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  1. What version of Vectorworks are you using? It does not look like 2020 as I still see vertical truss symbols. If possible, are you able to attach the file so that I may take a look. Triangle truss are the most difficult to get to setup and I would like to have a look so see if the symbol is setup correctly.
  2. If desired the red box can be turned off by turning off the Lighting>Input>2D or 3D class respectively.
  3. @LMorga I tried the truss straight out of the resource manager and I had no issues with the TC1212-AVB and TC1212-VHB as you also report. However, at this time the TC1212-AHB and TC1212-VVB are not supported. It was decided to leave the hinges that are not supported at this time in the program but change them to regular 2D/3D symbols in case there was a user that needed them. The only way to make them hinge is to manually adjust the 3D geometry in the Edit 3D Components window of the symbol. They will not support auto connect or calculations but at least they can be used. The other workaround is to take the TC1212-AVB and TC1212-VHB and click the 3D only radio button in the OIP. This will allow the hinge to be rotated in 3D views but it will still function as a hinge. If you have any further questions please DM me and I will see if I am able to assist.
  4. @SuniAre you using version 2020 or are still using version 2019 like your signature? I just want to make sure that I use the correct version when I list your workflow.
  5. @fuberatorI just tried creating a rig in 2019 with Eurotruss and then opening that same file in 2020 and I had no issues. Is it possible to post or DM me the file in 2019 and I can take a look for you? I am curious as to why that is happening and would like to investigate.
  6. If you are a faculty member it sounds like you may be using the educational version which unfortunately does not include the Service Select subscription. I took a look at the Altman Pegasus and it looks very similar to a standard 6" fresnel just with an LED engine. What you can do is duplicate the USITT 6" fresnel or the Altman 6" fresnel and change the Light Info record to the correct values from the online data sheet. The light will still render properly but the data for reports and worksheets will be correct. I hope this helps.
  7. Are you a student or do you have a professional license?
  8. If you are a member of Service Select you can use the Fixture Request form under Support and as long as the content team can find all of the necessary information we will make it and deliver it through the Service Select content libraries download page online.
  9. Are you able to post a stripped down version of the file so we can take a look and maybe determine the issue.
  10. @Macluskie Feel free to DM me and I will walk you through what all of those settings mean. I am one of the developers that setup all of the truss that is included in the libraries and would be glad to give some assistance. I have also attached a screenshot of the L1, L2, and L3 settings of the original H30V box corner. If you add 75mm to the symbol for the spacers also be sure to shift the entire symbol to the right by 75mm in the 3D and 2D symbol components. The insertion point of any straight truss and corner must be left center so that the auto connect engine can use the measurements in the customize window to calculate the proper connection points. Once you are finished with your changes be sure to click the apply customization button to save your settings. If you have any questions please let me know.
  11. @wadecordts There are now eight new product lines from XSF released in the Service Select libraries including the 12x12 Protective Bolt Plate. Currently there is no cross section data but that is being worked on as we speak but at least the symbols with weights are present.
  12. @vendy works I have attached a video showing you the process. It should work using the draw 3D button. Let me know if you have any issues. Rotate Circle Truss.mov
  13. @Light Guy Calvin I took a look at the file and corrected the issue with the Parts record. The hazer should not get messed up now if inserted as a symbol. I have attached the file for you to use. MDG Hazer Fixed.vwx
  14. What is the model of that hazer and I will take a look?
  15. @Light Guy CalvinTry using the 2017 version of SketchUp. That one should be supported.
  16. @rajaikhalil I took a look at your file and fixed your corner block. The issue was that when you added the spacers to the left side of the block you did not move all the geometry to make sure that the left side of the truss is centered at (0,0). In order for things to work properly the starting point for any truss symbol needs to be at (0,0) because all of the measurements originate from this point. I simply moved the geometry so that the spacers were now the beginning of the truss and not the corner block. Also, if you wanted to just use your spacer version of the corner as a cross and no top or bottom connections you can set it up as an X-corner which simply uses the width and height measurements instead of the complex custom menu. I have made you two versions of the corrected corner with one setup as a custom and one setup as an X-corner (V2 Corrected in the resource name). Hopefully, if you make more custom symbols in the future you can use these as a reference if you get stuck. An updated file is attached and let me know if you have any further questions. Justin corner block corrected.vwx
  17. @rajaikhalil Please send me your file if you are able and I can take a look. I set up almost all of the truss in the shipped content libraries so I should be able to help you. Without seeing exactly what your new custom symbol looks like it is hard for me to tell you how to setup the custom corner.
  18. I will take care of it, not a problem.
  19. It is the site where all the bugs go when they are reported.
  20. Has this been filed in JIRA yet? If not I can take care of it, just don't want to create a duplicate bug if I don't have to.
  21. @Robert Janiak Are you able to send me that file? I would like to take a look at it and explore what is happening. I am not seeing that behavior in VW2019 SP4 on my machine. Every light I test I am able to turn off the movement radius as designed.
  22. The best thing to do is use the Spotlight Fixture Request Form on the Service Select page and ask for this additional mode. At this time all modes are created in house through the Vision data.
  23. @Jordan Here is a screenshot, this should help you out.
  24. At this moment there are not any Braceworks specific training videos to my knowledge. If you do have Braceworks questions I tend to be the one who builds and sets up the truss for Braceworks so feel free to DM me and I may be able to assist you.
  25. There is a library in Service Select with some medical supplies and a hospital bed and some other equipment. Not sure if this is what you are looking for but I thought I would share. It is in Objects - Building Equip_Appliances>_Accessories and Equipment Medical.
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