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  1. It would be extremely useful to be able to use a 2D symbol as the profile object in an Extrude Along Path. This would allow multiple extrudes (say all railings in a project) that used that profile to be edited just by changing the one profile/symbol. Probably be useful for regular extrudes as well.
  2. Please clarify - is it an Intel Mac or a G5 Mac - can't be both.
  3. When you create the symbol, you can edit the 2D & 3D portions. As you've seen, adding 2 loci will define the width of the wall opening in Top/Plan view. To get an opening in the 3D view of the wall, you need to add add loci to the 3D front view of the symbol. Select symbol in Resource Browser, edit 3D Component. Display front view. Add 2D loci to define the corners of the opening. You can add as many loci as you want to define an irregular opening, but no inside corners -only outside corners. AC
  4. Correction - That is U.S. market share. Apple's worldwide is 3.2, up from 2.5
  5. Possibly a class/visibility issue with the wall components?
  6. Just bringing this question back to the top.
  7. From earlier NNA posting... "Nemetschek North America has participated in certification meetings for IFC v.2x3 compliance and anticipates receiving Level 1 certification for VectorWorks Architect in the very near future." Has any certification been received yet. If not, any idea when?
  8. I had sent in this as a question, where specified on the web site, and the Matrix has now been corrected. (Sorry for post in 2 places)
  9. Are the Manuals (not the training material) going to be available some way other than buying the product. Online? Disc? I'd like to study them while waiting for my office to update.
  10. I had sent in this as a question, where specified on the web site, and the Matrix has now been corrected.
  11. Wow!! All you need to do is wave a dongle around here, and everyone gets in an uproar!
  12. I haven't heard any speculation on this. VW 9 - March 2001 VW 10 - Sept. 2002 VW 11 - April 2004 vW 12 - Oct. 2005 I am tyring to get the office where I work to upgrade from v. 11.5, but, naturally, wouldn't want 13 to be released right after spending for 12.5. Any info/enlightenment/oracular pronouncements? ( not expecting any from NNA, of course)
  13. WGR the plan from the source file to the target file. In the target file, make the new reference file invisible and create a new, visible layer. In that layer create a Layer Link (View menu) - choose the reference layer and select Project 2D Objects. Set the scale of the layer w/ the Layer Link to what you want. Unlock the Layer link to move, rotate, etc., it. Not using Viewports, are probably other ways to do this.
  14. Or draw your guide line and give it a ridiculous length in the OI palette - you can always increase the length there in either or both directions.
  15. [quote=----- Don't hold your breath on a Mac-compatible IFC viewer. The only Mac-compatible IFC viewer (AFAIK) is from Solibri -- their Solibri Model Checker, which is Java-based, is available on both Windows and Mac: http://www.solibri.com/ Does this indicate that Nemetscheck is going to drop support for Mac users for other of it's products?
  16. Hi: Any estimate on when this will be out of beta? When the IFC viewer will be Mac compatible?
  17. To move an object an amount and direction set by remote points, insert a 2D locus at the first remote point, keep it selected and select the object(s) to move (shift click), then grab the selected object(s) by the 2D locus and drag the locus to the second remote point. To move a copy, use option key (Mac). You can get rid if the loci if you want.
  18. Another method: Draw a polygon of the floor, turn it into a Roof Face (AEC menu) w/ a small but definite thickness and no slope, enter it, and draw whatever pattern you want. Set this Roof Face a small but definite height above the floor. It will display in 3D. (I'm on 11.5 - don't know about 12)
  19. A stopgap method is to place a locus at the off-object start point, select it and the object, and move them to the new location by grabbing the locus.
  20. When drawing a symbol to be inserted in a wall, draw it with the wall assumed to run horizontally (right/left) - this is how the program understands the orientation of the symbol for insertion. (or after creation, edit the symbol to this orientation).
  21. For this reason, I use polygons instead of rectangles, & change the corners to radii.
  22. A couple fo things to check: 1. If you are using a cross line, or something else in front of the wall to snap to, the symbol will not insert - send the cross line back & try again. 2. Check the insertion options for the symbol (select symbol in RB and edit there)- they may be set to not break the wall.
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