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  1. Hello Christiaan I have never seen there but it may have. Meanwhile you can google it Or you can make them ...
  2. Hello michaelk well i was nocking my head in the walls when i decided to remake the worksheet using "make report" and using my titleblock fields.... and guess what ???? I am a dumbass because it worked at the first try lololol Thx for your answer, it was the correct one Orlando
  3. Hello good morning thx for your reply I cant do as you said, i am doing something wrong. By the way, you are getting sheet number from title block or sheet layer ???? I am asking this because i wanna extract those records from sheet layer not from title blocks ... Thx p.s. file attatched
  4. Hello Ppl I am trying to make a report to list all of the existing sheet layers but order them by Sheet Number. Can this be doable???? p.s. i google it and search here but i didnt find a solution... thx in advanced
  5. Good Morning, i am just a noobie and perhaps i didnt understand the question but "Pedro P. Palazzo" question cant be resolved using classes? i mean if he uses different classes to differe from each other can't his question be answered ? or even using "id prefix" to distinguish ? regards "Trying to learn something everyday"
  6. Hello Miguel 1) yep thats it you are absolutly right 2) thx very much it worked like a charm by the way thx again for your help regards
  7. hello mullinRj thx 1) i was asking for origin point of the tool script, therefore i have to do it with x3,y3 . . . i am such an.. 2) hmm ok i have Num2StrF(0, 00); so i must have Num2Str(2,2) ??? . . . 3) you are allmost correct i wanna change inside the symbol and outside all the instances so i have to loop and FlnSym (...got to search this tonight) 4)yes i wanna do that but i wanna achieve to also move all the symbols that contain a certain value or all the symbols. (i think i will leave the final one to last because it will perhaps be an independent script because of the complexity??) thx regards edit: point 2) my mistake i have to leave Num2StrF alone and : First .. .. { Create the Record Format if it doesn't exist. } IF (GetObject(ElevRec)=nil) then NewField(ElevRec, ElevFld, '0,00', 6, 2); .. .. l8ter .. .. SetRField(LNewObj, ElevRec, ElevFld, Num2Str(2,(y1 - y3)+b)); .. ..
  8. hello miguel thx a lot for the getmouse function , 1)strangely it works good on the tool script, but in point tool it doesn work properly. why is that? 2)i still have the problem with snaps ... it doesnt follow them not even if i shift to maintain horizontal or verticallity . .. regards
  9. Can you help me with this script ? 1) If i make an script it works but 2) point tool it draw the lines but then they disapear... 3) if i make this a simple tool it does not folow snap points . . 4) in tools (all) while drawing the lines it dont show them, only when exiting the script they appear.. PROCEDURE DrawXline; VAR x1, x2, y1, y2 : REAL; BEGIN DSelectAll; while true do bEgin GetPt(x1,y1); GetPtL(x1,y1,x2,y2); MoveTo(x1,y1); LineTo(x2,y2); Scale(1000,1000); DSelectAll; END; END; RUN(DrawXline); thx regards p.s. my original post and script last year is here where i was helped but this question i never asked... p.s. II by the way if i remove while true do begin it works good, the question is that i will have to call the script repetidly
  10. hello, ppl i got it figured it out . . MullinRJ i was doing .. .. SetRField(LNewObj, ElevRec, ElevFld, Num2StrF(y1 - (-y3)-0.07)); .. .. but in fact i should be doing ( i had relative height to simplify origin points) .. .. b := RealDialog('2? - Relative Height?', Concat(b)); { ask for an elevation reference } .. SetRField(LNewObj, ElevRec, ElevFld, Num2StrF((y1 - y3)+b)); .. .. so, now i have some questions: 1) how can i "save" origin point ? (save in a record the coordinates?) 2) how can i restrain the decimal places to 2 in records and in text(here suposly??. for example the heigth is 5 it writes 5,00 (now it only shows the 5 number...) 3) i have a parameter to assign a class. this works fine the first time we make the symbol but not the next times of course. How can i change inside a symbol the class of the objets? 4) by the way you sayd it was doable to "move" this symbols is i change the height ? how ? thx and regards
  11. hello miguel thx for the input any other way to preserve user workspace ? thx
  12. Hello everyone i have on my vectorworks a custom toolset besides 2d/3d/etc.. i have one lets going by example ORLANDO where i have my tools. 1) how can i copy them to another computer without the hassel of having to going to "customize workspace" , creating there in tools "ORLANDO" and putting everything by hand? 2) can this be done for example whith vectorscript? p.s.I if possible cross platform windows and mac p.s.II if i am not being understandable please say because i do not have the best english around lolol
  13. hello beanus well modelling terrain is sometime very painfull. Picking your example and using 85m line put more 3d loci with up and down values depending on your terrain like 85,5 and 84,5 (for example) nearby your line. If i am not being very understandable see file attached regards p.s. by the way if you have information use the most of it and use curve lines and 3d loci together for most acurate
  14. hello pat ok, gotta nock myself against a wall. Starters sufers a lot to understand basics thx againg pat i will try this l8ter p.s. by the way i allready asked this in the mailing list but do ya know any way to find computer's language ? i know i know i out of my league he!he!he!
  15. ..... afterall it has an 7cm difference, odd strange example: b:=0 final = 4,50 b:=-1 final = 5,58 . . . but like this works lol .. SetRField(LNewObj, ElevRec, ElevFld, Num2StrF(y1 - (-y3)-0.07)); ..
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