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Stephan Moenninghoff
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About This File


  • Places books from a designated symbol folder in a box ("shelf")
  • Eliminates books that are too tall or wide for the box
  • Allows to randomize the sequence of placement within each book collection (symbol folder)
  • Option to repeat the list to fill long shelves
  • Six different types of random angles or all straight
  • Offset from shelf edge (Random Max/Min)
  • Allows for any number of stacks in-between standing books
  • Number of books per stack (Random Max/Min)
  • Offset and angles for stacked books (Random Max/Min)
  • Option to have only stacks, no upright books


Known Issues:

  • The gap between angled books and stacks is not correct. I'm running out of time :-). Maybe I'll fix that later.
  • Choosing paperbacks will currently throw an error. The workaround is to set the height of the shelf to 2m minimum if you want that type of book.



*** Configure your books using the Marionette instance provided in the document. Then, make a copy. Ungroup that copy to lock its values. Start over. This will speed up your workflow considerably and you won't have to wait for each Marionette instance to recompile ***



What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


  • All books are now contained within the object. You can freely copy and paste the books from file to file without issue
  • Only available for Vectorworks 2018


Known Issues

  • Please allow for the Marionette to regenerate when you make a change for the first time after pasting/duplicating. Subsequent changes will run fast for the same object but with each new copy that process starts again.
  • Currently, all parameters are set to default values after each regeneration. I will update this once this has been resolved.


I would love to see some renders using the books!

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Beautiful, love it, thanks Stephan.

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Tamsin Slatter


Thanks for this amazing tool Stephan. A huge timesaver for interior scenes and will work really nicely for all Vectorworks users, but especially Interiorcad users.

I love the Penguin classic covers too.

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