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  1. This doesn't solve the problem, the only workarount is as mentioned above the "use floating data bar" It now occured also on a new InteliMac, btw.
  2. Does this Problem occur with every setup/ Computer? And if not, which ones are affected, and what exactly causes it? Because I installed VW2008 on a new iMac today and so far I didn't notice it..
  3. Thanks a lot, that's it. But I really don't like that floating data bar; it makes me nervous, that's why I disabled it. What really irritates me is that the guy from VW didn't know that and said that he never encountered such a problem. I simply can't imagine that everyone sticks to the floating toolbar...
  4. Sorry, it should have read "on an IntelMac and a G5 (the one at home)"
  5. I use VW on an IntelMac G5 with 10.5.2 and I've got the most recent VW-Update. From the start with this configuration (freshly installed brand new computer, default settings in VW) I have problems changing text on my drawings. Activating the textbox, the position of the mousecursor doesn't correspondent with the position of the text. I cannot click precisely into a text nor can I mark it with the cursor. This is extremely annoying, and even someone from Vectorworks has been at my office to have a look at this, but had no solution either: there are no corrupt fonts, we trashed the font-cashes and all VW preference files, but it was no use. The strange thing is, that I've got the same problem at home with a completely different computer.... Has anyone here had the same or a similar problem?
  6. It's not because of Leopard and also not because of VW2008! I'm working in the same Company since 6years and we had this problem the first time we switched to OS X with a HP 750C, the second time we upgraded to VW 11, printing on a HP 1055CM, the third time we upgraded to VW 12. Until now, after some system updates the issues ceased, although it was absolutely unpredictable under which circumstances it still occured. Now my big hope was that the issues would be solved with VW 2008 and Leopard. But this was false hope I think this is extremely annoying, especially as HP told us: We can't do anything and there won't be any driver updates (the last is from summer 2006) and VW: We know the problem, but don't know what it causes, and why are you using patterns anyway, they're so much out of date.... Maybe it's time to pester Apple Inc. with this problem? Their answer's surely going to be of muuuuuuch help...


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