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  1. Para los utilizadores de VectorWorks Hispano hablantes, acaban de lanzar el foro de VectorWorks en Castellano... http://foro.vectorblog.es/
  2. Ok, I understand know... I prefer Pt2PT Move, but it's a solution... Thinks you.
  3. I have the same printer and I can print well... But I use Windows and yhe 12.01 version... A possible Mac problem?
  4. Is it possible to make a automatic text attribute? For example: In the viewport sheet I want a text who put the name of the sheet automatically. If the viewport sheet name is "01" so, I can make the number of plans automatics...
  5. I'm sorry Antone but can you give me more details? I don't know the "locus" method....
  6. Ok Thinks a lot for answers... In VectoDepot I found the 12 version of Pt2PT Move and copy... It's great! CipesDesign, tu espa?ol no es tan malo (tampoco es mi idioma natural). O sea que te entiendi perfectamente. Lo que no entiendo es como funciona lo que me explicas. Porque haciendo lo que me dices, no controlo el punto de origen (por lo menos no lo consigo)... Instale Pt2Pt y la verdad es que funciona muy bien y realiza exactamente lo que quer?a. Gracias a todos, Thinks a lot for evrybody.
  7. Hello, I'm sorry for my bad english but if you want, you can post me in french or in spanish.... I'm a very new user of VW 12.01 (in spain we don't have the new 12.5 version). I'm an old user of Autocad and Allplan and I have a big problem; I don't understand the method to move objects or lines... I can't find the method to move an objet from a snap point (out of the moving object) to an other snap point. I just see a method to move an object with numerical distances... Can you help me? Thinks a lot.


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