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  1. Thank you Mike and Wes for your help.
  2. I'm trying to create a simple wall section with a section viewport but can't get the components to show up as viewed in the edit wall styles window. I've read all the posts and info in the Help file for the past hour or so but can't seem to find the answer to this simple procedure. Attached is the file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. wall section.vwx
  3. With the Dimension tool set to feet and inches, is there a way to have only the feet show when the inches are 0? 12' as opposed to 12'0"?
  4. Thanks for all your suggestions. Like the Resource Browser which was redesigned recently and is a lot more intuitive and efficient than it's prior incarnation , i think the worksheet/ schedule capabilities need a revision - simplified with BIM in mind where the whole process of extracting information from a model requires less effort.
  5. Yes but the total Roof Thickness in cell C3 which adds up cells of the components, C6 to C10 is not showing up. How would i fix this?
  6. I've attached a file that i'm using to learn worksheets. I'd like to add up the cells that contain the thickness of the roof component and show the total thickness in a separate cell. I've tried using the SUM function as suggested by JimW in another post but i'm doing something wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated. Worksheets.vwx
  7. It be nice to keep them separate though, since they each serve different functions. Thank you Michael.
  8. I'm just learning about Worksheets. It seems wall, door, window and slabs are all represented in the choices for possible functions, but not floors. Why is that? I've created a couple of floor objects and would like to create a worksheet with the names of the materials and sqft. How would this be done?
  9. Right that makes sense. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Thanks a lot michael. I changed the function to ROUND and it adds up right now. One other thing though, why do the components and the Wall Style have different Net Areas? Shouldn't they all be the same?
  11. I'm just learning about worksheets and generating reports. I've created a worksheet for a wall style and have 2 issues i can't resolve. 1) When multiplying Net Area and Price/ SqFt, the numbers are off. (The functions maybe wrong?) 2) Using =COMPNAMEBYCLASS i have the wall components listed to determine price/sqFt. but the total Net Area for each component and the wall styles don't match up. Or are they not supposed to? Attached is the file. Any insight into what i'm doing wrong is greatly appreciated. Worksheets.vwx
  12. Thanks Pat for the reply. Basically i just want to show the components that make up the wall and maybe even be able to determine cost per sqft.
  13. Is there a way to itemize each of the wall components in a wall style in the database of a worksheet? I was able to create a worksheet with the wall style showing dimensions, costs, etc without a problem. In the database header, i tried setting the criteria to the class of the component but there must be more to it since it didn't work.
  14. Yes that did it. Thanks a lot for your help.
  15. Pat, i did try just entering numbers but that didn't seem to work. I must be doing something wrong. Here is the file. Worksheets.vwx