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  1. Is anyone else finding this is becoming so disruptive literally freezing every 15 mins.
  2. Vworks 21 in Landmark This is killing me as I look back at an earlier draft pdf produced and they are there looking great ..what's changed?! So I'm wanting to create a drawing pdf from the sheet and the line type is strangely vanishing to leave a solid line. When you click on the viewport ( not double click to access) in the sheet they appear and when you zoom in too, but click back on the sheet wider sheet elsewhere and they vanish ? Line type settings are set to 'world' if I change to the other they all disappear! I draw in 1:1 the sheet is 1:250 I've redrawn the custom line type from scratch with start point at 0,0. I've tried increasing line type scale in advanced settings... no difference. Stumped
  3. Was this fixed ? I've just gone up on to 21 and this is real pain now its disappeared ? I've selected everything but it doesn't copy over what I need.
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