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  1. herbieherb

    Symbol to Group Node

    Thx for your effort. I want to convert an already inserted symbol to a group. Similar to the ungroup node but for symbols.
  2. herbieherb

    Symbol to Group Node

    I can't find a node that converts a symbol to group. Has it been forgotten or is there another way to do it?
  3. herbieherb


    Here is my battlestation: The screen layout: I recently added the third screen for the 2018s new multi view feature and it has really proved itself. I also sometimes use the left screen for other software like excel tables, pdfs and stuff. Here you see the engine thats hiding under my table: You can find more information about the hardware specs of this custom built in this thread:
  4. Of course we still have problems with project sharing from time to time. But most of them have to do with the users themselves. For example, if someone moves the project file, or gets a new work file after a crash without releasing its checked out objects, or one confuses a very long lasting release with a crash and the like. That sharing can take an eternity is really still a problem. This is usually the case if many layout levels have been processed. We have gotten used to releasing layout layers more often when editing between them.
  5. If you work on PC, don't worry, projectsharing is absolutely stable. On Mac there were problems because macOS is struggling with network protocols. However, Vectorworks was largely able to circumvent this. I would never be discouraged from at least trying out new functions because of such messages. You only learn through trial and error. If your team is already able to work with references, project sharing should not be a problem for you, because it is much easier and much more efficient to work in a team than with the reference method. I would also consider buying in know-how with a new employee. At least one member of the team must be an expert in the CAD used, otherwise drawing will never become efficient.
  6. herbieherb

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    Does this mean that Windows users will also benefit from this Apple decision? Will the Windows version of Vectorworks switch to Vulkan at the same time? Will Vulkan mode benefit from multi-core processors because of its basic multi-threading capability?
  7. herbieherb

    change insertion point for a symbol

    Here is a way to change the symbols' origin without to move them on the drawing: Go into the edit mode of the symbol. With the containing objects you create a new symbol within the old one. Choose the origin as where you want it to be. Move the rest of the 2D, 3D and wall opening contents into the new symbol. Make sure they are they keep its relative position, as the origin is now at a different position. Leave the symbols edit mode. With "activate similar" you now activate all your instances of the old symbol. Convert the symbol to groups and ungroup them all. Delete the old symbol out of your library and rename the new symbol using the old name.
  8. herbieherb

    PDF Export Triangles instead of Original

    This really looks like an origin issue. Just pushing the origin onto the drawing does not help. This does move the user origin but not the vectorworks-origin. In the menu go to origins (Extras-Nullpunkte-Benuterznullpunkt festlegen) and delete all user origins. Then you move the entire drawing to the vectorworks origin.
  9. herbieherb

    BIM vs Design Developement

    It is not the way Vectorworks works to offer a single correct method. This may be considered a weakness, but many here find it exactly the strength of Vectorworks. It is an open package and can therefore react flexibly to new requirements. If you really want to have different versions in one plan, then this is possible. In many different ways. Isn't that great? Of course it makes it very complicated. It takes a lot of experience to apply efficient drawing strategies. An external draughtsman must first be introduced into each project. This is the price for great flexibility and freedom. A simple versioning system would not correspond to the Vectorworks philosophy. Rather, it would be great if we could assign several classes to objects. One for display, the other for additional visibility options. This would simplify versioning, because you no longer have to group. I even have in mind a fusion of classes and database. Each object would then have one class for display and any number of other attributes for further classifications. All current database entries would then come in here. The object attributes, general visibility and versioning, data visualization, BIM data and other databases would be integrated into a single system. That would be the real Vectorworks way. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  10. herbieherb

    Asking Advice on custom built system

    Even without OC I would install a water cooling system. Especially when it comes to the longevity of the processor. Lower everyday temperatures mean longer service life. There are very inexpensive all-in-one water coolers which are very easy to install, e.g. the Fractal Design Celsiuses. When you use the Threadrippers, and you have the choice between two and four ram bars, always take four. Since the Threadripper supports Quad-Channel ram, with only two bars you give away half the bandwidth. 2x16GB or 4x8GB both cost about the same. However, the 8GB bars are available with faster clocking and lower latencies. The Threadripper processors benefit from this to an above-average extent.
  11. herbieherb

    How to tone down brightness but not lose shadows?

    Turn off indirect lightning and HDRI Lightning. Then modulate the shadow darkness by the ambient lightning.
  12. herbieherb

    PDF Export Triangles instead of Original

    Is your Plan very far away from the vectorworks origin? Then move it near the vectorworks origin. You can also try to increase "Geometriegenauigkeit".
  13. herbieherb

    BIM vs Design Developement

    As always, there are many ways to organize variants in Vectorworks. We had recently played through this in the German forum: "For variants of the whole design I would always copy the current file. I would then create the layout for the plan output beforehand, so that it is the same everywhere. This is the fastest method, which does not require any additional configuration." "For variants that are within a project section and remain in the plan for a longer period of time, extra classes are created (e.g. option1, option2 or sun-store-open, sun-store-closed, etc.). The varying parts are grouped and assigned to the classes (only the groups, not the contents). You can then simply copy the viewports in the layout and you only have to change the visibility of these individual classes". "For material studies, the materials must be consistently controlled via classes. The classes can then be overridden in viewports. Many (monochrome) materials can be easily created with grayscale images and later colored with color filters in the material editor". "You can also create the individual variants completely as symbols - they can then be easily replaced in the layout at any time - and you can also "jump back" at any time - if you edit consistently..." Which methods you use depends on the situation and your workflow. Some methods can also be combined with each other. I find it quite cumbersome to copy layers to make options because this also interferes with the storey structure. I would always work with groups which are assigned to what I call container state classes.
  14. herbieherb

    Point cloud from Lidar to mesh

    I use the OpenSource CloudCompare to do this kind of work. It can handle very huge point clouds. It's able to simplify them and to make meshes.
  15. herbieherb

    Asking Advice on custom built system

    Just increase your mouse speed. You will quickly get used to it. I got two 24" Monitors. When I move the mouse pointer from far left to right, my mouse moves only about 5cm. It's also healthier for your arm.