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  1. @rudybeuc@gmail.com@Pat Stanford @rDesign, Yes, this email is specific to a customer who has a perpetual license with an upcoming renewal. It is reminding them/ensuring they know about our changes and letting them know that they need to renew their Service Select agreement on time in order to maintain the benefits they have and be able to continue renewing in the future. As @JuanP mentioned above, nothing has changed from our prior communications. Before the change to selling only subscriptions, we have allowed customers to reinstate terminated Service Select agreements months and since the pandemic even years later but that will no longer be an option with the new changes so it is important for Service Select agreement holders to communicate timely before their agreement cancels to let us know their intention to renew or not. We'll take a look at the email copy to see if it can be made more clear for future emails, this is a direct email focused specifically on a customer's specific circumstance and renewal date.
  2. hello @jeff prince, After Jan 1, 2023 you will no longer be able to upgrade a perpetual license or add it to a Service Select agreement. Kind regards, Nicole
  3. @Will Glenn Thank you for the feedback, we appreciate hearing from our users and what would support their use of Vectorworks. While I can’t speak to exact pricing details beyond 2023, we understand that every customer’s situation is unique and subscription licenses offer a lower up-front cost, while allowing you to purchase when you’re ready, offering a more flexible solution. Subscriptions can also be purchased on a monthly or annual basis, so you can pick the option that best suits how often you use the software.
  4. Hi @rDesign - yes, the discount offer and price increase only applies to purchases of new licenses or upgrades of existing licenses. If you currently own a perpetual license and it is active on Service Select then there is no change or additional action needed. We have this FAQ page that breaks down the details of the transition: https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/company/purchasing-policy#faq Kind regards, Nicole
  5. @Mark Aceto Yes. The offer is a bit different depending on if you are a current Service Select customer or purchasing Service Select for the first time. For New Service Select customers: Now through Sep 13, purchase a new v2022 perpetual license for 25% off v2023 is released on Sep 14 v2023 Service Select is free for one year until it's time to renew Sep 1 2024 For Exsisting Service Select customers: Now through Sep 13, purchase a new v2022 perpetual license for 25% off v2023 is released on Sep 14 receive Service Select for free up until your next renewal date (so no pro-rated payment needed), pay the cost of the added license on your next renewal. If you have a Version 2019-2021 license you can also upgrade it to v2022 for 25% off and then fall into one of the catgories above. At the time version 2023 is released we will have a price increase on perpetual licenses for the remainder of the year, which makes now the best time to purchase given the 25% discount, Service Select discount and the lower cost. Nicole
  6. @M5d we do not have plans to end our Service Select maintenance program for perpetual licenses in the short-term, but I can't predict in the long-term how technology and the market will continue to evolve which may influence our course of action. I can assure you, you won't see our Service Select maintenance program disappear in the next 2-3 years. In the short-term our plans are to: keep both tracks (existing perpetual+Service Select maintenance and focus all new license purchases on Subscription which includes Service Select benefits) continue to develop on all products increase the number of updates we provide annually allowing us to take some of the pressure off of delivering as many updates in the initial version release each year so that we are able to focus on quality and stability for each new feature released and provide them once they are ready during the version cycle.
  7. @line-weight yes, that is true. We don't have any plans of changing the Service Select program at this time. As long as you stay an active member of the program, your perpetual license will continue to be upgraded each year.
  8. @JMR as a Service Select customer you are not being asked to move to Subscription, you will remain on your perpetual license with your Service Select maitenance plan as you are today.
  9. Hi @Michelle Brooke Poley, I checked in with our development team and they confirmed that the issue is in fact happening as a result of the ad blocker interacting with a component on our site. They are working on a fix, but for now disabeling the ad blocker should fix the problem. Kind regards, Nicole
  10. Yes, that is true Justin. And we have added the date the content was added for additional insight.
  11. @rDesign yes, these are still options for renewing your maintenance plan. Please reach out to our Service Select team at the contact information in your email and they can help assist you with the best option for you. Kind regards, Nicole
  12. Hi James, Just to follow-up to Tamsin's resources, you can also reach out to our Academic Programs Coordinator Maggie (MDier@vectorworks.net). Thanks, Nicole
  13. @Rossford Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you have some great insight on the venue. A session about your use of Vectorworks and collaboration with ACAD on their golf course would be a great addition to our schedule - could we convince you to apply?!?! https://www.vectorworks.net/design-summit/speak. If your chosen to speak we'll cover your travel, lodging and registration fee! Nicole
  14. @Inspectorjack I just sent you a private message outlining the promotion detail (30% off almost everything and ending today, valid in the US, UK and Canada) along with a sales contact to reach out to. Kind regards, Nicole
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