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  1. Katie - I ran disk utility just now and it's ok. Problem was something linked to volume header. Whetever it meant.
  2. I tried to launch VW from different user as well as I made my updates to 10.4.11 and problem still exists I think I need to switch to Autocad at the moment to fit into my deadlines. Too bad VW failed in such manner because I really like it more than most CAD apps.
  3. billtheia: I have reset VW in preference pane inside program. Should I delete files from OS level? I think that problem is linked with the fact that after replacing disk I just copied VW folder and not installed it again. BUT I installed it after I launched the non installed version (just to be sure). So - are there some OS files I should get rid of?
  4. I tried it on two existing projects as well as starting one from scratch to check it out. It isn't issue of overall VW speed because for example 3D works very well. Just this hanging on editing objects preferences. It just stops and spinning ball spins and spins and spins...
  5. Yesterday. And I ran it from OS X CD Boot. There was some problem that could be solved only this way. Could it be related to HD? Because I wasn't using VW for some time and meanwhile I changed HD though no other app changed its functionality (it boosted overall system performance). I also wonder if this could be Intel GMA graphic card issue but I think there's more Macbook users here and noone seems to say that they had the same problem.
  6. VW 12.5 but I upgraded to 2008 and it's the same. OS X 10.4.10. I think maybe it's the OS fault and wonder if getting Leo will help.
  7. I got some really strange problem with VW. At the moment where I put some objects and try to edit them (ie. doors, windows) it takes ages (read - 30-60 seconds) to do anything. And it slows down my work so much that it makes me furious. I tried restarting, running disk utility (Mac), installing VW again (although as far as I know it doesn;t help a lot with OS X). I got about 16 GB of free memory on hard drive and I got Macbook 2 ghz intel cpu with 2 GB of RAM which should be more than enough to roon smoothly on most projects. I was watching my stat application and it looks I got still free memory while I run VW (about 1,5 GB). I also checked Activity Monitor and it looks as if during this specific operation (opening property window of some object) program halts and doesn't respond though CPU power stays at idle level (ie. not maxing out to 100% on both cores). Please help - this brings me a lot of frustration.
  8. I find line styles found in VW very limited (I cant find depression lines for example which for me should look like theese: ---------------------- | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | [it's the ascii version of graphic one ] ) So, anyway - how to create/load custom line styles? p.s. This depiction of depression line seems be fine while editing but after posting it's screwed but I hope everyone understands what I mean.
  9. Using slab would fine I think. I just couldn't believe that I would have to use convert to symbol command all the time. I thought that purpose of using symbols was to reuse symbols already created and I wouldn't use again symbols of building blocks at all. Thanks all!
  10. I know this is really fundamental question but I can't easily find the answer. While drawing 2d project I wish to extrude some objects (I'm doing some urban design)to have a nice 3d model. Is there a way to have a polygon with solid hatch visible as a plane while in 3d view? And when I extrude object it loses it's colour/hatch properties in plan view while I'd like it to be still a 2d object in plan view and 3d object in 3d view (I bet it has something to do with hybrid objects...).
  11. I got problem with Polish characters. It's ok while I use text tool, but lets say - in area tool when I want to name some areas with Polish names I get some strange symbols.
  12. In "obj info" palette there are some icons next to layer names in pop-up menu with layers. One of the icons look like a plan view and other like a 3d object. What do they represent?
  13. I have set dimensions to right class/dimension type already. I also saw edit modes of class for dots but it only makes real arrowheads (dots) at the end of lines - not in dimensions. I know I seems to bug you guys here but please - did anybody really tried to draw dimensions with different dot sizes? And where I could change text size of dimensions?
  14. archoncad - I understood what peter has written and I knew it already. My question is still unanswered - has someone really done it? I've already set up dots - I need only to change size of them.
  15. Have you tried to do what I want to change? I saw this tab and I'm aware of what's therem but please - tell me I'm bling and I didn't saw option to change dots size and text size.
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