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  1. I added a fill to the class, the "volume " is also missing from all the internal walls and furniture strangely. In fact the only thing that does exist in other that wireframe seems to be the slabs. Where do I go to find the atributes pallette? Many thanks
  2. Also when I export to a 3d file only the slabs are exported….
  3. My problem seems to be mainly that the glass walls do not render, meaning all the mullions continue to be in wireframe. Where can I change this?
  4. Hi thanks for replying, I go to view - rendering and the same happens with whatever style I choose, hidden line, renderworks, it always looks like the wireframe, it even takes time to calculate then come up with the wireframe. In the sketch mode absoolutely all lines are visible, a bit moved, but no volume at all.
  5. Hello, I just reloaded my vectorworks on a new computer and cannot seem to render. Everything renders in wiremesh as if walls or elements had no solid volume. Have I changed my setup? Cannot seem to find out where to fix this. please help!
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