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  1. Here is how I often use "thicker walls" to create piers instead of using a wall projection. It works for me. Set the Render Texture to "Use world Z for origin" in OIP to get textures to blend smoothly.
  2. I'm wondering with the methodology of "Materials", Data Tags, and other smart tools, if having more classes will dimish to where we have less classes. I've used classes to manipulate textures, Sheet VP information, and other features. If more information is not class based, then we can have less classes. But, will that be easier? I haven't committed to materials yet - still used to classes with assigned textures.
  3. My "workaround" has always been to use a thicker wall at the corner and join them. It works best when the walls do not require materials or textures, but I've gotten that to work. Wall projections have often annoyed me. Recesses can be OK.
  4. I'm with @Kevin Allen. I have a template (Default in the VW Template folder) that has all my standards, including classes. I'm not bothered by unused classes - I can clean those up later with the purge command. The template has drawing sheets and other routine elements. It gets updated frequently, but it saves hours of time.
  5. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov - That may have worked. Each time, it seems to remember the sheets that I published the last time (not saved sets), but when I send all of them back << to the left side, they appear in the correct order. I'll keep you posted. Thank you. It would help if there was a way to sort them using the order in the Sheet Layer #.
  6. I thought it was working in 2021 after a certain service pack was issued. So, I tested it in 2021 SP5 - (saved a file backwards) and it works fine.
  7. Dear VW Another problem I am having in VW2022 is using Space Objects. On a recent project, I noticed that once I created them, when I made any edits, such as finishes to add to the Room Finish Schedule, it would lose the room number and other oddities. Does VW want us to move away from this work flow? How else would I do this - with Space Tags? Picture A - Editing finishes in Edit Finishes palette (Note Room Name/Number adjacent) Picture B - Editing finishes in Edit Finishes palette (Note Room Name/Number adjacent) Picture C - Note the room number is gone Again, this is ruining my workflow. Thanks,
  8. Vectorworks - Since I started using VW2022, an old problem has crept back into it. When I go to PUBLISH a set of Sheet Layers to a PDF, the PUBLISH window does not retain the order I have set them in the Sheet Layer Window. If I try to sort by Name or Type, it does not reset them in the correct order. On a large set of drawings, this makes it very difficult to reorder the set. What gives? This was corrected in 2020 or 2021. See images below for intended order and order that the PUBLISH window resets them.
  9. @twk It's taken me sometime to adapt to this workflow, but I like having a database of notes. I'm a solo, so I don't have the problems that others have with locating a central database. I still find that Callout tool frustrating to manipulate, align and adjust its length. I guess that's how it is.
  10. Matt, somehow I missed your note. I can send one of my files as it happens in all of them. How can I send a file directly to you (as it's quite large)?
  11. Has anyone else had a problem with their Keynote Legends expanding while editing and adding Callouts inside a Viewport? I believe this happened before (2020?), but had been resolved. Now it's happening again for me. I have to exit the VP, and click "Update" in the OIP. @Matt Panzerany ideas? BTW, this happens in all files. Before and after images below. Image 1 - after exiting VP Image 2 - after updating Keynote Legend
  12. @David Poiron I've had the same question, but I couldn't figure out a solution. I took a slab 'data tag' and tried to edit it with no success. @Wes Gardner is the genius with these issues if there is a solution - or @Matt Panzer It could be useful for ceiling (AC Tile), ceiling slabs, or anything that we set on a reflected ceiling plan.
  13. @Matt Panzer Now that I've seen it, I get it and I'm going to use it. Oddly that has been my journey with VW for all these years. Thanks for such a quick and patient response.
  14. @Matt Panzer OK, that works better. However, it's a bit arcane to decipher. Thanks for the tip.
  15. OK, this is an old post, but I'm wading in for the first time looking for a bit of magic. No offense to VWX, but this is a horrible work flow - and I'm a 26 year user. There has to be a more intuitive way for a major software company that prides itself on having an intuitive program. Why can't I have a window with an Andersen (or Pella or whatever style), but choose the size within the instance? For now, I have to move on to something else where I enter the size manually after having the other attributes from that original style.
  16. @Boh I am hoping that through these discussions notable improvements are made by VW. I use the NM, but I'm a one-person office, not trying to reference a file that is shared. Sadly, it will get worked out on the backs of many frustrated users who are trying to make this work with a jointly referenced file.
  17. @Jan Sander I've had similar problems in the past - no answer. My theory has to do with a memory loss that caused VW or my PC to stop before completing it. Of course, I could be completely wrong. I rebooted and republished - no time to do anything else. Frustrated? You bet.
  18. @techdef I like this idea, but it concerns me to have another "thing" to keep track of in the model. I do these types of things for this reason, but if you move the actual slab or parapet, you have to remember to move this object as well. Otherwise, I like the idea.
  19. @Pat Stanford YES! Thank you. I don't understand why that feature went away in the translations from 2020 to 2021, but I appreciate the answer. I must have been too close to see the obvious.
  20. Also - Why can I not edit the Room Finishes from the OIP? I cannot see in the Space settings how to add that to the OIP. Why must you change things Vectorworks. @Wes Gardner any ideas?
  21. @Boh I don't see it in VW2021 - Maybe I'm missing it, but I thought you had the magic answer.
  22. Why can I not see or alter the 3D boundary information for a Space Object in the OIP with 2021? Why would VW change that? Am I missing some higher, more sophisticated model method? It's annoying to enter each space object to change the Classes and other information.
  23. Has anyone had a problem with the Redline tool? See the attached image - I do not know why the font appears overtop of itself. I've tried this in a current file, and I've tried it in a new file, and even in a blank file (no template) with the same results. It appears this way within a VP and on a Design Layer. I've even gone into the workspace editor, deleted the tool and added it back in again.
  24. @Tom Klaber It does seem like we are complaining, but it is a critique from everyday users. Vectorworks needs to get the basics right, which includes the UI - (and the stair tool). Why keep adding these complex geometric modeling tools when they base needs attention?
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