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  1. I use a separate layer for my walls. All my documents have reverted to a greyed out attributes pallette and all new walls have this condition. Where can I find the wall setup dialog so I can see if I have checked something by mistake.
  2. For some reason my Attributes Pallette is not accessible for the wall tool. It works for everything else but is greyed out for walls???
  3. Changing ceiling class to invisible did the trick. Saved me a ton of work. Many thanks to all.
  4. Obj Info says Door in Wall. Wall ht is 0" Not sure where to check insertion mode relative to ht. ps. apart from this (my first glitch) I love the program.
  5. Not sure what a cross line is? and insert options seem to be set ok
  6. The walls are filled. When I change fill color the wall shows as broken correctly but with a wall beneath (like a door threshold but no threshold is activated). If I try to remove it the whole wall disappears.
  7. I checked and there is just 1 wall. It happens on any new walls that I draw as well but just on this sheet. Wall insertion mode is active. If I copy to a new drawing it does thae same thing. I may have to redraw the whole thing I guess.
  8. Yes, it is active and still does not work. Maybe the file is corrupted?
  9. One of the sheets on a job has stopped allowing me to insert doors into walls. The door can be placed but it will not trim the wall. Have I activated or deactivated something by mistake?


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