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  1. Hey, I'll have to check, I think I am using symbol mode. But, even with detailed geometry I don't think it explains the level of sluggishness I get when I try to populate an array. The whole drawing bogs down to crawl even for non-speaker related actions. Not to mention if I move the array it will often repopulate with the speakers in the wrong place etc. This has been since at least v2020. I don't have size issues with any of the other dialogues that I used on a daily basis, it seems specific to the audio array tool
  2. Hey all! I'm pretty sure it's nothing I'm doing in particular but it seems like the speaker array tool is jus doesn't work. As soon as I create an array in a drawing it bogs down like crazy if I have to make even the smallest adjustment to it (nudging it, rotating etc). Even the array configuration window opens up with some elements beyond the edge of the screen so I can't click on them. What gives?
  3. Hey all, I've been a theatrical/event lighting designer for a while now, but I've been transitioning into more architecture and landscape lighting lately. I'm trying to wrap my head around the photometric grid and photometer tools in spotlight. I was wondering if there was a way to export the information from them into a report? I'd like to be able to show min/max footcandles, average, etc for a given area. I assume if I pull the data into a spread sheet I can just build some formulas to do the mathematics, but I'm not sure how to get the data for each point into a report.
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had tips/tricks for using VW for lanscape lighting. I'm crossing over from Spotlight (posting in that forum as well). I've been using VW for years, but am pretty new to the outdoor lighting portions.
  5. Hey gang, My version of 2020 seems to crash semi-consistently when I am in an RW camera and want to switch back to a top/plan view. Anyone else noticed this?
  6. Hey guys, I'm trying to use the Duplicate Along Path tool to add some lights to a circle truss. I'm working in the schematic view, and I swear this has worked before. When I use the Preview tool from the Duplicate Along Path it looks correct, but when I click "ok" the final product looks more like the "duplicate array" tool. Screen shots below of how I have it set-up, how it looks in preview, and the final product: Set-up
  7. Hey Pat, Right now I have it set as: =('Lighting Device'.'Inst Type'), which I just copy and pasted from the SL Inventory Worksheet (where it works fine). Am I missing something else? Dan
  8. Hey guys, Returning to this topic from a while back. I have my symbol counting worksheets up and running, but it can't seem to handle lighting instruments in. If I drop a light in as just a symbol it will come up fine in the worksheet, but if I drop in a lighting instrument it doesn't. It works fine if I use the inventory spreadsheet that the "create reports" tool makes, but I can't get it to work within mine. Any thoughts? Dan
  9. Hey, I have not tried these. Are they only available as a purchase through your site? Dan
  10. Hey guys, Any advice on how to create a scrim object that really behaves like a scrim? I.e. Opaque when lit directly from the front, but see through w/ light sources behind it? The "scrim" setting for softgood seems to just create a semi-transparent object, which isn't really the same effect. Thanks!
  11. Hey gang, I'm struggling with this one. All was going smoothly in my drawing until I tried to add a set of L&E Mini Strips. No matter what I did the instance just would not physicaly show up in the drawing, the symbol would load into the resource browser, but nothing in the drawing itself. I thought it was an issue w/ the symbol, so I switched to an Altman mini-strip - same problem. I started clicking around, taking random fixtures from other manufacturers and noticed a strange trend. The only symbols that show up and behave normally are LEDs or Moving Lightings, no conventional fixtures are showing up. Altman Scoops = No. Altman Phoenix = yes. Source 4 zoom = No. Colorsource = yes. Random Martin Conventional Strip Light = No. Mac Auras = yes, and so on. I do have a base file that I have favorited, and instruments I pull over from that one are no issues. Non-lighting symbols like tables and chairs seem to come in just fine, but if I put an instrument in as a plain symbol it doesn't show. If I try to edit the 2d or 3d components of any of these it shows nothing. All my classes, layers, etc, are turned on, and my layers are the same scale. Any ideas?
  12. Hey folks, Does anyone have a suggestion about where to find 2D rigging hardware symbols? Stuff that's climbing/rescue related would be even better. Shackles, carabineers, rigging plates etc?
  13. Hey, would one of you guys mind re-uploading your mirror ball file? I could have sworn I had it somewhere but now I can't seem to track it down.
  14. Hey, Sam is correct, I was looking to be able to specify a different connector type. I did a little googling after I posted and found the solution in an old post on the boards here from a couple years ago. Thanks
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