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  1. Great! All sounds v doable. Will try out today. regards Tom
  2. I have a Mac and a colleague working remotely a PC. It wld be great if he could reference a layer in a drawing on my system. I have searched the forums for tips on this but haven't been successful. Firstly, is this possible without a huge investment in new software ? If answer yes to above, how do I set it up ? Tom
  3. hi I have double line poly settings saved as scripts using the Tools>Custom Tool/Attribue menu. Everytime I double click the saved scripts, VW crashes. Is this problem familiar to anyone out there ... ? Any solutions ? Tom VW 12.5.3 Mac OS X.6
  4. The upgrade to 12.5.3 has done the trick Thank you, Mike M Oz. And CipesDesign.
  5. "Try updating to Vw 12.5.3 - it works fine for me in OS 10.6.4. " Trying it now.
  6. Here are details of my sys: Mac mini aluminum 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory: 2 GB Mini DisplayPort To VGA Adapter NVIDIA GeForce 320M: Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce 320M Sony Display: SDM-HS95: Res: 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz Pixel Depth:32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)
  7. I have gone from Tiger to SnoLep and have exactly the same problems cited in a posting on this list dated 2007. The correspondent writes: "For example, if you draw a single rectangle, circle, polygon or line, all you see are line bits or dots during the click and drag or point-to-point. The object you've drawn wont' be seen until you release the mouse/complete the drawing action. It appears to be some sort of incompatibility with the drawing engine, perhaps QuickDraw, or the like." My question: is there a solution to these problems other than an upgrade? Ptarmigan
  8. maybe the software writers believe walls that aren't vertical are "out of true" p'raps they're discouraging more wayward architectural ideas: maybe there's a good architectural reason for it how can one say it ? canted walls are are NOT a feature of VW. It's a non-feature which you buy when you get the software.
  9. I was thinking of a wash hand basin which is half-inset into a vanity top Part of it protrudes both into along the xy plane and in the yz plane. In the yz plane it protrudes above the object in which it's partially embedded. This is the difficult thing to achieve w a symbol. It's easy to make a 3d symbol but there's the bore of having to shape the surrounding surfaces around it If u put the 3d whb symbol into a wall object, the wall will close over the whb, even if the symbol is set to only partially sit or embed in the wall My rough-and-ready solution is to include the worktop/vanity unit surfaces in the symbol ptarmigan p.s the Duravit 3d material for their sanitary fittings really is v good and I recommend it to listers
  10. Duravit have marvellous 3D downloads of their bathroom fittings They're IGES format and import sweetly into the 3D part of a symbol. Does a.o have any suggestions about how one might deal w inserting inset basin symbols ? The problem is there's no "intelligent" object which will adapt to a half inset 3d basin symbol ... Well, I can't think of it ptarmigan
  11. i'm using the window splay option i note that the splay applies to the head of the window opening i wonder if anyone knows if or how one can confine the splay to all sides of the opening except the head.. probably, it's asking a bit much but if there is a way.. ptarmigan
  12. ....err isn't LL'ing useful tho' for example where u wanna generate a quick model to convert to lines to form say window elevations as part of window/door documentation...it's way better using LL'ing for that kind of thing than vuports etc ptarmigan
  13. is there a way to render floor object edges ? where the edges aren't concealed - such as a stair landing - it wld be helpful to render them ptarmig
  14. does a.o have a neat process for rendering the "centre" of a floor obj used as a flat roof, whose edges are exposed and would be best rendered as say timber to represent a fascia...? or any other suggestions about exploiting VW capa-bilities for flat roofs.. ptarmigan
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