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  1. Steve Clarkson

    Viewport Re-Render for Export

    I'll look at that too, but yes, Andy has saved me time and frustration already. Cheers
  2. Steve Clarkson

    Viewport Re-Render for Export

    That sounds like the problem! Thanks!
  3. Steve Clarkson

    Viewport Re-Render for Export

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.... I'll update an render in a viewport, and then export to a PDF, then seemingly randomly, it will either save directly or re-render. It's extremely inconveniencing to spend the time to render and then the same amount of time to save an export. And while the first render can be done in the background, the export one cannot, adding extra frustration. Am I missing something? Again, it seems random. Thanks
  4. Steve Clarkson

    Curved LED Wall

    Excellent, that sounds perfect. Thanks Again!
  5. Steve Clarkson

    Curved LED Wall

    Ah, yes, almost like creating a wrapper for the visual, if I'm understanding you correctly. Thanks!
  6. Steve Clarkson

    Curved LED Wall

    Hi All, I've checked out all the posts I can find regarding curved LED walls. And I've created an array of Generic Solids, and attempted to Add Surface them together. However I get an error that it's geometry that can't be calculated. Feeling kind of stuck. I've tried converting to virtually every type of object, grouping/ungrouping, extracting surface...etc. Any help, greatly appreciated! Thanks,
  7. Hi All, I'm not sure if this is asking too much of the program, (and I've poked around looking for others posting about this with no results), but I would like to be able to start an update to viewports in one project(tab) and switch to work on another while that happens. Every time I try this VW hangs. So I'm wondering if the issue is on my end with memory limits, or am I asking too much? More specifically, I lose mouse and keyboard functionality with the exception of being able to minimize/close the app and switching tabs - though doing this doesn't allow me to do anything once switched. Attempting to close VW prompts to stop rendering, which there is no indication this is actually progressing. Another update: I get full functionality in the new tab, however cannot get anything to respond in the rendering tab. Cheers,
  8. I've finally reached a level of comfort with VW that I can make use of this feature..... to discover that it only works in the Firefox and Safari browsers??? Is there any plan to include Chrome in the future? I really don't like the prospect of having to tell all our clients they need to install a specific browser. BTW I love this feature as a quick accessible (re:computer power - not browser 😜 ) 3D event floorplan to send to clients in the design phase. Thanks,
  9. Steve Clarkson

    VW2018 SP5.1: can I revert to SP4?

    Ya, for me, the day I dropped them I had been setting up cameras, going to Viewport, go back to edit cameras to find they'd moved randomly either position, view or both, back to Viewport and they've moved again. But maybe sometime I should really try to find a method/flow that works, I really would like to improve the realism of my renders. Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.
  10. Steve Clarkson

    VW2018 SP5.1: can I revert to SP4?

    I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I just want to say I'm glad to hear someone say this. VW2018 was my starting point, learning the app from the ground up, and trying to also make use of the cameras. Their behaviour has been so frustrating that I don't try to use them at all any more, thinking it was me. I know that my renders probably suffer a slight bit and I'm missing out on some interesting looks, but at least I can get the job done without a weekend in a padded room afterwards. 😜 So now having read this comment, I'm relieved that it's not me failing to understand the app. Cheers.
  11. Steve Clarkson

    Issues Publishing/Exporting Cropped Camera Match Sheet

    I'll give that a try, Thanks! Edit - One question, is this a destructive edit? Can I change the crop and the clip if needed?
  12. Steve Clarkson

    Importing Custom Speaker

    It seems I have a choice between: A speaker tool item that will display accurate dispersion, but is not visually accurate. OR A speaker symbol that's visually accurate and contains the accurate dispersion info, but can't display it. Sad face.
  13. Steve Clarkson

    Importing Custom Speaker

    Ah, ok. Is there a way to have it in the library and does use the symbol?
  14. Steve Clarkson

    Importing Custom Speaker

    Spoke too soon, it imported the record fine, but ignored my symbol...?
  15. Steve Clarkson

    Importing Custom Speaker

    Wicked, Thx!


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