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  1. Hi Guys; While you're talking databases....I am trying to simply put the window labels on a WIndow Schedule "Report" I created in numerical order. I'm getting nowhere. Can VW do it? (I imagine it can.) Ans if so, how?
  2. Thanks Katie, but I need some solutions. You identified some problems, but I don't want to use Vectorworks (or any Cadd software for that matter) without using intensive graphics to make our drawings and renderings clear and exciting. So what ripping software do you suggest? Or what does Vectorworks offer to help its contingency print these tough to print things?
  3. I am using OSX 10.3. The driver is the Print Center of the operating system.
  4. I run Vectorworks Architect 10.5.1 on G3 and G4s. When we send a plot to print either out of Vectorworks or from Previewer or Adobe Acrobat, we find that sending the file from the computers to the Plotter (over and ethernet network 10/100/1000) takes forever. Recently an E size sheet took 50 minutes to plot (and I really didn't have that much information in the drawing). It sits in the status window "processing job" for much too long - usually 30 minutes. When it transfers the file over to the printer, it prints at normal speed. Can you help me speed things up? Also, is there away to use HPGL2 files out of Vectorworks? These move so much quicker.


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