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  1. herbieherb

    Not seeing reflection/shadow in glass

    The German support indicated that it is a bug and reported it. Cast Shadows of Objects Removed by Section did'nt work for more than two years and no one noticed. 🙃 btw: very nice result @Christiaan
  2. herbieherb

    Not seeing reflection/shadow in glass

    I tried to make an example for you but it seems that the option Cast Shadows of Objects Removed by Section doesn't work atm. So you can't see any reflections. But the sample has a glass material with transparency, cloudy look and shadows. And as soon as the bug is fixed it shoul'd also show reflections. The file attached is a VW2017 file because this is the last version when the reflections did work. When you convert it to 2018 or 2019 the reflections disappear 😕 This is how it shoul'd look like: glass.vwx
  3. herbieherb

    Not seeing reflection/shadow in glass

    Here is a description of the material above: As color i use a noise turbulence shader to imitate a cloudy reflection. For the reflection of trees and stuff behind the cutting plane i use a common mirror shader: And finally there is a transparency-shader with about 75% transparency. Finally adjust the size of the clouds by the texture-size and activate the shadows for the material. In the settings of the section activate the shadows of objects behind the cutting-plane. Else you don't see any reflections of trees and stuff behind the cutting-plane. The glass shader doesn't work at all in an orthagonal view because it's math is based on the angle that you look at it.
  4. herbieherb

    Not seeing reflection/shadow in glass

    For orthagonal views i use a fake glass material. The glass shader only works in a perspective view as zoomer mentioned. Use a dark grey color, make it a little glossy with the mirror shader, make sure there are some objects to mirror behind the view (trees other buildings etc.) Reflections from hdri backgrounds don't work too because of the orthagonal view. When you want the window to reflect clouds, you have to fake them with a cloudy noise-shader as color. Now make the material a little transparent so you see some of the interior. This makes it look a little more like glass. The advantage of this method is that you get real shadows on the glass, which is what you want in facades, but is not what it looks in reality. Now only use this material in orthagonal views by overwriting the material in the class settings of your glass in the viewport.
  5. herbieherb

    Good things:

    Is this also the reason that it takes longer to move a line than to move a polygon? Is the polygon already optimized and the line not? I found out that way: I draw 40'000 lines and measure the time until I can continue working. The same takes much less time with 40'000 polygons with e.g. 3 points. Actually, it should be the other way round, because I have to calculate more coordinates for the polygon?
  6. herbieherb

    Wall tolerance

    There is no tolerance. You have to draw the walls exactly. Also make sure that the stacked walls do not overlap.
  7. herbieherb

    Project Sharing - Does this really work in the wild?

    This error has not yet occurred with us. This seems to be more of a network-related problem. How is your network structured? Which operating system do you use?
  8. herbieherb

    Project Sharing - Does this really work in the wild?

    Users tend to think the problem is in the software when in fact it's sitting in front of the screen or in the hardware. We looked for the causes and eliminated them. This results in PS working stable for years now in our daily work. Some were in the software, some in the hardware, some in front of the screen. From our point of view the ones in the software are mostly solved since VW2017, at least for Windows users. Apple unfortunately has problems with the implementation of SMB, while AFP is not developed further. Not only Vectorworks has to struggle with this. I can't tell if that's better now, because we have no Apple computer in the office since about a year. Since PS is not only a tool in Vectorworks itself, but has to work in a network, you also have to do an error analysis outside of Vectorworks. Which protocols do you use? Where is the server located? What kind of device is this? Do you use a cloud? Dropbox? The easiest way to eliminate all these sources of network related errors is to make a local copy of the project-file and try to send/receive its changes to this local file. You can't completely rule out network problems yet. The file may have been corrupted before you took it off the network. Nevertheless some network problems can be excluded like this. If it has nothing to do with the network, you have to try to reproduce the error. All project participants have to communicate exactly what they did. Often someone just played with the admin rights without knowing it and shot down other users. In 2016 we had a lot of problems with PS until I found out that an employee kept linking his backups to the project file. Recently someone complained in the German forum, until he found out that a coworker regularly released his checked out objects with its admin rights. Many users also think that Vectorworks crashed just because it didn't respond for a few minutes. Then they quit the program manually. Depending on which phase they do this in, they may corrupt the project file. Simply blaming the software for the errors is easy, but not helpful. If you have excluded incompatible hardware and users as sources of error, you can still rightly complain to Vectorworks.
  9. herbieherb

    Laser cut metal panels

    If you use these alpha-channel pictures, don't use compressed jpg. The compression makes the holes look frayed.
  10. herbieherb

    Maximum of grasses with the grass shader? VB-125221

    Any news on this? Is it a bug? Is it related to the threadripper processor? Is there a plan to fix it?
  11. herbieherb

    Printing Coloured Classes as Black & White

    In the same window where you change the class visibilities you can double click on the class. Then you can change any class settings for this viewport. You can also change more than one class by selecting them and hit the edit... button
  12. herbieherb

    Laser cut metal panels

    Just take normal metals. Draw your cuts-outs as black/white pictures. Use these black/white pictures as transparency map.
  13. herbieherb

    Maximum of grasses with the grass shader? VB-125221

    That's more like another bug you uncovered there. Thanks for the extensive testing.
  14. herbieherb

    Project Sharing - Does this really work in the wild?

    This is a very strange behaviour that I never saw in our work.
  15. herbieherb

    Printing Coloured Classes as Black & White

    I'm pretty sure they spoke of the class overrides in viewports. With the magic wand tool you can easily transfer the settings, which have to be made quite laboriously, to other viewports. This option comes closest to Archicad's workflow. The only difference: In VW you override the classes, not the colors. I wouldn't be afraid to control all line types and fills consistently via classes. This is the best way to do it in Vectorworks. Several hundred classes are also quite normal if an entire project is in a Vectorworks file.


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