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  1. Steve Riddle

    Title Block issue manager

    Hi Nikolay, I have 50 sheets in the file and 50 title blocks in this particular file, the two most recent sheets I created didn't update with the issue manager in their respective title blocks, In my workflow, I usually copy and paste a sheet border/title block from a preceding sheet and update any relevant information I need to change. In the end, I just deleted the 2 sheet borders that did not update and repeated the process of copying and pasting final 2 sheets from a sheet border that had the latest issues showing in the issue manager, this seemed to fix the problem I was having. Thanks, Steve
  2. Steve Riddle

    Title Block issue manager

    OK Thanks, I will try deleting. Many Thanks, Steve
  3. Steve Riddle

    Title Block issue manager

    Am trying to issue and publish a set of sheets. The latest 2 issues of the drawing set are not showing up in the issues list within the title block for the 2 sheets I am publishing. I see now there is a button in the title block manager for VW2019 to select sheets to use, it appears in new sheets showing the latest issue has defaulted to 'off', I want the latest issues to appear in the latest sheets as intended, but there does not appear to be a way to do this? Any help much appreciated.
  4. Steve Riddle

    Pause render without losing completed images

    Thanks for the tip, I will try this if I can pause the render without them all reverting to wireframe....13.5 hours and counting...
  5. I have 8 viewports rendering on realistic exterior fast and the remaining 10 viewports rendering on open GL medium The sheet layer size/ resolution for these viewports are 300dpi A3 The render has taken 7 hours so far and I have no idea how long renderworks will take to complete this job, is there anything in the software that does a calculation of approx render time beforehand so I know how far the process has completed? Vectorworks Is currently unresponsive while this batch is rendering and I have a spinning wheel. I would like to pause the render, and publish the ones completed so far because I am worried I will loose them all, is there a way I can do this?
  6. Steve Riddle

    Data Tag displaying polygon area

    This works perfectly! Thank You ūüėä
  7. Steve Riddle

    Data Tag displaying polygon area

    Is it possible to set up a data tag that displays the area of a polygon or polyline? I know I can do it if I convert the polygon to a landscape area but would rather not do this as the landscape area seems to slow up my computer.
  8. I am trying to place an outdoor panoramic background image around a model I am trying to render from 8 different camera angles. For the background I have made an image prop using an extruded arc that has been converted into a nurbs. On this I have placed a texture of the panoramic image, the sky has a transparency mask so I can use the HDRI sky in renderworks. The problem I am having is trying to get the image to scale and map to where I want it on the nurbs. for some reason the image crops out and repeats in random vertical sections and does not wrap continuously around the surface, I have tried using a decal but this has proved too difficult. I have tried turning off horizontal and vertical tiling and this doesn't work either. I'm sure there has to be a way to get this to work, any ideas much appreciated.
  9. Steve Riddle

    Railing Fence Tool - Corner Posts

    I'm using the fence tool and having the same issue with the corner posts rotating to 45 degrees. Also within the frame/panel attributes, frame bars don't appear to work independently from each other. I wanted to have horizontal slats at 10mm spacing and vertical slats at 200mm spacing for structure. The ability to add gates (in the same way as adding doors to walls) would be really useful.
  10. Steve Riddle

    Text Along Path - not outline

    Am still having this problem, the text along path tool will not fill when setting the attributes to solid fill.
  11. Steve Riddle

    Area calculations of objects within Symbols

    This Great Thanks, I will place existing and proposed villa designs in a seperate layer and go through the steps above. Cheers, Steve
  12. Steve Riddle

    Area calculations of objects within Symbols

    Hi Pat, Did you have any luck with this? It would be great if there was a solution as I have 27 villas (symbols) I need to provide cost orders for variations. Thanks Steve.
  13. I would like to see the ability to display Cut and Fill depth contours for earthworks plans, where the software calculates the difference between the existing and proposed site models. I often submit Earthworks drawings in Planning Applications that can show the extents of Earthworks and Cut/fill and proposed levels shown using the stake tool set to site model The council often requests further information with these as they want to know the depths, especially the maximum cut, I can currently only present these as cross sections, It would be great to be able to send a plan with coloured depth contours.
  14. I would like to see slab drainage features for hardscapes, with the ability to create channels, sumps and provide multiple falls. It would be good to be able to set the Levels of the top edge and bottom edge of the hardscape and have the software design and calculate the grades and directions of fall. Also to have the ability to set the level of and extents of an edge with fixed grades. I have a job where I am currently using multiple pad modifiers with landscape areas below to show extents and drainage of large paving areas in a retirement village. It would be great if I could use the hardscape tool for this.
  15. I would like to see improved landscape areas that can have specific plant mix for multiple areas changed via worksheet or dialog without requiring the eyedropper tool to update them all. I often prepare planting plans that contain a lot of Landscape areas but only a handful of plant mixes (eg. wetland mix, low planting mix, screening mix) It would be really useful to be able to save these mixes and have the ability to make adjustments to these mixes after the plan has been created. Using the eye dropper tool is not the best way to make these changes as there is usually a lot tags on the plan, and there is not an option to lock their position.(perhaps this can also be an addition to plugin parameters when using eyedropper tool). Currently about 50% of my time when preparing and revising planting plans is moving tags, I only want to place them once.


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