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  1. To keep the hatch rotate with the rectangle, you could set the hatch to rotate in symbols. Then apply the hatch to the rectangle, and turn the hatched rectangle into a symbol. Kludgy, but a way to do it.
  2. Are these youtube videos supposed to have sound, because I'm not hearing them?
  3. I'm not sure what you mean. If the volume of a 3/4" x 2" x 30" part has a miter on the end, the volume is less than THxWxL. So =volume/(height*width) will not return the correct depth (or needed dimension). That shouldn't bother a part size CULTIST. (never mind)
  4. Correct. You can modify a pattern or create a new one, but not arbitrarily rotate one.
  5. Patterns are arrangements of actual dots, therefore can't be arbitrarily rotated. Hatches, however, can. In the Hatch creation/editing window there are check boxes for Rotate In Wall and In Symbol. Checking the In Wall box will align the hatch with the wall direction. (Reply edited)
  6. Uh... 1. In the hatch example given, square ends would look just as bad (ragged) as the round ends. 2. For the OP, for the occasional thick lines desired with square ends, you can use the double line tool to make polygons, 0 thickness line wt., and fill them. Also lets you edit the outlines (say, when the lines don't meet at a right angled corner - square ends would look worse than round ends). Having the outside boundries of lines at corner meet at a point is something I thought Postscript could do.
  7. Half of one, six dozen of another ... Where the font name is displayed using the font, is annoying where you have lots of symbol fonts. Something hybrid might be good - the name in the selected font and also in a generic text font.
  8. The obvious question - when you select line type 2, is there any geometry selected? If so, you are only changing the line type for the selection - the default stays the same.
  9. Try using another keyboard - it appears that the shift key and some of the punctuation keys aren't working.
  10. Did the timing of Apples announcements have anything to do with the timing of your newfound freedom to discus VW2015?
  11. Is a 'dutch teaser' anything like a 'french tickler'?
  12. And just who is your badger supplier?
  13. Check that the font you are using even has that character (off chance). Also, from your systems character palette, copy & paste into the leader field.
  14. Actually, it would be nicer for the program to read the display info (resolution, etc,) from the system, and do the scaling internally to display at true 100%. NVW? hint, hint?
  15. For VW 2008 Mac, anyway - don't know about newer... In the Edit Hatch window, set Units to 'World" and check 'In Wall' for Rotate. Draw your hatch with the ply lines horizontal, diagonal lines as you wish. This hatch will follow the direction of the wall (straight segments only - doesn't bend for curved walls). A problem is that the origin of the hatch doesn't relate to the wall/component, so the plys probably won't be symmetrical centered in the wall/component. Again, this as of VW 2008, and don't know if any of this has changed in newer versions
  16. Just makes me wonder if this ad campaign was actually planned, or just something thrown up quickly due to the Autocad Mac announcement.
  17. Jeffrey Ouellette, project architect and BIM expert at Nemetschek North America, spoke at the BIM Analytics 2010: The Fourth Annual USC Symposium on Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Analytics at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Is there any way to get a recording of the symposium? It would be good for NNA to post this, if possible.
  18. Thanks, that's what I was afeared of. (too bad - I remember when the reference doc.s were downloadable from the web site - pre-NNA?)
  19. I don't have VW2010, only 2008. I would like to access the 2010 reference doc.s, for research & study, & don't see a way to do that through the 2008 help system.
  20. I have VW 2008, and through the help menu item, can access VW 2008 help, VW Function Reference, VW Language Guide, etc. Is there any way I can access the same info for VW 2010? Thanks
  21. ... and back up to the top. Any more stories of VW2008 use w/ Snow Leopard?
  22. Remember that you get a selection lasso by holding the option key (Mac) w/ the 2D reshape.
  23. The Vista logo is a babe magnet. I'd rather attract women - less diaper changing.
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