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  1. As i was responding to Josh Benghiat's post, i remembered a wish i had made while constructing a custom OIP palette. I was working on my seminar that discussed combining three light plots in a repertory situation, and I wanted something that would visually separate groups of text about Show 1 from groups for Show 2 or Show 3. i ended up using the "Edit," "Replace with Active Symbol," and "Refresh Labels" custom control buttons as separators between the three groups of text, because they stuck out more, all the way across the palette [Rep OIP for LDI-parameters.jpg attached.] This resulted in the OIP where the group of text for Show 1 was clearly separated from Show 2 or Show 3. Would it be possible to instead have an alternate visual layout tool like the Separator line from the Workspace Editor dialogue box? That too could extend the full width of the palette and be used to separate groups of text, instead of relying on Custom Control buttons - i think the "Refresh Labels" button was more of a visual separator than a function i used often.
  2. sure, but i believe it would be most helpful to single out exactly which settings were potentially going to be saved. "Do you want to save "My Default-Kevin Allen?" rather than merely "do you want to change the changes made to "LightingDeviceParamsSavedSet.xml". It would also be helpful if any or all of these settings could be saved in a more findable folder? I *think* i found one of my saved OIP parameters in Home > Library > Application Support > Vectorwor> 2020 > Plug-ins > Data? How about the Settings folder?
  3. Well, that sounds sort of helpful. If the data sheet doesn't include buttons or menus, that wouldn't be a complete solution for my use. I use the Custom Control buttons as "headers" in the OIP to shape the layout of the palette and make it simpler to read through the groups of data that i've sorted for my use. and sadly, once you say "code" my eyes glaze over. in that regard, i'm just a dumb end user.
  4. Much more elegant that my reaction, Kevin. I would presume the same-named file would be identified as "My Default-1". I like your proposal much better. It would also seem, in this scenario, that unless i used "My Default-Kevin Allen" [aka "My Default-1" that the incoming customized OIP would only be temporary, and would disappear once the document was closed, unless the incoming OIP was used?
  5. Would it be possible to place this setting in both locations? My instinct would be to see it in both places, if possible?
  6. While working on a Spotlight vw drawing, interrupting the workflow to change to a different customized Spotlight lighting device parameter setting can take some time. Would it be possible to add an additional drop down menu item in the Spotlight OIP labeled "OIP Setting" or such? clicking on that dropdown button would reveal all custom OIP settings, allowing for a custom OIP to be selected on the fly, allowing the different custom OIP to be selected, and workflow to continue. It would even be more terrific if the drop down menu included "default" and "current", allowing direct access to the Spotlight Preferences Lighting Device: Parameters dialogue box. Getting directly to the Spotlight Preferences window to either create a new customized OIP from scratch, or one modified from the current OIP, would also speed overall workflow and continuity while drafting. Thanks.
  7. When a customized Spotlight Lighting Device parameters setting has been saved, it would be helpful to have the options of sending multiple settings, or duplicating settings, much like workspaces. It would be very helpful if all of the customized Spotlight lighting device parameter settings could be found in a single location, much like the Workspaces folder. Thanks.
  8. C. Andrew Dunning just sent me a vw2020 file containing a custom Spotlight OIP, or so we thought. While inside the Spotlight preferences > Lighting devices: Parameters dialogue box, i clicked on Settings: Default, and the Manage... buttons, and could not find his custom OIP Light Device Palette. Not in his document, not in Applications > Vw2020 > Plug-ins folder. Also not in Home > Library > Application Support > Vectorworks > 2020 > Plug-ins > Data folder If someone creates and names a custom Spotlight OIP within a document, it appears that custom setting doesn't "stay" with a document. Presuming i've not missed an obvious clue: Please make it possible for a customized saved Lighting Device parameter [OIP] setting to be transported with the rest of the document actively using that customized OIP. If this is already possible, please tell me how i've missed the obvious. thanks.
  9. Hi Marissa: Steve Shelley here. I'm the designer of Field Template [plastic lighting templates] and SoftSymbols [Vectorworks theatrical lighting object libraries.] I just got a request from someone to convert one of my vectorworks 2D components into an SVG file, and ran across your posts last spring. have you been able to find a simple recipe? At present, my guess is to export the vw component as a pdf; then open it in Illustrator or the like; then save it as an SVG. is it that simple? thanks in advance for any insight, Steve

  10. Hi folks; What Rob said! Sorry for the delay, but we've now got the entire 3.9 SoftSymbols series in the shopping cart for all Vectorworks flavors, including 2018. This includes updates for Arri, Ayrton, Clay Paky, ETC, High End, Martin, Morpheus, Portman, PRG, Robe, Showline, and Vari*Lite. They all have the new improved 2018 Parts Record, and they all have the "special sauce" in the Fixture ID field, streamlining the workflow from Spotlight to Vision! Stop in and take a look; there are gif images showing all of the latest symbols, so you can see before you buy! https://www.fieldtemplate.com/SoftSymbols-39-Object-Libraries-and-a-SALE.html oh yeah, there's also a Sale!
  11. Hi folks; I worked for some weeks last summer updating the entire ETC library, with the assistance and support of the nice folks from ETC. In August I released the ETC 3.8 object library. Of course, they've gone ahead and released even more nifty doo-dads, so i intend to update the library again after USITT. In the meantime, however, you can see gif images of all the symbols on the Field Template website. http://www.fieldtemplate.com/soft/down_etc_frame.html all the best, Steve Shelley shelley@fieldtemplate.com plug>
  12. Hello Sam; It sounds like you're experiencing an example of Sub-Class Frustration. If you open your Organization Screen [Command-Shift-O on a mac] and click on the Classes tab, you'll see the complete listing of classes in your drawing. It sounds like your Video class is a sub-class of Floor lights. [if this is correct, there will be a small black disclosure triangle next to Floor Lights. when you click on it, Video will appear and disappear.] Presuming all this is right, the way to extract your Video class from being subservient to the Floor Lights class is to click on Video in the Organization screen, then click on the "Edit..." button on the bottom of the screen. In the "Edit Class(es)" screen, click in the Name Data Pane. Presumably it will say "Floor Lights-Video". The dash is what makes the Video class subservient to Floor Lights. Delete both the dash and the initial name "Floor Lights", click and click ok. In the Organization screen, you'll see that Video is no longer indented under Floor Lights. when you click ok again and return to the drawing, you should be able to turn off the Floor Lights class, and your video will remain independently in view. hth, Steve
  13. Another tactic I've used for some years is to create the lighting device and label legend as you want it to appear, then when selected, invoke the "Convert to Group" command [Command-K on a mac]. Once converted, the entire arrangement is a group, and no longer a lighting device. hth, Steve
  14. After viewing the "Shadow" solo dance performance it occurred to me a new symbol would be required for future light plots using this technique. I found a scaled image online and built the attached rough example in Vw2015. Feel free to download - your light plot awaits! All best, Steve
  15. Hi Mickey; I just did a double-check. The Mythos **is** part of the V3.7 Clay Paky SoftSymbol Object Libary Pack. Take a look when you get a chance. All best, Steve
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