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  1. Don't know why the repetition in above post. Should be: file:///Applications/Vectorworks 12.5/VWHelp/index.html
  2. Well, shoot. Safari was prompt in advising me that there "is no file at address: file:///Applications/Vectorworks 12.5/VWHelp/index.html" It was prompt several times. Any other possibilities? And again thanks.
  3. Thanks. Do you happen to know the URL and perhaps I could access through Safari without making it my default?
  4. Well that seems pretty lame. Is there a URL you can paste into the browser that will get you there? Thanks for your help
  5. Hi, I'm trying to access Vectorworks Help under the help menu. Clicking on it brings up the browser, but does not load help page. Can you help? Thanks Don Foster, Hearth Design Mac OS X 10.6.5 MacBook Pro, 244 Ghz Intel Core Duo VectorWorks 12.5.2 Browser - Firefox 3.6.13
  6. Is there a recommended font for VectorWorks that gives a 'hand lettered' look? I'm on a Mac. Thanks very much
  7. Hi, thanks. I'm using 12.5.1. I tried the single PDF w/ Export layers as PDF layers, 72dpi, export patterns and Export whole printable area. I actually tried differnt settings also. I also tried batch and weird thing happened -- a new sheet layer "zdontlook" and then "zdontlook2 showed up in the sheet list. When clicked they both showed page same as original. And the program hung up a few times with menu options grayed and inactive. Thanks.
  8. I am unable to export current drawing as PDF file though it has worked in past. Only things that occurs is a duplicate of the drawing window is temporarily laid on top of actual window or a little window open to say "now printing" The quartz image is enabled. Cravenly beg assistance.
  9. Yes! Ceiling Main did the trick. Thank you.
  10. I came back to Floor Plan layer and found all the door symbols were not "cutting" walls (as they had been) Deleted a door and inserted another and still wall lines were visible in door opening. Changed "draw wall lines" in info pallet on and off and no change. Closed and reopened drawing, quit and restarted VectorWorks: no joy. Very disconcerting. Any help? Thanks,
  11. Hi, Thanks, force select got rid of problem objects but not uneasy feelings. Is there a way to avoid this problem? It did not seem to be a matter of class settings. Is this problem a symptom of "corrupted files"?
  12. About an hour into a project I returned to a previous layer and found certain objects in gray which could not be selected or removed. Smart cursor cues seemed to function, but other than that dead in the water. Started new file and same thing occured. A few years ago I lost a major drawing to something similar. Grave uncertainty. I am using VW 12.5.1 (just updated) on OS X 10.4.8. Any ideas and thanks
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