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  1. Lightwright

    Export Focus Points XYZ coordinates to Lightwright

    Lightwright's focus coordinates are text fields and in practical use rarely contain coordinates expressed as X/Y values. In most cases, the entry is something like "6L @ 4", which means 6' SL of center and 4' upstage of center. Other times, they can be something like "Standing on Sofa" or "Leaning on SL proscenium". So while focus coordinates could possibly be brought from Vectorworks on a one-time basis into Lightwright in a future release, they would never be able to transfer from Lightwright back to Vectorworks.
  2. Lightwright

    Spotlight to Lightwright Issues

    You also need VW2018 Service Pack 2, that's the one that opens up the universe, u_address, and dimmer fields so that they can be edited & shared with Lightwright. Repeating Kevin Linzey's advice, read the Lightwright 6 Addresses and Vectorworks document (it's in Lightwright's Help menu), it's critical.
  3. Lightwright

    Fixture Mode and Lightwright 6 Profile

    It's not helpful to share fixture modes, because Vectorworks and Lightwright use different databases for their fixture profile information, and the text used to describe the mode is different in each. Same problem between Lightwright and Eos - different profile databases. Lightwright doesn't deal with it at all, Eos handles it by showing you the Lightwright profile/mode and lets you then select the appropriate match from the Eos data. There's no similar feature to do that in Vectorworks as far as I know.
  4. Project sharing is NOT compatible with Data Exchange. It doesn't have anything to do with Vectorworks quitting or not...:(