen recordings) of what you are doing when the Plane system gets in your way or slows you down. We acknowledge there are a wide array of different issues with the Plane system, but even among users in the same industries there are wildly differing opinions on how it should be changed for the better, and even more difference of opinion between users who work in unrelated fields. In this thread, please keep the responses limited to: 1) What problems you encounter with Screen/Layer Planes, with visual examples 2) What are you doing when you encounter these problems 3) If the problems didn't exist in older versions but exist today 4) How you feel the problem could be solved for your specific scenarios Normally I encourage open debate, but I ask that in this thread the responses are only direct feedback from you to us, please refrain from debate or criticism regarding what another user is doing or why they may be doing it. In this thread, all needs are legitimate regardless of their origins. Please feel free to link to or copy from other threads if you have already provided examples of what I have described above. We are still actively viewing and reviewing the older threads on this issue, but wanted to start a larger repository that was purely feedback in the form of a Known Issues thread. Thank you.
  7. Jim Wilson

    Graphics card - GTX-1070 TI or RTX-2060?

    Honestly, since the 1070 Ti can be had cheaply right now, it's the better buy. We don't (and likely wont) support the more advanced features in the RTX line before that card hits end of life anyway, and the additional VRAM will be more of a benefit going forward than the extra speed offered by the 2060. Functionally right now in Vectorworks if you compared the two side by side, you very likely would be unable to tell the difference until you got into the multiple 4K display range for screen resolution. For single display comparison they'd likely not be visibly different at all.
  8. Jim Wilson

    Drawing flashing in Landmark 2019

    Post the dxdiag.txt file please.
  9. Jim Wilson

    Layer visibility too

    Fundamentals does not have the Visibility tool to my knowledge, only in the Design series products like Architect and Spotlight.
  10. Jim Wilson

    Vectorworks 2019 making DWG based files unreadable

    Reply back with the following from that machine please:
  11. Jim Wilson

    Drawing flashing in Landmark 2019

    Please reply back with the following when you can, or have IT do so when they arrive:
  12. Jim Wilson

    SketchUp measuring tape equivalent

    Should be Tape Measure, in the Dims/Notes toolset by default. It can be used to measure single or multiple vertex distances individually or cumulatively without creating geometry you have to delete after.
  13. We (Myself AND Engineering AND management) agree completely.
  14. Jim Wilson

    Flipped Text not working in PDF

    This happens with File > Print > Print PDF, or File > Export > Export PDF? When using Export PDF, does the same thing happen with Rasterize Text enabled?
  15. Jim Wilson

    Error loading Vision Library

    In that case, contact tech@vectorworks.net directly. They can walk you through the process step by step.
  16. Jim Wilson

    Axes/origin blocked

    It looks like you have Rotate Plan enabled, does it not revert to normal if you go to View > Standard Views > Top/Plan?
  17. This article will be kept up to date with details about the compatibility between Vectorworks and macOS 10.14 Mojave:
  18. Some customers have reported problems with Vision 2019 rendering lights on macOS. The problems are caused by a macOS driver error related to Nvidia graphics cards. We have been in official communication with Apple about this issue, which they have acknowledged; they have not yet provided an estimate for resolution. Until then, we suggest the following temporary solutions: Recommended: Use Boot Camp software to install Windows on your computer, to enjoy the full performance of Vision 2019 and your Nvidia graphics card. Alternatives: If possible, exchange your Nvidia graphics card for an AMD graphics card. For computers with both integrated and dedicated graphics cards, shut off the dedicated Nvidia graphics card by downloading an application called gfxCardStatus (https://gfx.io/). Note that Vision 2019 does not fully support integrated graphics cards, so performance may decrease significantly. We are urging Apple to address this issue, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact tech@vectorworks.net with any questions.
  19. There should be no issue with having both on the same machines. It should be ensured that the last 6 of the serial numbers on each machine used for 2018 correspond to the last 6 used on those machines for 2019, so you don't get multiple machines thinking the same license is in use because a different version of the same license is running somewhere else.
  20. Jim Wilson

    Mesh & NURBS surfaces section incorrectly

    Not in this case, no. Even though they are progressive in version numbering, development is not always so linear. 2018 had significant display issues, caused by a system that was fixed in 20019 but was a completely different and older system in 2017. Even though a lot of it might look the same on the top, the guts change all the time as we try to make things faster.
  21. No fix version listed yet.
  22. Jim Wilson

    Bugs not patched in older versions

    The core and driving reason we do not patch older versions after their end of life is due directly to the way we build the software itself. When we maintain a "build", even though it might LOOK very similar from one version to another, it is a separate line of development and takes. Vectorworks 2018 and 2019 may look very similar certainly from the UI side, but they have many very different and incompatible components. This means a number of things that influence what we can and can't do: 1) When we fix a bug in a newer version of Vectorworks, that fix doesn't always work/apply to a prior version. That was the case with the section line appearance bug and quite a few others visual issues in SP2 for 2019, the fix was a change to the VGM that without significant modification, the previous versions could not accept. Effectively, we would have had to put forth the same effort to fix 2018 separately from the effort to fix 2019. This is why the issue did not receive a patch. 2) Once we release a version of Vectorworks, within days, we start work on a newer one. However, it can be a bit obscured to users how many versions of Vectorworks we have up in the air at any one time. For example now that 2018 has been sunset/reached end-of-life, we are maintaining Vectorworks 2019 publicly and Vectorworks 2020 internally. In addition to that, we often have engineers working on what will be Vectorworks 2021, or at the very least on features that depend on features that won't exist until 2020. This means that we already, at minimum, have to maintain 3 separate development environments/developer environment versions just to maintain regular operations as we do today. 3) We do indeed have to make a call on things like "How much are we willing to slow or cancel current support and future development to maintain older versions?" and the answer has been since I worked here "For one year after release." The way that many companies have chosen to address this, is to either go completely versionless or web-based, where you always log in to the latest version of the product and you have no control over the versioning, or they offer some sort of maintenance plan like we do with Service Select. However, since in this industry we are one of the (not few but certainly smaller than the big guys) holdouts that are not forcing subscription programs on users we are definitely going to have a higher percentage users who are used to the older purchase models like we had pre-12.5, where you bought a version and used it for a number of years before switching. This is of course a personal preference kind of thing, but I'm personally in the camp of wanting to own what I paid for after a handshake. I do not think we will be changing this any time soon. We may offer monthly or yearly subscriptions as an option for students and companies who ramp up and down their staff frequently, but I do not see us forcing this on the entire user base. Now, this is all aside to the OTHER core issue here, which from the users point of view is (please forgive my dramatic oversimplification): "I bought a Thing2. That Thing2 doesnt do what I need it to do, which is one of the things it is supposed to do when working normally. Thing1 I owned last year did it and still does. Thing3 does it too, but I already own Thing2 so why should I have to now buy Thing3?" That's the harder part for me at least. But looking across the vast sea of software packages, that's the norm. This has always bothered me. We can go with the car analogy as well, if I bought a car from Honda and the one they sold me just doesn't stop when I hit the breaks, it wouldn't matter if OTHER people weren't experiencing this problem, I'd be able to get a replacement car from Honda right away. This reality just isn't so in the software industry. I have no answer for that, it's bigger than I will ever be. I never like the "That's above my pay grade" moments but this is a big one. I would suggest that the reason the industries differ so dramatically is because 1) software generally can't cause a deadly accident. 2) software updates come, by design AND by demand, much faster than the development of things like microwaves or cars or skyscrapers. Speed is often favored over attention to detail. Quantity over Quality. That's very much the direction we started to head awhile ago (2009ish) and was exactly why we have the quality issues we have today. That kind of leads us here: It is absolutely and completely up to YOU to decide whether we merit your money, which you of course know. But if you believe that we are attempting to wring money from users unfairly or that we intentionally refrain from patching old versions, then I would absolutely understand if you no longer wanted to do business with us. People don't come to this forum for no reason, they don't post things expecting me to throw them candy, they post because they either want to gain knowledge, or they want the product to be BETTER. If they wanted another tool that was already available, they wouldn't be posting here, theyd've already moved on. The positive change I've wanted to see in this company happens with increasing frequency, but quality is not simply a switch we can flick and leave in place. It was a change to how we reviewed tasks, chose features and drove development. I have now watched engineering managers rank up to directors and vice presidents in this company. They know their stuff, they know what's possible and what's not, and they know the product more intimately than I or many users here probably can. The right people are in the right places, heck our CEO started out as one of our first engineers. We don't just pluck staff from the job market bucket, their (and my!) lives are deeply interconnected with this company and Vectorworks itself. We don't make decisions with the intentions of stiffing anyone, there's no Scrooge McDuck-ian vault of gold coins that the VPs swim in or I would absolutely post pictures. I am more than willing to discuss this or answer any questions I can.
  23. Jim Wilson

    Bugs not patched in older versions

    Splitting this out into it's own thread, replying shortly.
  24. Jim Wilson

    How to make One Way Mirror/Glass

    I attempted this once and failed in Renderworks. From what I understand, to accomplish this you need to be able to map two sides of the same poly (whatever the glass surface is made of) with different textures and have both faces occlude one another. This is possible in some rendering engines I have experimented with but I am fairly confident that we don't have that level of control in Vectorworks.
  25. Jim Wilson

    Bugs not patched in older versions

    I agree with you on principal, but this is not something I am going to be able to change. Once a version has gotten it's last service pack (I strongly believe this to be the case for 2018 barring any major OS changes in the very near future), there is nothing more that will ever be corrected in it.


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