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  1. thanks, you save me from the hassle of trying a downgrade πŸ™‚
  2. I also have problems with undo not working. Undo will still work for pan, zoom etc, but the geometrical changes seems to be stuck through all of it.Always with BIM objects - floors, walls, roofs. My main workaround is to save frequently, close & reopen the file. Here's the bug happening - screenshots on chronological order - when I replace a wall style, one of the actions that are often but not always buggy with undo: Another undo bug is that after undoing a move, a ghost object will appear. This will (usually?) clear up if I close the file and open it again. I think this occurs when I accidentally move something in an orthogonal view when screen plane is selected, then undo the action. (Screen plane is very useful so I hope VW doesn't phase it out. Screen aligned is a pain tho, as you don't know where something will move to in the temporary z plane.) Here's a screenshot of a ghost object created after undoing moving a floor in screen plane mode. I also find textures are buggy - sometimes the texture will go for no obvious reason to the current class, even tho the object class is 100% something else (both the editable 2D geometry and 3D). It's on iMac with Mojave and VW 2019, service pack 2. It happens with both old files and new files using 100% VW 2019 default objects, nothing copied from old files. Happens with both standard and custom workspace shortcuts. Same bug on two different machines, one of them freshly erased with a clean installation of osx and VW - so I believe it is a software issue only. I'm having to do lots of workarounds to deal with bugs, it's not very efficient. Untitled 3.vwx
  3. Hi Ken, It's not happening as often for me - once in two days instead of every half hour or so, but it doesn't seem to be fixed. I'll try the next try-to-fix option and post back with results πŸ™‚
  4. Not sure if this is already wishlist item (I couldn't find it), but I would like a "make all textures the same" button in the class - texture dialogue box... would save me a lot of clicking πŸ™‚
  5. Is anyone else having an issue with open GL roof textures not orienting properly? It seems to switch to correct orientation at 8.10 something degrees... odd.
  6. Hi Ken, I've wondered if its a graphics card too - I'm on a new 27 inch iMac with 8MB graphics card. I've been wondering if the new machine is a lemon as there have also been a couple of minor graphic "mistakes" in safari and system preferences. VW has the most of these however, with both 2019 SP1 and SP2 on Mojave. The most problematic one has been when undo won't work properly - the class and layer setting will change but not the object position. I've noticed it after both mirror and move. It happens randomly. The oddest example was when I manually moved a roof back to the correct position and it showed correctly in top/plan but was stuck at the old position in isometric. I'm not able to reproduce this bug, so it's hard to pinpoint what's wrong. It seem to occur mainly with BIM objects like walls and roofs. When it happens, I just hope I've saved recently, close the file and reopen - a real time waster. The VW distributor suggested I try hitting "reset" in VW preferences. So far so good, I'll post back if the undo bug reappears... Regards, Julia
  7. I had this problem with service pack 1 and OSX mojave. Is it fixed?
  8. Hi Josh, Thank you, that would be great - do you have my contact deets?
  9. Is anyone else having issues with screen objects not showing up in 2019 viewports? Specifically, I've got roof plans set up as "top" views, with background render as open GL, foreground render as hidden line. In 2018 they rendered fine, but in 2019 my property boundary lines are no longer showing up properly - they get turned into thin red or black solid lines instead of being the thick red dashed lines they are supposed to be... 2018 has been running slow on the more recent versions of mac osx... was hoping 2019 would work properly....
  10. agreed. thanks BTW Josh, your post saved me hours of trying to work what I was doing wrong...
  11. Same problem in 2018, is it fixed in 2019? It makes for annoying 2D annotations over the BIM model in all my viewports.
  12. Hi, is anyone else having this problem? I can't copy & paste numbers from the object info palette since I upgraded to VW2018. I also updated OSX to 10.13.6, so that might be a factor. Thank you!
  13. I've got the same problem since upgrading to 2018. Very annoying.
  14. Does anyone know if Migration takes a long time? My blue bar seems to be crawling (or stuck).
  15. Hello Raymond, Thank you! You are right, I got it backwards (as I did copy your script exactly). I like your logic of a one way beep... think I'll try it out for a while before meddling with your original design. Good to have a two beep option tho! Regards, Julia
  16. Very useful script Raymond J Mullin, thank you! I don't really know how to use vectorscript, but with tinkering I made it work. I like the beep, as it tells me it's worked without me looking! Mine only beeps when switching from screen to layer, not vice versa - would it be simple to get it to beep both ways? πŸ™‚
  17. Hi Tom, thanks! Do you know if you an you can individually control fill and pen settings? I can't find a way to do it. I want anything that's cut to have a heavy pen weight, but I still want my concrete to have its concrete fill, and my timber framing to have its timber framing fill etc. In Advanced section properties, the Section plane Attribute options (as far as I can see) don't allow you to keep the original fills while assigning pen settings to a class. I can give my classes a heavy pen weight via class overrides, keep the original fill in "Section plane", and make all "Objects beyond section plane" have a light pen weight by assigning them to a custom class in "Line style". Unfortunately this also changes the pen weight and colour of all my hatches (so my corrugated steel walls look the same as my corrugated fibreglass walls for example). I am hoping there is some way to have separate control of fill and pen styles...
  18. Thank you! It's close - elevation depth control would also be great! My wish is closely related, I'd like to be able to at minimum have thick section lines only while still retaining the fill and line weights of all other elements (including the default fills of my objects in section). With elevation depth control, If I've understood properly, drawing a mask as an annotation to fade out parts that are further away is an effective option (but it's still annoying to have to adjust it manually each time the model is changed)πŸ™‚
  19. It would be easy I think to make it work a lot better with a couple of tweaks to the Advanced Properties settings in Section Viewports. It's almost there but not quite, within "Section plane" and "Objects beyond section plane" settings. Unfortunately, hatch settings and pen settings can't properly be individually controlled - they are entangled. In "Objects beyond section plane" if you select a class (e.g.: a class called "ano-elevation" with a light lineweight) for "linestyle" it also applies to your hatch pen settings, colour and all. I've posted this as a wishlist item in more detail. My only workaround is to have two section viewports overlaid - one with my standard hidden line settings, and another on top of it with "display objects beyond section plane" unchecked, and a class (mine's called "section-no fill") with no fill and a heavy pen weight assigned to the section lines via "Section plane" settings in the "Advanced properties" of the section viewport. This means I don't have to manually draw over my section viewport to heavy up the section lines. However, two viewports is a bit awkward for annotations and changes... Apropos of the 3D textures and 2D hatches issue raised above, this can be pretty much sorted out if you assign a "Surface hatch" to your 3D textures. This way, you get your surface hatches in hidden line mode and the 3D texture in open GL. No need to draw them on your viewports. It works pretty well, although sometimes orientation can be tricky. For more sharper, more architectural open GL images, you can have Hidden line on as a foreground render setting. PS in case it helps anyone like me, I finally worked out that you can get the site model fill to read properly in section viewports by assigning a hatch to its class as a class override (annoyingly, a straight colour fill won't work).
  20. It would be great to have better control over lineweight in section viewports. Currently, I need to do a fair bit of drafting in annotations of section viewports to make them look right. At minimum, I want to be able to have all cut objects given a heavy pen weight, while retaining their original fill. At the moment, fill and pen attributes are tangled together in both the "Section plane" and "Objects beyond section plane" controls. It ALMOST works by using viewport overrides to adjust class pen thicknesses (to a heavy line weight) and using the "Objects beyond section plane" controls. Although this is a bit involved, using the eyedropper to copy my class overrides to each section viewport makes it a faster process. However, adjusting the "Linestyle settings" in "Objects beyond section plane" (to a lighter line weight) also adjusts all the fill hatch lines, not just the edge lines of objects. If you have coloured hatch lines for example, they will all adopt the pen colour of the nominated "linestyle" class. Removing Fill pen settings from the "Linestyle settings" would fix this issue. A possible example of how it could work better would be: Section viewport obj info palette, open Advanced properties >Attributes, Section plane >> Separate cross sections >>>Use fill attributes of original objects >>>> Y/N checkbox with class option for N (here I would elect to use original object fills) >>>Use pen attributes of original objects >>>> Y/N checkbox with class option for N (here I would create and choose a "Section" class with a heavy pen weight) NOTE: This would only work if nominated pen attributes did not override any pen settings for the hatch fills (as this would lump the two together again). It's is so close, but not quite there! Currently I work around the problem by having two section viewports overlaid, but this is tedious. Please please fine tune this one!?
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