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  1. It's the same with any major software and MacOS while Windows doesn't have this issue. Obviously it's a problem of Apple. I really don't understand why you blame Vectorworks for this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Same issue with life cycles. Every bigger app only works on the last two or three releases of macOS. It is common knowledge. It doesn't help to complain in the forums of the software manufacturers. You have to go to Apple.
  2. Let's say the freedom that your projects are not influenced by the possibilities of CAD and that your plans look the way you want them to, this full customization has a price. The parametric objects do not come close to those of Archicad. But you have the possibility to realize every imaginable object with many different techniques and any kind of representation. Unfortunately, this freedom also leads to bugs, especially in new versions. Simply because everyone draws differently in Vectorworks and you don't have to check one way and ok that. So it all depends on where you put the focus. Do you want the freedom to realize your ideas exactly the way you want them to be? Or do you just want a quick way to put your project on paper?
  3. I like the fluffy grass texture.
  4. The NVIDIA GeForce 2080 Super (8GB) might be a bit too expensive for the performance boost in Vectorworks if you don't want to work on multiple 4k monitors. The processor is certainly a good choice if you also want to render on the computer with Renderworks from time to time. I would save some money on the graphics card and "only" install a 2070 Super. Therefore I would invest in a M.2 SSD as potent as possible, e.g. a Samsung SSD 970 Pro. You will notice this every time you save the file. Normally every SSD is so fast that the normal user doesn't notice any difference. But with Vectorworks, depending on the backup setting, the hard drive processes a GB of data every few minutes.
  5. Set the units to km in the document settings. Like this you can draw such big objects in real measures.
  6. The question is why Apple isn't able to release a new operating system version without everyone having to change their software. Have a look at the compatibility table of Vectorworks and Windows. Windows 7 will soon be phased out after 10 years, but Vectorworks 2020 still runs on it! One could now argue that Apple does well to keep their code clean from legacy issues. But then you have to live with the fact that software life cycles on this operating system are shorter. If you can't afford it, you take the alternative. I think it's unfair to hold the software developers responsible for this Apple-caused circumstance.
  7. Unfortunately, with this method the DTM data becomes up to 6 times larger than necessary. With very large data sets I would create a marionette/script that extract the vertices from the 3D polygons, then deletes the doubled vertices and creates 3D-loci out of it. Then generate a new DTM out of these 3D-Loci.
  8. There is an easy way. Just convert your Modificators to 3D-Polygons Copy/Paste them into the DTM Data and remove the old Terrain Data that covers the same area. As always when working with DTM's. Don't move or rotate the model after creation, like this you keep the same origin inside and outside the model so paste in place will work properly. There is also an easy way. 🙂 Just overwrite the class settings of the DTM's class in the viewports settings.
  9. The ForEachObjectInLayer() runs a function on each object. You can choose to perform the action only on selected objects, active layer, visible layer, snappable layer etc. See the function appendix.
  10. Hiddenline ignores all textures. Therefore it cannot render imageprops. As a workaround you can put a second viewport over it in which you render only Adam with transparent background.
  11. Most tasks in Vectorworks are single-core or use less than 4 cores. This means a processor with less cores but higher clock-speed performs better on this tasks. This performance gain is limited due to the code of Vectorworks. You'll feel not much difference between a 3.0 GHz and a 5.0 GHz Processor while working on single-core tasks. One exception is the OpenGL Mode on which the graphiccard profits of the faster processor resulting in faster OpenGL-View. The cinerender engine uses all cores while a doubled core-count means about a doubled renderspeed. When you render often you'll want to have a lot of cores, when you render rarely the money you spend for the additional cores may not pay off. The threadripper 2990wx is more than twice as fast for rendertasks than the i9 9900. The new threadripper 3 with 64 cores could be about 5 times faster. But does this justify the 1000-2000 higher cost? It surely does when rendering is a common task you do when working. It can save you hours of rendering time a week.
  12. When it comes to cpu-Rendering nothing beats the threadripper cpu atm because it has a lot of cores combined with high clock rate. Here i introduced a built with an 18 core/32 threads threadripper 1950x in 2018. The hardware is of course outdated but the technical statements about CPU rendering are still correct. In the meantime I also built a 32 core/64 threads threadripper 2990wx which nearly doubled the rendering speed. Soon (maybe this year/maybe january) AMD will release the new generation of threadrippers. Rumours say it's gonna have up to 64 core/128 threads. No Mac computer comes even close to this CPU rendering power. The maxed out new MacPro will be just equipped with 28 core/ 56 threads at almost the same boost clock rate but much slower base clock. Also the price of a threadripper built is very interesting. For the price of a full-featured threadripper computer you would get just half a Xeon 28 core processor.
  13. No, renderworks just uses the cpu. The gpu doesn't matter for renderworks.
  14. Look into your program folder. There are example files of some projects.


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