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  1. @_c_ wow, thanks a lot, this is very useful: clipping/adding also works with slabs, avoiding the "blind editing effect" when in Slab Editing Mode @zoomer.
  2. Hi @JuanP & VW, I do really appreciate all the effort made both for 2021 and for the design day. Here are my questions, all related to VW Architect: Is VW planning to improve consistency and shaping capabilities of slabs, roofs, roof faces, hardscapes, slab drainage (e.g. making non-horizontal ramps/slabs possibile)? Is VW planning to extend wall and component joins capabilities to non-2dplan environments? How VW plans to develop in future the most common BIM tools (walls, slabs, stairs, windows/doors, etc)? Is VW moving towards a shaping-friendly attitude (e.g. structural elements, walls) or towards a data-input approach (e.g. the current stair tool, lot of inputs to be inserted before getting a shape) Is there any plan to simplify and increase consistency - maybe even merging - of polylines and 2d/3d polygons tool? Thanks in advance for listening!
  3. I do very often create closed geometries (pen+fill) while designing: sometimes 2d only, sometimes as a shape to extrude/pull/push for massing. An "hidden treasure" I recently re-discovered is the "bucket option" (inner boundary mode) in the 2d polygon tool (while I am used to it creating slabs). Most design software/apps would probably emphasise - in their UI/UX - the action needed while designing (fill that blank area!) rather than trusting the capacity of the users to remember where exactly the mode of a tool is located. Furthermore, besides geometrical and/or code technicalities, I wouldn't be able to determine any difference in terms of shaping between a closed polyline and polygon. A few enhancement proposals/requests, increasing visual consistency and going for fewer but smarter tools (which looks the way VW has developed lately, and I really appreciate it) combine 2d Polygon, 3d Polygon and Polyline in just one tool introduce a "bucket tool", which could simply do what the "2d polygon > inner boundary mode" and the "menu > modify > combine into surface" are already doing. if not, please add a "inner boundary mode" to the Polyline tool (which means > turn the "combine into surface" menu command into a visual "mode" icon under the polyline tool) combine "menu > model > extrude" and the "push/pull" tools (here I see the geometrical difference... but... after all the love given to the push/pull tool in VW2021... not sure how, but it would be nice to have these 2 actions somehow combined... the extrude command looks almost a legacy from a previous 2d world) (please please please) make the Reshape tools > "Add/Delete Vertex" and "Hide or show edges" mode available for the rectangles family as well. In my experience this is soo confusing: the same tool non-acting on similar shapes (although made with different tools/geometries), and requesting many extra steps (e.g.: select a shape > want to hide an hedge > find out it was made with the rectangle tool > convert it to polyline (ouch, that conversion to polyline popup window asking for more choices...) or > pick a vertex and deform it > go back to a rectangular shape with snaps and smart edges > add vertex and/or hide/show edges. Not sure if this has to do with UI/UX @Ian Lane or with tools enhancements @Donald Ward. PS: I've just realized that the "menu > modify > convert to polyline" command might be for some localised European versions only, can't find it in the VW Architect US/international licence. Screen Recording 2020-10-06 at 00.31.49.mov
  4. Hi @Maciej Mani attached is a test file we made at the office a while ago, to understand the software behaviour in terms of visualisation and capabilities in a conditions similar to the one you and @zoomer are describing. For skeleton structures corners are, in our experience, critical to manage. VW19-03 BIM walls-structure rev02.vwx
  5. Thanks @Tolu for your prompt reply, I can see it but the .zip is 1KB and the .tar is 0 KB and not working (installing from Vectorworks2021-SP0-564899-SeriesBEG-installer4-osx.dmg). Should I download the dmg again?
  6. Where I can find the psserverd.tar.gz to be installed/uploaded on the docker app (as from the instructions/video by @JuanP? Opening my installer (macOS) I only see this, but if I unzip the files they're 1KB (and not working). I've the feeling I am missing something, thanks for any help!
  7. @Matt Panzer Smart markers in VW 2021 are a big step forward in terms of consistency and usability. I find most of the tools and features introduced starting from data tags in VW 2019 of great value: it really makes my/our job much easier to manage. Great Job!
  8. We have been experiencing the same issue, running VW 2020 (latest) on macOS 10.14/10.15 and Synology DSM with SMB sharing. We've the feeling it may be related to referenced files: when working with 2 files (file A, file B), when a user opens file B (containing a reference to file A), file A suddenly becomes (and remains) "read-only" till user B logs out. This also happens when file A is already opened by user A: suddenly the open file becomes read-only, and the user loses the possibility to save it and/or write/overwrite file A. Not sure if this has to do with file sharing, file sharing protocols, os and or Vectorworks (or to some/all of them together)
  9. @Elite Exhibits not sure this is the answer you’re looking for, but this might help: panorama images are exported with a 45 angle counterclockwise (10.30 hrs). Therefore if you want a panorama facing your target, rotate the view 45 clockwise. Nevertheless this is not so relevant when you combine panoramas together in a tour via VW Cloud: there you can pick your target/orientation within the image very easily. This video might also help:
  10. @Luis M Ruiz I am not sure whether this post (or Troubleshooting & bug submission) is the right place to share it. I find Panorama & Cloud presentations a wonderful, reliable and intuitive tool, both on the designer and on the client side. While testing a couple of tours with some of our clients, we bumped into this issue: any suggestion? Are we doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.
  11. I bought mine in January, used it heavily with very detailed building models in VW Architect, everything works smoothly although often with fans on for cooling. Specs: Intel Corei7 6-core 2,6 GHz, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB, SSD
  12. Hi, When accessing a panorama tour via Vectorworks Cloud Services on a browser, switching to the cardboard view (via the cardboard icon on the lower part of the screen) gives a 90° counterclockwise frozen rotated image. I tried both in Safari e Google Chrome and on different devices with no success. Via Nomad app direct opening a panorama file works smoothly as expected. Should I submit this as a bug? Thanks.
  13. I follow this topic with great interest. A while ago I bumped into this by @Hippocode but it looks like is meant for mep design rather than architectural design.


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