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  1. RafaelPernia

    Repeat Last Command Shortcut?

    I think for people that has never used Autocad/Rhino/revit this is hard to visualize this but boy, the productivity would go up like ten fold. I'm trying to scale like 80 elements that for some reason were a group of text and shape. The scale tool has no shortcut which is already annoying but since I have no "repeat last command" I have to move the mouse, go to tools, go down to Scale which has no submenu, go into the dialog and move my hand from mouse to keyboard to hit enter. Then, select the next thing and repeat this 80 times. If I select them all and scale, they will move according to the center. If I had repeat last command in space bar is just one clic with one hand, two space bar hits and move to the next. Not having to move hand and eyes from mouse to keyboard to screen is a HUGE improvement and not only in productivity, but also on the eyes health. Instead of pointing me to a parametric way to do it or asking me why those elements were groups in the first place, why don't vectorworks just do this thing, put a repeat last command already for christ's sake. There are requests for this since 2006. How are you going to recruit Autocad users to VW being stubborn? just make it a little bit easier for people to transition and not give up the software. end of rant.
  2. RafaelPernia

    upside down lettering

    Hi, this is an old thread but today I moved a lot of things from one design layer to another in the same document and hundreds of elevation benchmarks flipped. The "Adjust flipped text" is already ticked and untick/retick does nothing. Every other text is good, just the elevation benchmarks. Any ideas before I start the fun work of redoing all of them? ***EDIT Just in case anyone else encounters this, I found a weird solution. Select all your flipped things and in the Object Info bar open the drop down menu of "plane". Mine were all in "3D" so I changed them to Screen and then, if you like, change them back Layer. 3D option won't be available anymore.
  3. RafaelPernia

    Section Marker Scale/Size

    Thanks this seems logic and handy. Actuallly it works, the layer is off but the section lines are there as annotations. But still, the size of the markers is constant. I just duplicated a floor plan viewport, changed the scale and the markers are the same size in both. If I manually change the size of a marker in one viewport it changes in the other. I'm guessing this has something to do with layer scale and viewport scales. Anyway, thanks for your tip, it made me understand the section line instances.
  4. RafaelPernia

    Section Marker Scale/Size

    Hello Everyone, I'm starting my 3rd or 4th project in VW and the section markers (the triangles and bubbles with the numbers inside) look oversized in some viewports and tiny in others. It makes sense since I'm specifying the marker size in inches but I never had this issue before. Is there a way to keep them relative to the drawing like the Grid bubbles? There must be something I'm missing. Thank in advance! I'm using VW 2019 SP2 on macOS 10.14.3
  5. RafaelPernia

    cycle through tool options

    7 years later I have the same question. Any solution?
  6. RafaelPernia

    Mirrored grid's dimensions goes bananas.

    I'm using VW2019 SP1 but I opened the doc in 2018 and it's there too. Thanks, I'll submit it as a bug.
  7. Maybe not the best practice, but I've done this a lot in the past without a trouble when making sections and elevations. The thing is, I copy a grid from a viewport into another viewport, Then, I mirror it horizontally to fit the opposite elevation. When I check the show dimension option, this happens: (dimensions) Maybe Im doing something wrong or there's an option not done properly
  8. RafaelPernia

    Worksheet invisible when using calculator

    Believe it or not, the best workaround is screen capture the worksheet and work side by side with that image and the calculator. at least it reduces the number of clics.
  9. RafaelPernia

    Tech Bulletin: Vectorworks and the new iMac Pro - 06-04-2018

    It has never worked well in these imacs. And unfortunately, I think it never will.
  10. I couldn't find any related topic so I started one. I'll try to explain my problem. I'm editing fields within a worksheet and I need to use the calculator (macOS) so when I clic the calculator to inpout some values, the worksheet in the VW window becomes invisible. All I can see is the giant X. (see attached image) This dramatically reduces my workflow because I have to keep clicking (or Command+tab) VW to see the values. The other option is to get out of the worksheet but then, when I return to VW I have to double clic everytime to get into the worksheet. Maybe it is a hardcoded macOS thing but it will be GREAT if I could see the worksheet while using the calculator.
  11. RafaelPernia

    Service Pack 1 for Vectorworks 2019 Released

    Well, after two days with SP1 and the new macOS 10.14.1 I gotta say, it works like a charm. Much better than 2018 pre mojave, much better than 2019 pre or post mojave. Faster, more stable specially with multiple doc tabs open. The angle constraint issue is gone, the text issue is gone. I haven't got any sudden close of the program, which I got a lot in 2018 and 2019 pre SP1. Also, I strongly suggest to change the autosave option from n minutes to n actions. it will not try to save in the middle of a heavy action, minimizing the crashes. The downside is, while editing a symbol, when it saves, you have to exit the symbol and get in again because it becomes crazy. In short, I don't know what you guys did but it's great now. thanks.
  12. RafaelPernia

    Service Pack 1 for Vectorworks 2019 Released

    Anybody else having trouble with text? now all of my drawings become ultra slow typing or even if I touch the text. Even with new texts. Mojave+2019
  13. I'm having the same issue. Since Mojave, no angle constraints with two documents open. Not even using shift. Is there a service pack or patch available yet? Also, in some documents, when I enter a text field it slows down a lot, making it almost impossible to write, like 30 seconds per character. When you exit the text field, the document becomes stable again.
  14. RafaelPernia

    VW 2017/2018 Cinema 4D Export Bug?

    Can confirm that I just performed 4 exports without restarting, with different settings and all work. Looks like it's gone! thank you devs
  15. RafaelPernia

    v2019 Section viewport rogue geometry bug is back

    I'm seeing stuff that should not be showing. Toilets, sinks, fixtures... classes are off but they are showing in the sections (if the section line touches it, it will show). opened the document in 2018 and it looks as it's supposed to be. Guess I'll go back to 18 when publishing time arrives. BTW I'm noticing faster workflow in 3d, faster panning, zooming, etc.


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