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  1. I'm trying to get something moved from VW to 3DSMax3, but AFAIK, I have to export to .dwg first. Is there a more direct translation?
  2. I had the same question a year ago, but I just stopped using the trim tool. Instead, I use only the trim command, the join command, and reshape when necessary. I'm curious as to what the reasoning is for the behavior...
  3. Same here. Are you comparing it to 9.0, or to 8.x?
  4. I've posted a request for this before, but the paradigm for class 'none' appears to be unfortunately different from layer '0'. Good luck.
  5. We'd also like to see images exported. Is this a fully supported feature?
  6. I'm glad that the fundamentals and basic operation of tools don't change from one version to the next (with some exceptions, of course). However, there are unlisted differences that confront the user who spends 7h a day on nothing but VW. I've read the compatibility list. Right after I read the 'What's New' bit in the manual. The website praises the new 'features' of the program and points out some areas in which the paradigm has shifted. It misses some. Must I read the entire manual, neglecting no paragraph, to catch the overlooked / unmentioned modifications? Maybe I do, but it's inconvenient and actually a waste of time. This tech board has provided me -- thank you -- with MUCH more information that is MUCH more important and MUCH more immediately relevant. If you're in the mood for automating some things, I'm just saying that you may want to include both twists and problems -- and their solutions, if any -- in your KBase so that one need not search through endless forum threads, unless he/she wants.
  7. I'd also suggest layer linking. The explanations given to me by the manual and by colleagues didn't help, so, in short:A layer link is a non-modifiable yet repositionable representation of all the objects on a different chosen layer. If you have one layer that contains links of your other layers, you can effectively view the _contents_ of all other layers without changing the views or contents of the layers themselves. I also come from an AutoCAD 3D background. As for inconsistency of object manipulation, you'll have to learn how to work around the character and intended use of different types of objects. You'll notice, for example, that lines are not 3D objects, unlike AutoCAD in which EVERYTHING exists in 3D space. VectorWorks is a 2D program, with a 3D component that gives representations of many 2D objects. Although the data is related, don't consider the two environments to exist at the same time. Hope this helps the transition.
  8. If it is set up as a tree structure, a good example of key-based operation of such a list would be running IE5 under Windows 2000 (just an example). You can use the LEFT and RIGHT cursor keys to go in and out. Please don't make it like Finder's operation of directory trees (the designer of THAT should be shot... or shown the entire keyboard).
  9. Well, I've spent a fair bit of time with HP's and Microsoft's Lack-of-Knowledge Bases, so one DEFINITE bonus would be the inclusion of a 'Known Issue' list, c/w any workarounds, if applicable. Along the same line, the inclusion of a list of version-to-version changes would be helpful, since they aren't covered well in the manual. Also, if you decide to do the Article system thing, please make sure that for articles that pertain to several OS's/devices/whatever, that the title lists NOT just one of those devices. For example, if there is a bug in Win2k, don't limit the title to listing Win2k if the same bug applies to XP. Generally, I, personally, use 'Knowledge' Bases as my first option when I need tech support. Something as basic as changing layer scale is what the manual is for. However, related but-not-obvious behavior may be explained. If changing the scale of the current layer sends your objects shooting out of sight, an explanation of what the drawing centre is may be helpful. Just my $.02.
  10. Is it necessary for the AutoCAD dwg to be xbound, or does VW 9.5 have a feature to reference the xref's? If there is no such feature, why not implement one that first imports all the contents of the xref'd dwg (breaking the ref link isn't a big deal) then continues to import the contents of the referencing drawing?
  11. Have you two checked that1- wall preferences are the same in VW2- the AutoCAD v14 and v2000 versions you're using are EXACTLY the same?3- the PC's are sufficiently similar? Just my $.02.
  12. My objects using grid transparency aren't rendering correctly. Although the texture editor shows the result fine, not walls nor extrudes nor 3d poly's render in the same fashion. Of course, turning the fill off makes the object disappear. I have the 'use transparency' option turned on. The funny thing is that the rendering shows the grid pattern with its holes, but the holes are a solid colour instead of transparent. What am I doing wrong? 9.5.0
  13. bummer. As for the no-caps options, I know they work for 2D, but do they carry through to 3D?
  14. Is there a way to turn off the top/bottom and side edges/caps of a wall that appear in a 3D view? case 1: Let's say you have inserted 3 windows, with overlapped mullions, so that it appears as though you have a 3-pane window. The wall cap will appear on each side of each window, even though there should be no wall at that point. case 2: Let's say you have a two-tone wall, with a window intersecting the dividing line. The most straightforward way is to make a lower wall and an upper wall, and to insert the window in both, at the same location, but with symbol height values that cause the window in the top wall to stick out below and vice versa for the window in the lower wall. However, the bottom face/cap of the top wall runs straight through the window, in addition to wrapping around the window's bottom outline (if you were to remove the lower wall to take a look).
  15. Are you not supposed to be able to convert objects in other (selectable and modifiable and same scale) layers, or is it a bug much like not being able to change stack order in non-current layers?
  16. Although the view settings include the viewer position, perspective settings, etc., the perspective views always seem to use the same outline. Is there a way to save that outline instead having to readjust it for different views?
  17. ... but this will give you only the symbols that come with your installation, right? Symbols that have been created afterward require manual cataloguing
  18. Well, sure, NOW we have that feature, which would be great for peaked windows, but where was it when the 12th-century Catholics really needed it?
  19. I think I saw it once on the Macs here, but are you using Windows?
  20. Come to think of it, why does the layer reference not work on some sort of ID code, if there is some identification of that sort, instead of relying solely on the layer's name? I ask because, in the course of setting up the plan sheets, the manner in which wg referencing is approached and applied changes, sometimes necessitating a change of layer names in the base plans and thus rebuilding the reference links in the sheet drawings.
  21. Would this have anything to do with the yet-unproven 8->9 translator?
  22. So perhaps a very valuable -- and I maintain, 'simple' -- feature to implement is to decide if the reference is stored by file ID code or by name, with the option to include or not to include the file path.
  23. If Engineering people need it, but Architectural and others don't, would it be something that could be implemented in one of the Industry modules?
  24. ... and 64kB should be plenty enough for anyone.


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