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  1. We are selling one (US) license that was "parked" at version Vectorworks Designer 2023 (Includes Spotlight, Landmark, Architect, Fundamentals), also happens to have all Designer versions available back to 2018. Let me know if you are interested. Best, Jacob@Tangably.com
  2. License transfer fee paid by purchaser. We are selling one license that was "parked" at version Vectorworks Designer 2023 (Includes Spotlight, Landmark, Architect, Fundamentals), also happens to have all Designer versions available back to 2018. Let me know if you are interested. Best, Jacob@Tangably.com
  3. Hi GA, We are selling Vectorworks Designer 2023 (Includes Architect and everything else). Have owned for more than a few years, so if Vectorworks allows you to download older versions with a license that had that access in 2022, this license would do it for you. $1980 Or Best Offer email with interest
  4. Hi Olly, I'm selling Vectorworks 2023 Designer. $1980 Or Best Offer email with interest
  5. Nice portfolio of work Stephen! First link doesn't work, second one does.
  6. Windoor objects blow up when placed in Curtain Walls or are placed in Walls that are converted into Curtain Walls. See images. Is this a known issue? VWX 2023 SP5 MacOS Ventura 13.4 Apple MBPRO M1 Max
    This is useful and works great. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Hi Dave, Our team will create a highly detailed model or library of models for your Belfast convention and entertainment centre natively in Vectorworks. Shall we screen share this afternoon (Belfast time) to discuss the details of your project? Shoot me a quick email and let me know what time would be convenient for you. We have been in business doing this work for ten years now and I have personally been modeling with Vectorworks for 23 years. Some venue models our team has completed in the past year include: The Getty Museum | gallery and exhibition spaces Samsung Product Launch | auditorium and auxiliary spaces Gary Vanerchuk's VeeCon '22 | The Minnesota Vikings Stadium and many more venues over the years Looking forward to meeting you Dave! Best, Jacob@Tangably.com
  8. This under the hood process was still required for M1 MAX on VWX2023 SP3 on March 9th, 2023. Followed step by step and it worked. Happy to have use of VWX Remote App again. Would love to see updates to this app.
  9. ConnectCAD in Vectorworks 2023 promises a new contextual command to Find objects in a report. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2023/eng/VW2023_Guide/ConnectCAD/Creating_ConnectCAD_reports.htm#h1 Is this feature exclusive to ConnectCAD objects only? I can see this as a really useful feature for all types of reported objects in Vectorworks. Attempted to use command on door schedule, doesn't appear for door objects.
  10. Hi Killian, Our team offers this type of Vectorworks workflow support and training, tutoring to the biggest teams and the boldest individuals in the industry. Let's meet for a virtual coffee to better understand your needs. https://tangably.com/p/coffee Best, Jacob@Tangably.com
  11. Looks like a fantastic opportunity for the right candidate! We will forward any leads in your direction as they come through. Best wishes in your search! - Jacob@Tangably.com
  12. great suggestion! this could be really useful for live events!
  13. Thank you for reaching out to the forum Eric. Let's talk. Would like to know more about your familiarity with Vectorworks Spotlight. Give me a shout, Jacob@Tangably.com
  14. We are experiencing the same issue with "truss Cross" populating anytime we move truss. Has anyone found a way to turn these off?
  15. The friendly folks at Megabits.nz could likely support you. You should reach out to them to see, info@megabits.co.nz
  16. until

  17. Hi Carol, I'm happy to meet with you and see if there is any way we can accelerate the learning process for you and your team. That's what we do at Tangably.com Feel free to reach me directly at: Jacob@Tangably.com
  18. Sounds like a great opportunity for a person with the right skills. If you are not already working with Tangably, drop us a line. Jacob@Tangably.com
  19. Good rule for Sketchup imports is to use a Sketchup file one year older than your Vectorworks version. This has been the workaround since the Sketchup import feature was integrated into Vectorworks. Would be helpful if there was a note in the Vectorworks import dialogue.
  20. What a fantastic place to work and live! And a solid portfolio of work to contribute to as well. I vacationed on Piers Island in Greater Victoria BC a couple years ago and really enjoyed Butchart Gardens, the towns, cities, and nature in the region. Wishing you the best in finding the best candidate. Thanks for sharing with the community! Best, Jacob@Tangably.com
  21. A fantastic opportunity for a dedicated professional to contribute to a world class portfolio of work. Wishing you the best in your search. Thanks for sharing here in the community. Best, Jacob@Tangably.com
  22. 🍻Cheers Greg! We are seeing a lot of activity on LinkedIn as well. You might consider sharing this opportunity over there too.
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