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  1. Wow. I had a very long "to do list" for my next render session, thank you! The couches comes from internet. It is a fee model. The model is "LARS" from "BONALDO" https://www.designconnected.com/it/catalog/family/Lars-Bonaldo Z
  2. Wow stephan, thank you a lot. Sure i will follow your suggests! This is the “as build” scene after a real finish work with the client chooses. But i will make a copy of this file to have a “render gym” with them can try your points. I will post the results here. Thank you one more time.
  3. Hello everyone, after some project changes, finally, i have done. This is the last quality render, 350 dpi, all quality set to very high. The process lasted more than 24 hours. But it can always been improved, so I'm here to receive some suggestions from you. Thanks @Stephan Moenninghoffhere are your books! :-)
  4. Hello everyone i have seen this window on a landmark video on youtube VW channel. I'm interested to know if vw users can have access to some .sta file, created with the UNICLASS naming rules, like the file on the screenshot attached
  5. @Christiaan I checked some information about BIM+ and have a cup of question for you, if it's not problem. First of all: who generate the firs IFC model? Is the IFC model the only considerable file formate to use or the team can choose other formats? I think about a situation between VW, ALLPLAN and Revit user for example. And 2: can you give us more information about the work-progression and some suggest or focus point that we must consider during a CDE definition? Thanks a lot and have good work. Z
  6. Hello everyone I'm interesting in searching some market improvements about virtual reality tools and new ways to find a better experience for architecture scenes maded in Vectorworks. Some people here talked about this. @Alan Woodwellfor example made some videos about this type of interactivity, and @Jonathan Reevs7 made some videos about interactivity between TwinMotion and Vectorworks and his videos looks great. I would like to start a discussion about Unreal Engine and the new Datasmith plug in. Unreal Engine is a very powerful software with them the users and programmers created video games, but on the VR industry they started to creating something to give a better and easier way to create an immersive project scene. With Datasmith plugin they said users can have a better and easier way to import some CAD datafile (fbx, obj, step etc). Now here is a free beta program util November 2018. I think could be very interesting to find a fluent workflow between Vectorworks and this applications type. What do you think about this? here is an event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWZYitnw9To.
  7. Hello Saluktd, you can do something similar and more with vectorworks cloud services. Share documents, sheets, 3d model, navigation, and VR. it is a powerful instrument. Try it and forget autodesk.. bye!
  8. Off course, I did it. In fact some component are composed. The problem is in the middle. I need to control the stack position
  9. Something happened? I come back to the old viewports to retry a cup of settings, the bad light effect on the corner disappeared. In the preview the scene look too much bright but I can set the camera to fix it.
  10. Ahaha ok.. congratulation but.. I choose the life! :-D If I will need seriously something similar I will follow your suggest, absolutely! :-) Thanks a lot
  11. Got it.. hope to a implementation for a "clip cube viewport". I think it could be useful even in the registered views.
  12. Yes, but what happened if you try to render it in a external accurate render style?
  13. If you disabled the component section and turn on the section by class, nothing appear. So only OpenGL I mean, even in the sheet layer.
  14. Sort by most popolar or most voted topic, it is on the top
  15. Ok, it works correctly, but with a render style, you can't see the component. any suggest? How could fix it?
  16. I have already opened a thread about this question please if you want to delete this request for me is ok Z
  17. Hello everyone, I'm just trying to set a cup of wall/roof details. I have 2 questions 1) between roof and wall components VW allows us to set the connection between a specified roof component and a part of a wall. But sometimes I need to set a roof component between a specified wall component not detectable with the wall style components options. In fact, if I have more than 3 wall components (internal, main component, external) I can't select a specific option. 2) if I need to decide the visualization order of component inside a wall or a roof, how can I do this? Thank you and a good work Z Componenti_tetto.vwx
  18. Is totally of topic but custom stairs look better than stair logic tool
  19. In Italian version is in the file menu>document info or info document (I don't know exactly, I attached some screenshot)
  20. Hello I'm not totally sure I'm got it, but: Do you need something like multiple pages in a sheet layer or what?
  21. Try to see on File>Document info if you can understand how many 2D-3D objects are in the class. It could help you to better understand.
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