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  1. 2018 seating tool performance

    I've just run into a problem with this tool as well. It's been working fine for me generally, but I just started a project incorporating a Stageline SL-100. It's got quite a few pieces to it. I looked around the forum for possible ideas about my problem, and it appears to just be the amount of 'stuff' in my project. What the program does is hang, not crash. Comparing how the program uses my CPUs is interesting. When rendering, it uses all 8 cores. (I have 2 quad core CPUs). However, I checked during the hang, and it was only using one core. Am I correct in assuming this is a CPU operation, and not a GPU one? Can anyone else speak to this problem?
  2. JBL Components added to Speaker Array Tool

    <facepalm> I need to sit on my hands sometimes before I start typing... Thanks again!
  3. JBL Components added to Speaker Array Tool

    I opened up your example, and it's still an object I can't rotate. I keep getting the "hybrid objects can't be rotated etc" message. The rotation may not be something everyone needs I'm guessing, but it would help me out quite a bit for the way we're using VW.
  4. JBL Components added to Speaker Array Tool

    Ah, cool, sorry... and Thanks!
  5. We use predominantly JBL, would love to see proper bumper and speakers added to the tool. The current JBL objects are pretty much useless - they won't even rotate in 3D once inserted. I get better functionality from a Sketchup model - but would still love have full use of the array tool. Thanks.
  6. Trouble Importing OBJ created in Make Human

    Thanks, I'll check that out! Much appreciated!
  7. Hello All, After wanting more appropriate 3D people for my renders, I've been trying out Make Human. Creates some nice things, but exporting OBJ - then importing into VW I get the mesh but no textures. The OBJ texture file (mtl) is present, and my import settings are the defaults which usually work with other imports. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. LED Bar emitting light only as point source

    One question for you guys, I've made this 15 Objects into a group, and a symbol, and in none of those 3 states could I convert it to an Instrument (Lighting).... is it possible somehow? More info - 12 of those objects are themselves 3D symbols, should I deconstruct them and then re-group the whole mess? UPDATE: So I broke it all down to base components, created a symbol, attached the instrument records, and still couldn't get the option to create a lighting instrument....UNTIL I switched to 2D/plan view. Go figure. I also tweaked the brightness again.
  9. LED Bar emitting light only as point source

    Thanks guys! I probably seem pretty obsessed with this kind of light, but we use them VERY frequently on corporate shows, and it's the only thing I've found in VW so far that doesn't come out looking realistic. scottmoore - sounds good, I'll try that next.
  10. LED Bar emitting light only as point source

    Well I'm still at it, this time it's a glowing texture at 1000% set into a mirror-texture lined case, with one spot light set to 10deg beam with 90deg spread, smooth falloff, lit fog. Way easier on the rendering and not too bad for coverage, though the falloff goes on a bit. Decent realism on the drape I think.
  11. LED Bar emitting light only as point source

    klawson - ya I tried an area light too, they're pretty close in the affect they have for this purpose. My linear light is a rectangle placed barely above the exit of the shell, similar it sounds to your area light. And ya I agree.... it's sorta the real thing. I tried lowering my linear light into the enclosure hoping for a shuttering effect, but all it did was block all light, have you tried anything like that?
  12. LED Bar emitting light only as point source

    It still needs some work, I've put it into an actual project, and it's added to my render time significantly. There's also some other weirdnesses, for example only the linear light is rendering. A work in progress.
  13. LED Bar emitting light only as point source

    Thanks for the props y'all! Ya, that's a good idea scottmoore, hadn't thought of that! Here's the file... LED WITH SPOTS N LINE.vwx
  14. LED Bar emitting light only as point source

    So here's what I've come up with... It uses 12 spot elements and 1 linear light. I used the linear light to somewhat overcome the dark zone right at the exit of the fixture. I've also splayed the 12 elements to reduce the brighter convergence area in the middle. In order to allow for 3D rotation, I've left it as a group of symbols. Haven't tried putting into a real project yet, we'll see how it affects render time and workflow, it's a little clunky I know, definitely fun getting into custom objects. I'll post the file if anyone's interested.


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