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  1. thanks all, Matthew, in the meantime I've found that if the file in question is opened in VW 9, then exported back to VW 8.5.2 , it seems (hopefully) to have solved the problem, would there be an explaination for this?By the way, is there a free upgrade from VW9 to VW9.5, etc, and can this be downloaded? Thanks again.
  2. Hi all,2 questions, one simple, one not so simple: firstly, the not so simple: on VW 8.5.2 for macs, we have a particular file which often crashes when we zoom in or out from close range. This often happens in particular areas of the drawing. When it happens, all we can do is force quit, though we do not have to restart the mac. The problem happens on more than 1 mac (G4's). We tried cutting and pasting to a new file, not sure if exporting to dxf and back again would help, but this messes up the scale and line weights , colours, etc, and its a pretty big file, about 5 megs. Anyone experience anything similar? Next, the easier question: IN VW9, again for macs, how do you nudge things? "shift" and an arrow key moves it, but how do nudge in larger increments. In VW8 it was "apple" and "comma", then "alt" plus arrow, but it seems to have changed.... Thanks
  3. hi all, ww have a file that gives the following when we try to open it:"File damaged - will attemot to open with as much data as possible"It then goes on to say"CAUTION - 39 End of file reached during read. Attempt to read file - FSREAD"The file opens alright, but when certain elements ae selected, VW 8.5.2 and VW 9 just quits with the usual warning to save documents and restart.This happened after the power was cut to the mac G4 when the file was being used.Theres alot of work on the file, so does anyone have any ideas, other than the backup? cheers
  4. Hi all How does one change the internal accuracy(under "page"-"units"? thanks
  5. sometimes, when we open a file with reference files attached, we get the message "the layer ".........." is too large to fit into the current document. Try setting the scale to....."we're on VW8.5.2 on mac G4s. its happened to a number of different files, and the scale in the referenced and target file are the same.Anyone know any workarounds? Thanks
  6. hi all,we're using VW 8.5.2 on mac G4's. we have "live" files for drawing on i:e file for grid layout, file for roof plan, etc. we also have "plot" files, which have the "live" files referenced in. The only "live" layer in the plot files are the title blocks. We then move the page border so as to print the part of the drawing we want and save sheets to capture the layer and class settings, then print. All is fine until the plot file is opened again and we update the refernce files manually. At this point, the reference files "jump" to a new position, so we have to shift the page and title block again! does anyone know whats going on?? The plot files are quite big (2-3 megs), theres symbols as well, plus the scale on the "live" drawings are 1:100, when referenced to rhe plot file, we change the scale of the layers to 1:50 (we want the drawing to be twice as big). thanks.
  7. thanks Mike,one more thing (we're a bit dim when it comes to pc's),we've got VW viewer and installed the hp/gl2 driver, we've managed to "print to file", so we've got a file with the ending .prn. I assume this is the hp/gl2 file, but how the heck do we print this (we want to check it and have a hard copy for ourselves before we send it off. VW viewer cant open this new file. Thanks
  8. hi all, quick question, we have VW 8.5.2 for mac. We need to convert drawings to HP/GL2, which the mac version doesn't do. Is it true that the PC version CAN export these directly. And is this regardless of version 8.5.2 or the newest version (9.5 I think?) Before I rush out to buy a version for our PC I just need to know it will do this! Cheers.
  9. hi all, we're using reference files on VW 8.5.2, (mac), up to now all the files were kept on a desktop G4, and all other networked macs would open the files from this locaton. We now have a dedicated server, however when we copy all the files over to the server and open from there, it tries to locate the referenced files from the old location. Any one know of a solution/ workaround, other than manually re-linking the files (theres alot of them!). Confusingly, when we move the referenced files into different folders WITHIN the desktop G4, it manages to locate them. Thanks
  10. Hi all,We've managed to convert VW files to hp-gl/2 files (thanks for the advice) using "Macplot". The thing is, how do we view/ plot the hp-gl2 file. We've tried "GraphicConverter PPC" but that seems to rasterize it. Cheers
  11. Hi all, Anyone out there know the easiest way of opening VW files in Artlantis? We've tried exporting as DXF (on a PC) but Artlantis comes up with a file corrupted message. Thanks
  12. thanks all. We're using macs here, so I'm looking at Macplot.
  13. hi all, anyone out there know how to save/ convert VW files to hp gl2 files. I think these are plotting files for Hewlett Packard, native to AutoCAD. We are using VW 8.5.2 and VW 9.0.1. Cheers,nobass.
  14. When saving VectorWorks files (mac) to a 20GB hard disk, finder says "disk is full". Is this a known issue, and is there a solution? Save As works, but its a bit of a pain. Thanks.


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