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  1. I haven't been able to make this bug (?) reoccur since my last posts for what it's worth...
  2. A machine restart has cured the problem... still very odd. Will let you know if any re-occurrence. Dan
  3. Thanks both. I've tried playing around with it but no success. The odd thing for me is that I'm not changing classes to make it disappear - I'm updating a database. Maybe something to do with the classes embedded in the title block - will keep playing and report back.
  4. Hey all, Odd one: when I update the data in a title block, the title block disappears. The Obj Info tab still has the settings for the title block showing, suggesting it's still there but not visible. I'm not making any changes to the classes or formatting, just updating the data. I've tried removing the title block completely and re-adding it, but the problem re-occurs. Any help gratefully received. Dan
  5. Works great, thanks again. Beyond the man pages, do you know of a good vectorscript primer? I feel a bit of language learning coming on.
  6. Thanks so much to both of you for the quick and comprehensive response and apologies that I only just came back to you. Having a good play with this now.
  7. Hi there, Hope this isn't covered elsewhere. I have a model considering of ~ 6000 identical symbols. I'd like to select everything that has the same Z location. Can't seem to do this through worksheets / attributes. Any suggestions gratefully received. Dan
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