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  1. herbieherb

    Get geometry of complex line styles

    The German support once told me that it only works on Mac. Is it possible that DialogBuilder can only be activated in the Designer version? I always get an identifier not declared error when i try to activate. Am I doing it wrong? 2019-08-21-10-27-24.mp4
  2. herbieherb

    Get geometry of complex line styles

    Ok, understood. Very frustrating that enabling the debug-menu only works on MacOS.
  3. herbieherb

    Get geometry of complex line styles

    Thx a lot. That worked fine. What exactly does the .aux method? Btw. here is the Tool where i needed the code:
  4. herbieherb

    Foil Plus

    The tool draws foils as intelligent objects. They can be drawn, edited etc. like a polygon. Thanks to additional snap points, several layers of foils can be easily drawn on top of each other. Foils can be mirrored to the other side of the control geometry via the flip checkbox in the info palette. Download: Folie Plus 0.2.zip
  5. Is there a way to get the handles of the geometry of complex line styles? I need to get the thickness of these lines.
  6. herbieherb

    ExportImageFile does nothing

    Use # instead of £
  7. herbieherb

    ExportImageFile does nothing

    Thx for the bugreport. I'll check it out when I have some free space.
  8. herbieherb

    Best current options for portable/multi-location computing?

    Just as a comparison value between desktop and laptop: For the price of the marked MacBook Pro you get a (Windows PC) with the multicore performance of the top computer in your screenshot. (While the single-core performance would be about the same.) A desktop will give you no improvement for site models. Single-core performance is crucial. Laptops today are as fast as desktops at these tasks. I would rather recommend you to optimize your models. Use max. 5000 points as model data. Simplify modifiers with curves etc. Even terrain models of very large areas need only a few seconds to update, if you handle it correctly. Now to the original question: The idea with the external graphics card seems impressive at first glance. Unfortunately, the cases are so expensive that it's hardly worth it in your case. Important for the decision is what exactly you do in Vectorworks. If you render often, you need a lot of multi-core power. That's where you're most limited with a laptop. If you're doing other things on the go, a gaming laptop with a good graphics card will do. Depending on the size of your models, you may need a better graphics card. For a clearer recommendation, we need information about your current computer. Graphics card, processor, RAM, etc. Then we need to know how busy your RAM is when rendering etc. and your VRAM is when viewing in OpenGL. We also need to know which tasks you intend to do at home and on the go.
  9. Im trying to modify the node, so the marionette is also able to scale the symbols. The new node works fine as long as i don't use it with symbols that contain image-props. When i use them the texture is not scaled. As a workaround i can duplicate the marionette object. As soon as i delete this duplicate all the textures are scaled correctly in the original marionette object. It's like they redraw when i delete the duplicate. I also had this issue with image props within scaled symbols in a converted file from vw2018. I suspect that something with the display of image probs in scaled symbols is not yet correct. Here is a sample file of the marionette object: fill area with scaled symbols.vwx I also tried to implement the workaround into the marionette-node. When i use this script on a symbol with an image-prop inside it reproduces the issue. hSym = vs.GetObject('test') vs.SetObjectVariableInt(hSym, 101, 2) vs.SetObjectVariableReal(hSym, 102, 10) When you add these two lines. It works correctly. hSym = vs.GetObject('test') vs.SetObjectVariableInt(hSym, 101, 2) vs.SetObjectVariableReal(hSym, 102, 10) hDel=vs.HDuplicate(hSym,0,0) vs.DelObject(hDel) Unfortunately these two lines don't solve the problem inside the marionette-object. Any help is very welcome.
  10. herbieherb

    Image export of viewport with finished render

    I made big changes to the script. It now exports any number of images and rendered viewports in a single command. You can find it at the bottom of this thread.
  11. herbieherb

    ExportImageFile does nothing

    Here is a new version of the script: New features: exports All selected viewports and images at once gives unnamed images a name within Vectorworks which is also used as filename appends a version number to every exported object enhanced error messages when invalid objects are selected selects invalid and not exported objects after execution export images 1.0 v2018.vwx export images 1.0 v2019.vwx
  12. herbieherb

    set shadow by class

    Here is the python-script i made. It works just like the 'Make All Attributes By Class' - Button in the Attributes Palette. It's meant to add as a menu commant to allow to use it with a hotkey. #v1.3 #by Herbieherb 2019 #enhanced by MRoth def SetClassAttributes(h): vs.SetFillColorByClass(h) vs.SetLSByClass(h) vs.SetLWByClass(h) vs.SetMarkerByClass(h) vs.SetOpacityByClass(h) vs.SetPenColorByClass(h) vs.SetTextStyleByClass(h) vs.SetFPatByClass(h) vs.SetDropShadowByCls(h, True) vs.SetSelect(h) objs = [] def Count_Objs(h): objs.append(h) vs.ForEachObjectInLayer( Count_Objs, 2, 0, 2 ) if len(objs) == 0: vs.FPatByClass() vs.FillColorByClass() vs.LSByClass() vs.LWByClass() vs.MarkerByClass() vs.OpacityByClass() vs.PenColorByClass() h = vs.FActLayer() vs.SetSelect(h) vs.SetDSelect(h) else: vs.ForEachObjectInLayer( SetClassAttributes, 2, 0, 2 )
  13. herbieherb

    set shadow by class

    Thank you very much, I didn't know that there are any additional commands that are not in the function reference. SetDropShadowByCls worked fine. What surprised me a bit is that a command to set the default shadow in the attributes palette to class attributes is missing. Even if you press the button 'Assign class styles' in the attributes palette, the shadow is not set according to class. Was this forgotten when the shadow option was added?
  14. herbieherb

    Return In Message()

    Got it, thx a lot.
  15. herbieherb

    Return In Message()

    Any news on this? Im also trying to write multiple lines of text into the same message box. None of the above worked for me.


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