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  1. How do I assign a direction to a layer so that the hatches automatically follow this direction? Here, the hatch pattern is directly applied within the roofing style. Thanks
  2. I have a very unpleasant problem that is very time-consuming. It's difficult for me to make the lines between identical walls of different levels or on the same floor disappear. Sometimes the line does not appear in the 3D view but appears in the viewport, and conversely, the line is in the 3D view but does not appear in the viewport. Do you have a workflow method to no longer have this constraint?
  3. How can I generate shadows in hidden line? I've already installed heliodons for quick rendering. Tks
  4. How can I make sure the walls are not hatched in the roof plan? Do I need to create an upper level to see the elements in view? And why are the 3D elements (volumes) transparent? and not represented in opaque white. The goal is to have a wireframe representation. When creating elevation viewports, the 3D elements are always opaque and never in plan. Tks
  5. How to make the lines of the walls appear on the sides ? When I create a symbol with the window, it does not show these lines anymore Tks
  6. How can I make sure that in the plan, the sills do not show the elements from the floors below? Why is it only the window that has a white fill and not the entire thickness of the wall where the window is? Tks
  7. Hi, I'm trying to create a simple and colorful render on A3 paper at a 1:100 scale in an OpenGL viewport, but the output is pixelated and imprecise. Do you have any idea how to fix the problem? How do you create a simple colorful wireframe render? Thanks.
  8. Thank you sir. I fixed the problem. I have a other question please : When I want to make a layout, I would like to change the viewport window boundaries and move them to the polylines drawn on the presentation. The problem is that when I want to modify these limits (clik right/Edit/Crop) my polylines disappear as well as my cartridge. I would like to change these limits by moving them on the pattern drawn in the presentation. Thank you very much.
  9. Forgive me for this maybe basic question. How can I see the levels on top of each other. I can’t see level 1 on level 0. I juste can turn around each single level after modeling 3D walls. Thank you very much!
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