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  1. trying to make a tile or hatch of a paving transition of hex blocks from 8" down to 5". we will have conditions where the leading edge is curving and i would like the center line of each of the bands of pacing to be consistent with the radius of the curve with a sand joint of variable width between. without exploding and drawing and moving each paver individually can this be done. Thanks
  2. john, what if i didn't use the move and copy feature to duplicate my viewport but already have a set viewport and all i need to do is match the visibility of one viewport to the other without changing the camera. eye dropped tool works perfectly. Thank you
  3. doing a quick look at the basics of the fence tool I see that you can set panels or frames and the top rail height but what if I need to make a fence with multiple panels like this one that is approx 20' tall. I tried making an 8'-0" high fence with the top rails acting as the panels by stacking 3 on top of each other but it slowed down the program drastically I would love to show the vines in vector works as my whole model will be used as a diagram to show the aesthetic value of the fence and the relation ship the footings have with new construction on site. then I would like to save it as a template so that I can scale it to different sizes and use it on different projects (as a base for a green wall/trellis system...)
  4. Hello, New vectorworks user here. Is there a faster way to create a hexagonal paver hatch in vectorworks 2019 than trying to line up 6 levels in the hatch editor? and then how can I create that hatch into something that I can use for take off calculations, by assigning a thickness, setting bed, agg base layer,...
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