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  1. This was a really handy workflow for quickly modifying these plugins while retaining attributes. Now when I try this, the underlying object get deleted. The only work around I have for this is converting the plugins to polygons then creating the plugin again, less than ideal.
  2. I am using the file as a base model for rendering a new subdivision in Twinmotion. The source file was put together in Civil 3d by the roading Engineers, I see the TIN file (Surf_CB) is too much for VW to process, so have used the contours only at 0.2m (Landmark,Create Site Model, Simplfy 3d polys). The best result would be if the software could process the tin as designed by the engineer. The resulting model is good enough to work with for now, but as a work around I will get 3d polygons of the kerbs, channels, road centrelines etc to clean up the edges where VW is triangulating between the contours. The Road surface, footpaths etc I have placed texture beds with a simplification tolerance of 0.1m, this has worked out well, its great to have the option to reduce the number of vertices for these. The texture beds via C4D export work well in Twinmotion. Thanks for your help ūüôā Untitled.pdf
  3. Just an update, Through trial and error I was able to return the correct number of posts through assigning a unique class to the 2d post attribute. No luck with the frames/panels though.
  4. Does anyone know how to simplify this into site model I can work with? I have tried to simplify the polygons (without success) 1022-2D.vwx
  5. I thought that might be the case, I tried adding specific materials and classes via the fence attributes palette to report a count of elements by material/ class, it returned numbers, but these didn't equate to the panels and posts in the fence. Thanks for looking into it.
  6. Hi, See attached v2020 Cheers, Steve 326-1A v2020.vwx
  7. Has anybody had a look at this? I really need to get back to the client with a plan and schedule of frames and posts for tender. Perhaps I should forget about using the fence tool and use symbols?
  8. Thanks, See attached file. 326-1A.vwx
  9. I am trying to prepare a schedule of posts and panels for a school fence, but the report does not seem to allow these attributes to be counted? I also want them summarised by panel length.
  10. I am having trouble with plant paths in a file using create object from shape command (plant from polyline in this instance). I am using polyline polyline to create a curved hedge row. Is there a way to edit the hedge row with a bezier path? This would be much easier than having to edit the polyline and re-convert to a plant.
  11. I created a series of vehicle barriers around a carpark with timber posts and wire cables, We then decided we needed to have timber rails instead of cables for some of the barriers. So I created a barrier with a timber rail and other attributes I wanted. I then used the eyedropper tool to pick up the parameters of the new timber rail to place on some of the existing cable barriers. I expected the post spacing, rail height and type to change, but it doesn't. Another thing I found that could be useful, is the offset tool to move/duplicate fences. I had originally placed the barriers next to the kerb and found I needed to set them back 1m to allow for vehicle overhang, I had to re-draw these barriers as the offset tool did not seem to work for this plugin. I hope this explains a bit more clearly, Cheers, Steve
  12. Hi, With plug-in parameters on, when I try to change the top rail to the same style as the bottom rail using the eyedropper tool it doesn't seem to work. Thanks, Steve
  13. It would be good to have the ability to change attributes using the eyedropper tool, also rail offsets so they can be attached to sides of posts.
  14. I use the landscape area tags, perhaps I now need to use the data tags going forward? Will the data tags display and behave the same data as the landscape area tags? (ie. list of plants and quantities) and I assume they update automatically with any changes to the landscape area? Thanks, Steve


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