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  1. RafaelPernia

    v2019 Section viewport rogue geometry bug is back

    I'm seeing stuff that should not be showing. Toilets, sinks, fixtures... classes are off but they are showing in the sections (if the section line touches it, it will show). opened the document in 2018 and it looks as it's supposed to be. Guess I'll go back to 18 when publishing time arrives. BTW I'm noticing faster workflow in 3d, faster panning, zooming, etc.
  2. RafaelPernia

    Door schedule is insane

    Thank you Pat. This was killing me.
  3. RafaelPernia

    VW 2017/2018 Cinema 4D Export Bug?

    Hi Wesley, still no solution to this, but this workaround could work for you: Once you are ready to export, close the program. Open again and export right away. Try turning on and selecting every object you want to export. That could work.
  4. RafaelPernia

    Project sharing: Huge door tag font size

    I had a different text size issue but I found the solution.
  5. RafaelPernia

    VW 2017/2018 Cinema 4D Export Bug?

    Any news on this issue? I have the exact same problem. After the first export to c4d, it never works again. All .c4d files are 26kb and all .FBX are 900 bytes (not even a KB). Sometimes restarting VW works sometimes not. I have tried moving the angle, making different layers active, turning on and off all export options... I haven't observed a pattern, looks just random.