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  1. Yes, that is true Justin. And we have added the date the content was added for additional insight.
  2. @rDesign yes, these are still options for renewing your maintenance plan. Please reach out to our Service Select team at the contact information in your email and they can help assist you with the best option for you. Kind regards, Nicole
  3. Hi James, Just to follow-up to Tamsin's resources, you can also reach out to our Academic Programs Coordinator Maggie (MDier@vectorworks.net). Thanks, Nicole
  4. @Rossford Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you have some great insight on the venue. A session about your use of Vectorworks and collaboration with ACAD on their golf course would be a great addition to our schedule - could we convince you to apply?!?! https://www.vectorworks.net/design-summit/speak. If your chosen to speak we'll cover your travel, lodging and registration fee! Nicole
  5. @Inspectorjack I just sent you a private message outlining the promotion detail (30% off almost everything and ending today, valid in the US, UK and Canada) along with a sales contact to reach out to. Kind regards, Nicole
  6. Hi Amanda, I see that you requested an extension for your license through our Student Portal on Friday, this has now been approved and your license extended for a year. Please let us know if you have any additional trouble accessing Vectorworks. Kind regards, Nicole
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