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  1. how do you represent your designs? do you use wireframe or sketch. i am not happy as how my plant material looks, everything looks to animated. but if i render all my plants then that looks like it is to much, any recommendations?
  2. thanks that was my problem i never changed the dpi in the document preferences
  3. when i plot plans i have strange black lines outside my title block border, they are not even spaced and im not sure what they are from and or how to correct them. i use a hp designjet 130nr and i print 24 x 18
  4. currently i am printing at 300 dpi but it seems like i am still losing some details when i plot on my hp designjet 130nr. any suggestions
  5. I would like a Training course specifically geared towards landscape and landscape design
  6. does anyone have recommendations on making vectorworks look more like hand drawn designs. are you using the render command? shadows? what color for bluestone? please let me know if you have some suggestions or email me
  7. I am not sure if this question belongs here or in the printer section. i am having issues with my paver patters not showing up when i print. My sheet layer is printing at 300 dpi is that enough, or do i have to change other settings?
  8. Im looking for landmark users who are interested in exchanging landscape plans in order to learn a more realistic way of displaying my colors, patters and textures to plants, hardscapes, etc. naturebydesignllc@yahoo.com
  9. does anyone have any suggestions as to why some of my plant labels do not rotate when i rotate my landscape plan?
  10. I have difficulty getting all my plant labels to rotate when i rotate my plan, all but 5 rotated correctly, i can not figure this out please advise.
  11. im working with landmark 2008 and lately i have not been able to move plant tags around, usually once i click ont the plant the tag has a blue square and then i can drag that to move the tag where i choose, but lately the blue square is gone, and i can not more the tags, please advise
  12. while using 2D plant symbols my labels have decimal points after number of plants. Ex: 2.00 Hydrangea. How do i fix this?
  13. ok i get it now thank you but for some reason there are no botanical names listed when import the plant list everything is ok but instead of the botanical name a "0" is in its location ?
  14. how do you set up a plant list? i have all my plant material labeled on the plan and i know there all of plant informations is stored somewhere so it can be incorporated as a plant list but where?
  15. i have vectorworks 2008 and am a PC user and im trying to find the best printer/plotter for my budget. There are just too many choices out there, does anyone have a recommendations. my budget is under $4,000.00 dollars.
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