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  1. I nearly always get 3d site data from Engineers and Surveyors as a TIN surface as well as 3d contours, both are converted to 3d polygons via dwg import. The TIN surface file is survey /design accurate from the engineers while the 3d contours are only as accurate as the contour spacing. It would be amazing to have a 1 step process to quickly convert these surfaces into an editable site model without having to convert to 3d loci first then clean up the data into something the site model tool can use. From what I can tell the site model then re-creates its own version of the TIN from the converted source data. In my experience I have found this process creates anomalies in the file, and rarely do I get the site model surface to match the Engineers/Surveyors TIN. It is also very common for these surfaces to contain a lot of polygons and vectorworks struggles to Navigate these files, any improvements to this would be very welcome.
  2. I have created a site model from the both data sets, the first one loooks great but has too many polygons to work fluidly. The simplified version is snappy but to coarse and over simplified, what would be ideal is something in between, but cannot get this to happen with the simplify 3d polys tool. Am not sure if its a bug, or the tool has just been designed this way? It would be a more useful tool if somehow we could make finer grain adjustments to the segment length /deviation in much the same way as the simplify 2d poly tool
  3. Is these a way to simplify the attached 3d polys into a form that more closely resembles the original polygons, for some reason the simplification tolerance defaults to 1.734m and the VW output is not much use to me. This file was created from lidar data so has quite a few complexities that I would just like to simplify. 269-9A-model.vwx
  4. I am trying to change a landscape style by substituting a plant. I already have the individual plant mix percentages set-up for the style, when I try to make the substitute, all the plants change to an equal percentage. How can we fix this so that the percentages I set up stay the same while maintaing the ability to make changes to an individual plant in the mix? Screenshot 1.pdf Screenshot 2.pdf
  5. I am working on a drawing that hasa large number of landscape areas and I have gone through and painstakingly manually placed each plant tag so that it does not lay behind other landscape areas. Upon editing the contents of some of the landscape areas the tag positions have moved to some kind of default setting, My only option is to go through again and re position the tags (Incredibly frustrating). Does Vectorworks have a feature where you can lock the tag positions without being overridden by the landscape area style/tag style every time there is an update to a landscape area or linked work sheet.
  6. Hi Tony, I created an image prop from an imported file and applied the mask using alpha then created a symbol. I duplicated a plant that I knew would work in the landscape area then applied: Edit Plant Style / 3d graphics /copy from symbol. That didn't work so the second option was to: Edit Plant Style / 3d graphics /edit current graphics then swap the image prop texture and change its size in the object info palette. I have attached a landscape area including the plant style I duplicated. Thanks, Steve Tussock.vwx
  7. I have attached a file with some grasses placed using the place plant tool, beside this I have created a landscape area with the same plants but they do not appear when I choose to show plants in either 2d or 3d? I think the plants within the landscape area have been placed in a distant location from the landscape area but do not know how this came about? Tussock.vwx
  8. I'm having the same problem when i create a landscape area with some new plant image props, Am guessing its something to do with the new plants that messing up the perspective.
  9. Thanks Iskra, SP3 doesn't seem to be avaliable here in New Zealand, I guess it shouldn't be too far away?
  10. Cloud services and Web view are not working for me, I have downloaded and installed the latest version v8.5.935 The error output I get when trying to save webview to temp cloud storage is...(see attached) Script error.pdf
  11. This was a really handy workflow for quickly modifying these plugins while retaining attributes. Now when I try this, the underlying object get deleted. The only work around I have for this is converting the plugins to polygons then creating the plugin again, less than ideal.
  12. I am using the file as a base model for rendering a new subdivision in Twinmotion. The source file was put together in Civil 3d by the roading Engineers, I see the TIN file (Surf_CB) is too much for VW to process, so have used the contours only at 0.2m (Landmark,Create Site Model, Simplfy 3d polys). The best result would be if the software could process the tin as designed by the engineer. The resulting model is good enough to work with for now, but as a work around I will get 3d polygons of the kerbs, channels, road centrelines etc to clean up the edges where VW is triangulating between the contours. The Road surface, footpaths etc I have placed texture beds with a simplification tolerance of 0.1m, this has worked out well, its great to have the option to reduce the number of vertices for these. The texture beds via C4D export work well in Twinmotion. Thanks for your help 🙂 Untitled.pdf
  13. Just an update, Through trial and error I was able to return the correct number of posts through assigning a unique class to the 2d post attribute. No luck with the frames/panels though.
  14. Does anyone know how to simplify this into site model I can work with? I have tried to simplify the polygons (without success) 1022-2D.vwx
  15. I thought that might be the case, I tried adding specific materials and classes via the fence attributes palette to report a count of elements by material/ class, it returned numbers, but these didn't equate to the panels and posts in the fence. Thanks for looking into it.
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