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  1. Just create it in 2D and convert it to a 3D-Polygone. Because a 3D-Polygone can't have a hole in it, you get two single Polygones. Put them together with compound volume. You could also create a 3D-Polygone and cut it with a Volume. As i work with the german version the names of the tools may be different.
  2. You can change the settings of the classes for each viewport individually. activate the viewport in the oip go to class settings double click on the class change the class texture If you have the texture by object you have to change the wall 'texture' of the class. If you have the texture set by component you have to change the 'others' texture of the class.
  3. You can set the texture of the wall by component or object. But make sure you have set the texture by a class. Then you can overwrite the class texture in the viewports class settings by double clicking on the class.
  4. Very nice concept. Could you also do this for more than one floor?
  5. A non-tower format doubles the price. You get about 0.2 sqm more space under your table but this costs you thousand dollar. It has exactly the same amount of cables. You can't upgrade or change anything in it. Because your hardware has more space, it will run cooler, your fans will make less noise (if you take the right ones) and the hardware will live longer. Its a workstation not a hotel lobby
  6. Thx a lot this is exactly what i was looking for.
  7. Thx for your help MarissaF. This is what i had so far. It gives me lists like [1; 3; 4; 4; 2; 2; 3] Now i want it to be a list that has no following equal number. instead of: 1; 3; 4; 4; 2; 2; 3 i need: 1; 3; 4; 2; 3; 1; 4
  8. Im looking for a random function that outputs a list of numbers, where no number is followed by an equal number.
  9. I'm using VW2016. But i will update as soon as the german version is available (in a few days). So the issue will be fixed for me. Thx for your response.
  10. Whats wrong with this Marionette? It shoul'd simply mirror the rectangle. mirror.vwx
  11. It definitively has to do with the EAP node. I replaced it with a linear extrude node. Now it works as expected.
  12. Thx you just found the solution. The Node is different in the german version. If i replace my move node with yours it works. I will replace the node in my library.
  13. Maybe it has to do with the issue reported in that topic? https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=221925#Post221925
  14. The Move Node doesn't work on a 2D Object when it's wrapped to an object Node. When it's unwrapped it works. It also works on 3D Objects. I'm a little confused.
  15. Today I tried to simplify the script to find the mistake. I made the following small Marionette that doesn't work too. But I still can't find out what I'm doing wrong.