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  1. Steve Clarkson

    Disappearing model

    I seem to have just started having this issue. It appears to have started randomly, but maybe I did something. I've moved everything close as possible to origin, and tried both cropped settings. No change. It's extremely annoying as I would like to get very close to an object. The entire drawing is quite large, a factory about 400' by 100'.
  2. Steve Clarkson

    Light Object obscuring drawing

    Awesome, Thanks Andy.
  3. Steve Clarkson

    Light Object obscuring drawing

    Thanks! This gives me some work-arounds. It's not a stage instrument, its an architectural light for high bay factory use. Light Fixt Day-Brite LBD400S-48-BRA
  4. Steve Clarkson

    Light Object obscuring drawing

    I'm not even sure how to describe this, here's a screenshot to illustrate what my issue is. I want to get rid of as much of the globe as possible. It shows up in my Renderworks as well. Is this a scale issue? Currently I'm at 1:5000 (it's a pretty large space that was part of a larger building). Steve
  5. Steve Clarkson

    Muntin Limit?

    Thanks to both of you, I'll check that out! S
  6. Steve Clarkson

    Muntin Limit?

    Next related part, Can I get the Muntins to not take on the texture of the glass? I'm using a custom texture for the glass.
  7. Steve Clarkson

    Muntin Limit?

    I opted to create the window in sections that allow the correct Muntin count. But I'd still be interested in comments if anyone else has had experience with this. Cheers S
  8. Steve Clarkson

    Muntin Limit?

    I'm Back, I'm trying to create an extremely long (+200') factory window. It seemed like the easy way to create one long window-in-wall and add what I have learned are Muntins. However I need 5 horizontal, and 240 verticals. Vectorworks will only draw up to 26 verticals in wireframe, and none in OpenGL or Custom Renderworks. And once the verticals is changed to 27, I lose the 5 horizontals as well. I have the class set to Clear Glass - Glazing, and window to Fixed Glass. Only with Fixed Glass was I able to get any Muntins to draw. Window construction is definitely not my forte (working in Spotlight). Anyone have any hints for me on this? Cheers! Steve
  9. Steve Clarkson

    Hate to complain... but.

    One thing I did notice. With the results above, I was attempting to edit the shutters of 2 selected instruments simultaneously, as they are mirrored SL/SR. Perhaps that's the root? I can;t speak to this being common to my other instances of the problem however.
  10. Steve Clarkson

    Hate to complain... but.

    Incidentally, now it's started working again. As I mentioned this is random.
  11. Steve Clarkson

    Hate to complain... but.

    Hi Mark, Yes the lights are on in the design layer, I generally render from the design layer and only create viewports when I'm closer to needing client renders.
  12. Steve Clarkson

    Hate to complain... but.

    I've been reluctant to make this comment until now, but I'm facing tight deadlines and it's affecting my productivity, here goes... When I adjust shutters or make other changes to light instruments, I often (randomly!) cannot see the results unless I save the project, close the project, close the app, restart the app, re-open the project, re-render. For a piece of software that costs this much, it's pretty frustrating. <-- UNDERSTATEMENT. Here's today's example, the shutter settings and the render, plus yesterday's render with actual shuttering (same instruments/settings - all that's changed since this is lowering the truss, and trying to re-adjust shutters). Cheers.
  13. Steve Clarkson

    Decal Disappears in Custom Renderworks

    Mark - Thanks! You're a lifesaver.
  14. Steve Clarkson

    Decal Disappears in Custom Renderworks

    Hi Again Mark! Sure thing.... UW_Plexi_Lectern.vwx
  15. Hi Again, I've mapped an alpha channel masked decal to a generic solid (converted from an extrude). The decal appears in OpenGL, but disappears in any form of Renderworks. I've searched the forums on this and found nothing. I've attached relevant images. Thoughts?


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