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  1. One of the NextEngine demonstrators in those YouTube videos says he uses Modo as a 3D modeler. Does anyone here have knowledge or experience with this software?
  2. Thanks for that, George. I had since found the Cineversity one. I'm off and running.
  3. Hello George, I just downloaded the C4D demo and was wondering if you could point me to some good online video tutorials to get me started working with the new interface? I've found some online but nothing basic like just navigating views within a window. Thanks,
  4. Thanks guys for your responses. Ian, it's when I try to control the color in the print dialog that is the issue. I used to be able to select a grayscale print and then get a grayscale print output. The option is still there but not the correct result. Peter, like I said earlier, I was able to save as PDF in Adobe Reader and change the print to grayscale in that application and it printed fine. I tried it with Preview too and the same was true. I used to be to able to print to grayscale directly from VW without having to go through a PDF reader. Can you print to grayscale in your setup directly from VW? As for the second issue, I restarted everything and am still getting blank pages being spit out out me, and only in VW. When I click on the preview button in the print dialogue I see the image just fine, albeit not in the grayscale I want. The same is true with it trying to print in color, the image is fine in the preview window and then blank from the printer. Thanks again for your help.
  5. This may be an OS issue, but after trying to save to PDF with the grayscale option in the Mac print dialogue, I'm still getting color on the output. It shows up with color in the PDF but I can then open the PDF in Adobe and print to grayscale from there. And now I'm not able to print at all directly from VW to either my HP All-in-one or HP 9800. Both printers just spit out blank pages. This happened with 10.5.6 and with the latest 10.5.7. I've tried to reset the printers, repair permissions, restart everything with no luck. Printer works fine in other applications. I got three pages out of the HP 9800 this morning and now nothing. Has this happened to anybody else? My specs are below.
  6. Thanks for all your help Michael. That's just too much working around the issue for this instance. Unless this is a bug, I'm going to jump this question over to the wish list forum, unless anyone from VW can add anything here....?
  7. Yes, the first and second ones are what I want where the lines created by the sectioning plane are grayed and I assume they are on different layers. By the way, where did you get those table and chairs?
  8. Great. How pray tell? To be clear, I mean the lines created by the cutting plane of the section. I have "Separate Cross Sections" checked in the Attributes window of the Advanced Section Properties with no help. It doesn't help either if I override the class attributes of the wall being cut. I can give the Section class gray attributes but that doesn't separate out the layers. What I'm saying is the Viewport Layer Properties button in the OIP gives the option to gray separate layers in the Section Viewport but nothing is changing on my file when I click the Gray option for a certain layer. Should it? Making layers invisible works. Thanks for your help.
  9. Yeah, it kind of feels like I'm talking to myself here.. Yes, it's Hidden Line, but I'd like it if the section plane was gray on the layers that I want grayed. May not be possible.
  10. I there any box I haven't checked here? I've double checked my settings in the OIP but it isn't happening. One caveat: this was a file that started in 12.5, but it, I couldn't wait to test my recently upgraded version which is 2009, SP2 (build 99197).
  11. Brilliant. That was the difference, Pat. I had them all tight together before and nothing was working. I suppose they need room for expansion just like in the real world.... Thanks again!
  12. I've created some car decking (2x6 T&G) in 3D that I wanted to show in a cut-away type view. I want to show just part of it, as if you took a jigsaw and cut a curvy slice through it. I made the decking by just extruding the profile and bunching a several of those together, and then I want to make a curving slice through all those. As I'm writing this, I'm thinking I may have to make one solid sheet that gets sliced and then add line details later. But is there any way to model it as I was first doing it, like you would actually do it in the real world?
  13. I use a mini USB numeric keypad with my PowerBook which is another thing to take up one the two USB ports, but my mouse is wireless w/ Bluetooth and with Airport Express my printer is wireless also. I use that keypad a lot and with other applications as well.
  14. How about any programs for making your own font(s)?
  15. Excuse my daft question, but what does DPC stand for? TIA,
  16. Yes, but if you only have the Architect version of VW, they will be of no use. At least, you will not be able to import them as ".shp" files. Am I wrong?
  17. They show which view each layer is currently in. The plan-looking icon means that layer is in a 2D plan view. The 3D-looking icon means that layer is in a 3D view, be it Top, Side, or Isometric, etc.
  18. Don't forget to hit "Save" after making your settings with nothing selected or it won't stick.
  19. I don't have an answer for you, but you may want to repost this in the "General Discussion" section.
  20. Was I dreaming or did Katie say somewhere they extended the time frame to make a post?
  21. Mechanics, Are you able to somehow import shapefiles with just VW Architect? I thought this was only available with Landmark. IMHO, I think this should be part of the Architect package as well, nudge, nudge.
  22. Graham, The Viewports have their own lighting options at the bottom of the OIP. That probably needs turning on or a bump up in intensity. Also, if your lights in the design layers are pointing directly, horizontally at the elevations, you won't get any shadows in the RenderWorks rendering. That may be what you want anyway... Tilt them down to some degree to get shadows. Keep tweaking all the knobs and buttons like the Wizard behind the curtain and you can get any look you want. It does take time and experimenting at first.
  23. Instead of Artistic Renderworks, try using one of the "regular" Renderworks options - Fast, Final, or Custom. And then add the HL on top.
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