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  1. i'm sorry, but i don't understand what you mean.
  2. ok. when creating a wall style, even something simple like solid concrete, you have to create at lease one component that can be turned off when you select "hide wall components when layer scale <=1:" i set this to 1:48 ( my usual working scale) then when in plan the components don't show, but in the section it does. hurray!. now i will go to work on "floors" ie. concrete floor.
  3. nope. if i set the fill to "use class attributes" when i create a wall style, then turn off the class in plan, i loose the lines as well, even though their line styles are not set to class. i know i've done this before and it's driving me nuts.
  4. could someone please help me figure out fills? i would like to have the wall styles show up in the section viewport ie. concrete fill in the foundation wall, but not in the plan views. it must be simple, i know. but i've played with class settings and wall style settings with no joy. but i have fluked onto it in the past. how is this done? wb
  5. maybe a stupid question, but why multiple stair tools? shouldn't 1 tool do? both tools in 2010 do the same thing more or less. one has more variables. great to have more options that's for sure. if the new stair tool had the option to link to layers it would be almost fine. this is something i just can't figure out. where are their heads? if you have a set of stairs, you obviously have two stories, and if you have two stories you will have two floor plans, and if you have two floor plans, you will see the stairs in both plans. one going up, and one going down. therefore you will need to indicate up or down direction on each plan. this is not some new or novel concept, it's a basic requirement of drawing floor plans with stairs. duh! with each evolution you would think that the tool would get better, or more stable, or have more features. the new stair tool is more flexible it seems, though i haven't had a need to really explore it yet, but the first thing one notices is that the old tool is more usable. come on VW, put some thought into this.
  6. can anyone tell me why there are 3D screws (metal and wood), lag bolts, anchor bolts, carriage bolts, but no 3D hex head bolts? seems odd to me. it just doesn't make sense. and why, is there no nuts to go with the carriage bolts in 3D?
  7. i've checked that. and they were all created at the same time. i'm just going to ignore it and add text.
  8. for some reason unknown to me, several window ID's will not show up in the viewport. they are on the same layers, and in the same class as the others, and i've checked "on schedule". i can see them in the design layers. and while we're at it. i've placed a cook top symbol on the lower cabinets, but it is hides the upper cabinets in plan view. when i check in iso everything looks good. all symbols are on the right plane. if i try to send the symbols to the front or back or just forward or backward the cook top disappears from view. the cook top is not inserted into the wall. wb
  9. ok, but i can't use it at all. i can't specify the type of beam. if the don't intend it to be used for timber beams, fine. then there shouldn't be an option to select it. it looks to me to be a bug or a poorly thought out tool.
  10. well then why is it there at all? you can specify species of wood, so why would they allow that at all? and surely with the testing standards used in manufactured wood products, gluelam,parallam etc. why would they not be listed?
  11. i have vw2010, i'm trying to use the beam calculator. so i select timber for the beam material then when i try to select the size in the drop down, it only lists steel sizes ie: 30x30x0.625 this is not a timber size and there are no other choices. any thoughts? wb
  12. you rock, thanks. so simple. i didn't think to check. that actually explains several other things. thanks, wb
  13. i am trying to "fit walls to roof" i've done this in older versions of VW and i've looked in the manual. it says to select the wall, go to AEC and select "fit walls to roof". this option is not there. i know it was in 2008, and it says it is in the 2010 manual, but it's not in my app. it's not even a greyed out option. wb
  14. i knew it had to be simple. thanks. ws
  15. I've created a symbol to use as a detail, now i would like to copy it and make some changes to it to use as another symbol. can i undo the symbol command? if i try to edit the copy it will change the original of course. is there a way to isolate it from the original? i hope someone can understand what i'm getting at. wb
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