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  1. 2021 Wishlist, along with the other items listed above, The ability to have slanted walls. Grid lines (and floor level lines) that show up automatically on elevations and sections
  2. Update. This 'feature' already exists using the clip cube on a design layer, so all good.
  3. Brilliant. Just tried that and it works well. Thank you!
  4. Can we please have an additional feature added to the clip cube on design layers. The ability to cast shadows of objects removed by section. This ability is available on a sheet layer viewports created from the clip cube but it is also required on design layers.
  5. I would like to do a solar animation exactly like described in the original post. Open GL is fine. So this can be done? If so, what are the steps to make the roof/ceiling cast shadow but not be visible? Thanks
  6. Is this possible now in VW2019. To have the section viewport show shadows as if the clipped geometry is still there?
  7. We noticed this change in behaviour from VW2018 to VW2019. In 2018 you could just move the cursor anywhere outside the window and it would scroll. Now in 2019, you have to be very precise. Prefer the 2018 behaviour.
  8. When selecting a resource like a hatch or line type etc from the Attributes Palette, if a resource is not available or suitable, it would great if there was a button to create a new resource. Like there is at the bottom of the Resource Manager.
  9. It would be great if the Notes Manager: Callout palette had a search function so you could search for a note in the database by a keyword.
  10. Thanks Christian, good idea to check out whole design layers. Will also review our network connection! 🙂
  11. We have given project sharing another try after deciding to not use it some time ago and we have been pleasantly surprised how much better it is working. Just one question, there is an issue when deleting objects. Even just deleting 1 line, there is approximately a 2-3 second delay while the program says 'waiting for project file'. Why does this happen when we are working on a locally saved 'working file'?
  12. Your objects aren't far away from the origin are they? I had a file that was not showing some objects and it was an origin issue. As soon as I centred the origin on the objects, it started behaving correctly.
  13. Can someone please explain what is happening with the sketch render styles when using the railing/fence tool? The railing/fence tool does not seem to conform to the sketch style selected? Or is there something I am missing? Thanks Sketch Render.pdf Sketch Render.vwx
  14. If we need to, we just convert the PDF drawing to greyscale using Adobe Acrobat. It's very quick and we don't have to worry about adjusting viewport settings etc.
  15. VectorMEP looks amazing. Be great if that was included in VW. Actually, there seems to be a lot of really useful tools being created by third party vendors that would be incredibly beneficial to have included as standard in VW.
  16. It actually only docks to the bottom or left hand side for me & not like the other palletes.
  17. We gave up using them because of the delay.
  18. When we have issues like this, a quick - but not beautiful fix, is to extract the surface and apply the surface texture. Then put this on a specific class which can be turned off everywhere except where the surface is visible. You also have to move the surface out from the wall a fraction. We find it works well for the occasional surface fix.
  19. In 2018, we have to live with the issue where items often do not update on screen after being moved etc until the screen is refreshed in some way. Has this issue been resolved in 2019 SP3?
  20. Hi Mark Can you elaborate on what the issues are with the section viewports? We were thinking of upgrading to 2019, but might not now as we use section viewports a lot. Thanks
  21. @line-weight We are doing the same as you. Staying with 2018. There just seems to be far too many issues with 2019 to risk upgrading. We were going to upgrade when SP3 comes out, but will more than likely skip 2019 altogether.
  22. Have you tried turning off the Number Lock on the keyboard?
  23. We have also done this by creating a nurbs surface for say the bottom side, duplicating this and moving it up the required thickness, then using the Loft Surface tool to create a solid.
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